UK Prisons turning petty criminals into muslim terrorists

This site has a whole category on this issue. Prisons are basically mosques fully funded by the state instead of just partially. If you get sent to many prisons you pretty much have to become muslim to survive. With the violent and thuggish types, this sticks.

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  1. The logical answer that the left will scream against is for separate prisons for Moslems and further separation between the Moslem criminals and the terrorists. The left will scream like a stuck pig over this idea but if we are to survive we will have to start doing this and take other non pc actions.

  2. With a family member as a prison gaurd the move is afoot to do something about the muslim problem as it is out of hand. Lee Rigby’s killer is by all accounts a pontificating menace.Young weak men have no option but to be bullied into the muslims arms. They are spreading them all over the country to isolate them but there are so many that they end up running the place where ever they go. The gaurds cant say boo to a goose for fear of accusations of racism. An enviroment of snitching climbers doesnt help either and the gaurds are close to the end of their tethers. There are even arguements about no gaurds being allowed in the room for Friday prayers as an infidal shouldnt be present… a good idea is to leave them to their own devices. It is fubar!
    The only option may be to lump them all in one place but this would go against family visiting rights and so on but it would also be an admission that the multicultural project has failed. You just have to look at American jails to see that anyway.

    • If they are looking for a place to hold them aren’t there some islands off Scotland that are uninhabited and cold most of the time? Build a prison on one or more of them to hold the Moslems, if/when they riot just pull back and cut off the heat.

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