Muslim turks within Germany make their ambitions clear

Some information about the video:

Published on Feb 14, 2016

A speech given by Osman Gökcek (Leader of the Turkish Youth Association ‘Tügef’)  in 2015, in the presence of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The speech was given before the coming general elections.

Some notes from the translator:

In the speech the year 2023 is mentioned. This year has special meaning for the neo-Ottomans, because it is the 100-year anniversary of the end of the Ottoman empire.

Thank you Dr. Van Helsing for the Translation.

As an addendum, the music used in the background at this event, which I learned from a copyright claim at Youtube is:

  • Sava? (The War) – Fahir Atako?lu & Aytekin Ata? & Soner Akal?n

No doubt it is.


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13 Replies to “Muslim turks within Germany make their ambitions clear”

  1. So that’s Erdogan in the flesh listening to the speech and looking legendary? Well… That sounded more like an adoration rally for Kim Jong Un than for anything to do with a real world democratic politician. So much for that EU membership. They’re obviously going straight ahead and building a ridiculous nightmare Islamo dictatorship at this very moment. A place where even the suggestion of disagreement gets you shipped off to a retraining camp and all that ever matters is keeping the great dictator from getting bumped off by one ot the other wannabe dictators. The people will eventually rebel, but not before millions of innocents are hurt or killed. Lovely…

      • The Kemalists/Secularists see it but they are busy running and hiding praying they don’t get discovered and killed. The rest are seeing the Ottoman Empire rebuilt, their Grandkids and Greatgrandkids will be the ones revolting, or it may take three generations before the revolt/s are more then wanna be dictators trying to take over the Empire.

    • Thousands of people gathered at Adenauerplatz in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district on Saturday, to protest against the AfD party and against what they see as the rise of racism in Germany.

      Protesters held banners and flags against racism while some made use of flares and destroyed election placards of the AfD. Demonstrators claimed that 6,000 people took part in the march while police estimated around 2,500 protesters.

      SOT, Thomas Eberhardt-Koester, member of coordination team of Attac-D (German): “AfD, the party that [led] from Strasses, Petrys, Henkels – all of them are fascists, right-wing populists or just plain liberals – regardless to which wing those persons belong to. If they are openly against foreigners that is, so to say – want to save German culture – or to the neo-liberal wing that has become to its roots social-democratric. Everything is the same.”

      OT, Block Occupy representative (German): “With this protest here today, we all target the AfD and this is right. No other party in the last few years has achieved in bringing together and spreading racism, social chauvinism and sexism.”

  2. So this means for the basic German lad, he must fight ..
    the left fanatics, in their tens of thousands,
    5 million Turks long living in Germany & the 2 million
    scum-bucket jihadi refugees that just overwhelmed the
    country. The politicians, police and media,
    before society can breathe a small measure of normalcy.

    yikes !! is just about right. what’s the call here folks ??

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