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  1. Pigs might fly?

    Study co-author Professor Diego Gambetta, Official Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford, and Professor of Social Theory at the European University Institute, adds: ‘Contrary to the populist cant that seems now dominant in Europe, veiling could be a sign of more rather than less integration. Highly religious women who have more native friends and live in areas dominated by natives use the veil to keep their pious reputation while being integrated. Banning or shunning veiling would deprive them of a means that allow them more opportunity for integration rather than marking their differences.’

    Note the value judgment “populist cant”

  2. Illegal Muslim faith schools IGNORED due to ‘political correctness’, Ofsted chief warns (express, Sep 3, 2016)

    “COUNCILS are ignoring illegal Muslim faith schools over political correctness fears, the education watchdog’s chief inspector has warned.

    Sir Michael Wilshaw said some councils are “getting in the way” of Ofsted’s attempts to stop pupils studying at unregistered schools.

    It is believed there are up to 160 illegal schools currently operating.

    Sir Michael said: “Some of our lawyers are saying that our cases are very robust.

    “But what the courts might say is that the local authority has been into some of these places but don’t want to upset community relations, so they ignore it.

    “When push comes to shove, barristers are saying courts could say the local authorities didn’t find anything wrong with these places.

    “They have to see this as a serious problem, identify where these places are and close them down.”

    The Ofsted boss also suggested some Labour-led councils were not tackling the illegal schools over fears of upsetting Muslim voters.

    He told the Times: “It’s a bit like the Seventies and Eighties, a lot of local authorities didn’t confront the Socialist Workers’ Party and all those infiltrating schools in those days partly because the councils themselves were made up of some of those people.”…”

  3. Call it “citizen spying”. Hundreds – perhaps thousands – of Chinese government sources act as a giant human vacuum cleaner, sucking up intelligence to be digested in Beijing. Even the smallest scrap of information might be useful.

    Chinese security services are engaging the most intense collection of intelligence by a foreign power Australia has ever seen. And Australia does not have the resources to stop it.
    Spying in Australia today is probably as intense as during the Cold War, security officials say. But it’s a new form of intelligence gathering.
    In the new era, the Chinese have replaced the Soviets. Instead of listening devices hidden in government offices, or communist moles working their way close to power, spies today sit at computers working on ingenious ways to break into foreign networks, or debrief countrymen who may have come across titbits of useful information.
    China’s intelligence gathering is pervasive but not overtly intrusive and by and large not breaking any laws, but it is on an industrial scale,” says an expert with connections to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation who asked to remain unnamed.
    Spying by China is far easier than it was during the Cold War era. Some one million Chinese citizens visit Australia every year on tourist visas. Thousands already live in Australia, and many come and go for business and mix with Australians at all levels of society. They are free to go anywhere an Australian is, and there are far too many for the security services to monitor.
    “Chinese Australians doing business in China are very susceptible to pressure from the legal system in a way round-eyes aren’t,” says Paul Monk, an intelligence expert and author of Thunder From the Silent Zone: Rethinking China. “They put pressure on Chinese Australians, saying ‘you are ours’.”
    The Chinese intelligence services are exploiting Australia’s openness, security sources say. The huge number of regular conversations between Chinese citizens and Australian businessmen, public servants and politicians creates a stream of intelligence that is collated by China’s security services.
    “They are just people with links with China who pass on information in small bits,” the expert says. “In themselves the pieces of information are not that significant. But connecting it’s an extraordinary effort. It’s very hard to avoid it and negate it.”
    The top targets are commercial secrets, such as negotiating positions on gas and iron ore prices, and sensitive government information, including secrets held by the Defence Science and Technology Group of the Department of Defence and CSIRO, security sources believe.
    “There is an unspoken rule that we spy on each other,” said Alan Dupont, a former military officer and defence analyst. “But to target in a massive way the business community of your trading partners and friends, in a way China has done, is unprecedented.”
    The all-pervasive power of the Chinese Communist Party means its intelligence services have no difficulty getting men and women doing business in China to cooperate. “If you want to play in the Chinese space you have to play by the Chinese rules,” the unnamed expert says.

    Read more:

    ps. There is high (~100%) probability that Chinese do the same in Canada and the Liberal government does ……. nothing.

    • A report came out about this sometime back (I can’t remember when) that talked about this happening in the US, the report said that if any Chinese immigrant or second generation Chinese in the US has relatives in China there is a significant probability that they are passing on info to keep their families safe.

  4. Turkish tanks cross into Syria in second incursion: Dogan agency

    ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish tanks crossed into northern Syria from Kilis province on Saturday and howitzers pounded Islamic State positions in the area, Dogan news agency said, marking Turkey’s second incursion in an operation aimed at sweeping militants from its borders.

    The tanks crossed the frontier near the Turkish village of Cobanbey, the agency said. Cobanbey, is across from Syria’s al Rai, which has switched between Islamic State and rebel control in recent months.

    The area is some 55 kilometers southwest of Jarablus, where last week Turkish-backed Syrian forces launched “Operation Euphrates Shield”, Turkey’s first major incursion into Syria since the war started five years ago.

    A Reuters cameraman in the area earlier heard a repeated booming sound and saw plumes of smoke rising from the Syrian side of the border.

  5. China, Turkey pledge to deepen counter-terrorism cooperation

    September 3, 2016

    By Engen Tham

    HANGZHOU, China (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan agreed on Saturday to deepen counter-terror cooperation, as the two set aside previous disagreements over China’s treatment of a Turkic-speaking Muslim minority.

    Hundreds, possibly thousands, of Uighurs keen to escape unrest in China’s western Xinjiang region have traveled clandestinely via Southeast Asia to Turkey, where many see themselves as sharing religious and cultural ties.

    Beijing says some Uighurs then end up fighting with militants in Iraq and Syria.

    But Ankara vowed last year to keep its doors open to Uighur migrants fleeing what rights activists have called religious persecution in China. Beijing denies accusations that it restricts the Uighurs’ religious freedoms.

  6. Top Academic: Muslims Would Not Tolerate Multiculturalism in Islamic Countries
    Professor Afshin Ellian has warned that bleats of “multiculturalism” are a one-way street as Muslims in Europe oppress historic minorities in their own lands and have no intention of showing “tolerance”.

    The Iranian-born professor of law argues that while Muslim migrants are quick to claim their customs under “multiculturalism”, they have no intention of reciprocating.

    Writing in Elsevier magazine, Dr. Ellian says Muslims rapidly learn the rules of multiculturalism and push for their place in society but have no intention of adopting any sort of progressive ideals.

    “The Islamic world is not multicultural. New migrants in Europe rapidly learn the rules of multiculturalism — claim your place in society! Minorities do not take the progressive ideals, but the despotism of their country of origin as a starting point”, he stated in the Dutch weekly.

    The professor points out that while economic migration is normal, workers usually migrate within their own region.

    Giving examples of Afghan and Pakistani workers in Iran, and Zimbabweans in South Africa Dr. Ellian notes that migration does not usually bring forth multicultural societies.

    Explaining this, the professor wrote: “The reason is discrimination: an Afghan worker in Iran remains a second-class citizen who is continuously exposed to humiliation, discrimination and exploitation.”

    The professor contends that outside the West, minorities are harshly oppressed, pointing to the fate of Kurds in Turkey and Syria.

    Contrasting the fates of migrants to the West and outside the West, Dr. Ellian said it is “unthinkable” that minorities in Muslim countries would behave as Muslims do in Europe and elsewhere.

    The professor argued that despite Iranians and Afghans, for example, sharing religious and cultural characteristics, it would be “unthinkable in Iran” that Afghans there should demonstrate, for example, for the Taliban. Dr. Ellian notes that migrants would not be allowed even to demonstrate in favour of the current government.

    “Political and cultural minorities should lead an invisible existence,” he adds.

    Asserting that “the Islamic world is not multicultural”, the professor declares how, despite their sharp elbows as a minority in Europe, Muslims would be outraged at the idea of mass immigration of non-Muslims to their lands.

    Dr. Ellian writes: “Globalisation in Islamic countries has not produced multicultural societies there. It is unthinkable in most Muslim countries that a significant number of Europeans would like to settle there.

    “From Morocco to Pakistan or Iran: mass immigration of Europeans are excluded. In most Islamic countries non-Muslims, and especially Europeans, are not allowed to own land, homes, or businesses. So multicultural advocates have never looked at the world,” the professor contends.

    The professor, who has spent a lifetime criticising political Islam, observes: “The Islamic world is not multicultural and is not going to be multicultural. It is only the Western countries which have had to become multicultural at breakneck speed. So the migration is one-way.”

    Dr. Ellian suggests that the speed at which migrants from monocultural countries learn to exploit Western multiculturalism is “almost unbelievable”, and slams the left for creating and nurturing the ideology.

    As a result of this, he said migrants from the Middle East have begun to hold left wing parties “hostage”, lamenting that, in the Netherlands, local Labour party branches are in minority hands — “a true multicultural mafia”, as he puts it.

    Despite their joining of, and commandeering of, left wing parties, the professor warns Muslims involved in European politics tend to be anything but progressive.

    Mass Muslim migration combined with multiculturalism, will lead to an era of “multicultural backwardness”, Dr. Ellian warned.

  7. Pakistan Police Say Bradford Woman Was Raped Before Murder (abcnews, Sep 3, 2016)

    “A British woman of Pakistani origin was raped before she was allegedly strangled to death by her ex-husband in a village in the country’s eastern Punjab province, a police spokeswoman said.

    Samia Shahid, a 28-year-old woman from Bradford, was found dead in July of what were assumed to be natural causes and buried in a local cemetery.

    But a fresh inquiry was ordered after Shahid’s husband Mukhtar Kazim publicly accused her family of killing her because they opposed Shahid’s decision to divorce her first husband in 2014 and marry him. The inquiry concluded that Shahid had been strangled and her first husband Mohammad Shakeel has been detained as the prime suspect.

    On Saturday, Nabila Ghazanfar, the police spokeswoman, told The Associated Press that a forensic examination confirmed that Shahid was raped before her death.

    Kazim also accused Shahid’s own family members of conspiring in the murder by telling her that her father was critically ill in order to lure Shahid back to Pakistan. The father has been detained by police as well.

    Ghazanfar said a local police chief has been suspended for mishandling the case and allowing Shahid’s mother and sister to flee the country. She said investigators are seeking their return for questioning…”

    • Samia Shahid: Uncle arrested in ‘honour killing’ case (BBC, Sep 3, 2016)

      “The uncle of a British woman who died in Pakistan in a suspected “honour killing” has been arrested on suspicion of falsifying medical documents.

      Samia Shahid, 28, from Bradford, died in July in northern Punjab.

      It is understood that Haq Nawaz was held by police in the Punjab city of Jhelum after an alleged attempt to prove she died of natural causes.

      In a second development, the policeman who initially headed the murder investigation has also been arrested.

      Aqeel Abbas is being held for allegedly trying to conceal evidence relating to Ms Shahid’s death.

      Ms Shahid had been visiting family in the village of Pandori when she died, and her relatives initially claimed she had suffered a heart attack.

      Her second husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazim, believes she was the victim of a so-called honour killing as her family did not approve of their marriage.

      A post-mortem examination confirmed she died as a result of being strangled.

      On Friday, police told the BBC they intended to proceed with a prosecution against both Ms Shahid’s father and first husband for her murder…”

  8. Thousands of Kurds Demonstrate in Cologne, Germany (abcnews, Sep 3, 2016)

    “Thousands of Kurds, including many carrying flags with the image of jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, have gathered for a demonstration in the German city of Cologne.

    Organizers say Saturday’s demonstration is aimed in part at protesting against Turkey’s military intervention in northern Syria and what they call the “dictatorial” behavior of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    Cologne police put more than 1,000 officers in place to prevent trouble. City police chief Juergen Mathies told news agency dpa that pictures of Ocalan were allowed but demonstrators would not be allowed to show symbols of the banned PKK, or Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

    A month ago, up to 40,000 people rallied at the same site to denounce the attempted military coup in Turkey and show support for Erdogan.”

    • Terror attacks between the two groups will start sometime soon, their war is spilling over into Europe with Germany being the newest front.

    • More than 100 PKK militants killed or wounded in clashes -Turkey military

      ANKARA, Sept 3 (Reuters) – More than 100 Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants were either killed or wounded in clashes with Turkish security forces on Saturday, the military said,

      It was one of the highest casualty tolls in a single day of the conflict in recent years.

      The military said in a statement that more than 100 PKK militants had been “neutralised” in clashes, without specifying how many were killed and how many wounded. Most had been taken back to northern Iraq, where the PKK has mountain camps.

  9. New Turkish Tank Incursion Into Syria (abcnews, Sep 3, 2016)

    “Turkey’s state-run news agency says Turkish tanks have entered Syria’s Cobanbey district northeast of Aleppo in a “new phase” of the Euphrates Shield operation.

    Turkish tanks crossed into Syria Saturday to support Syrian rebels against the Islamic State group, according to the Anadolu news agency.

    Turkey launched a cross-border operation on Aug. 24 along with Free Syrian Army units to clear the village of Jarablus of IS militants. Since then, rebels have been seizing villages along the Turkish border near Jarablus and the western Cobanbey district from IS, reports Anadolu.

    The Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army units have also been fighting U.S.-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units or the YPG. Anadolu says “with this new phase of the (Euphrates Shield) operation, the Azaz-Jarablus line is expected to be cleared of terror elements.””

    • Turkey’s border security to be boosted by concrete wall

      The wall along Syrian border will be 3.60 m high and will include barbed wire to protect against PYD/PKK

      The Turkish army is continuing work on a concrete wall along the frontier with Syria to maintain the security of its borders.

      Turkey shares a 900-kilometer (559 miles) border with Syria, which has been embroiled in a civil war since 2011.

      Abdullah Ciftci, the district governor of Suruc in the southeastern Sanliurfa province, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) will erect a 4-km (2.4 miles) leg of the concrete wall west of the Mursitpinar border crossing in Suruc and a one-km (0.621 miles) section east of Mursitpinar.

      “Our border will be more secure with this 3.60-meter-high wall with barbed wire,” Ciftci said.

      He said the wall will help to provide more modern border security with its wires and watchtowers.

      “The security of Turkey’s borders became very important due to the presence of the PYD/PKK and Daesh near its border. Tightening border security with Syria has taken on more significance for the security of both our country and the world,” Ciftci said.

      “Turkey does not occupy the territory of any country. This wall is being erected for our own security as well as the security of neighboring countries,” he added.

      The Turkish Armed Forces are boosting security on the Turkish side by putting up the concrete walls and, on the Syrian side with coalition air forces, through Operation Euphrates Shield.

      Turkish Armed Forces units are erecting the modular walls along the Turkish-Syrian borderline between Suruc, Sanliurfa and Karkamis, Gaziantep.

      Syria has been locked in a vicious civil war since early 2011 when the regime of Bashar al-Assad cracked down on pro-democracy protests.

      Operation Euphrates Shield, launched on Aug. 24, aims at improving security, supporting coalition forces, and eliminating the terror threat along Turkey’s border through Free Syrian Army fighters backed by Turkish armor, artillery, and jets.

      The operation is in line with the country’s right to self-defense borne out of international treaties and a mandate given to the country’s armed forces by the Turkish parliament in 2014 and extended for another year in September 2015.

      Operations by the Turkish Armed Forces, which have been actively fighting Daesh, have significantly contributed to ongoing efforts of the U.S.-backed international coalition against the terror group.

    • The man who shot me now works for the CIA

      New ally in fight against Isis is Syrian kidnapper who called Times journalists spies

      It was with some surprise watching a video of a victorious band of western-backed rebels that I noticed the face of America’s newest ally in the war against Isis in Syria.

      It was the face of a man I last saw in May 2014 when he leant forward to shoot me twice in the left ankle at almost point-blank range while my hands were tied. It was punishment for having attempted to escape his gang of kidnappers in northern Syria who had hoped to sell me on.

      He shot me in the middle of a crowd of onlookers, after a savage preliminary beating, denouncing me as “a CIA spy”. Now, it seems, he works with them.

      The grainy footage of the video — posted last month on Facebook — showed Hakim Abu Jamal waving his Kalashnikov in the air to proclaim a small victory, courtesy of US air power, on a dusty street in the border town of al-Rai.

      I remember him well from across the years. Now, Hakim, forage cap on his head, was standing in the middle of a group of ten other Syrian rebel fighters all belonging to a CIA-vetted group.

      The group was backed by Turkish artillery and US airstrikes to oust Isis fighters from a key stretch of road before the capture of the town of Jarabulus last month. Hakim Abu Jamal, who also goes by the names Abdel Hakim al-Yaseen and Hakim Anza, was among the hundreds of other Syrian rebels who crossed from Turkey into Syria two weeks ago to purge Isis.

      Such men are the latest of the West’s allies against Isis in Syria. The rules which allow them American air support, money, weapons and ammunition have relaxed since early US attempts to train and equip rebel groups in the country became log- jammed with impossibly complex vetting procedures.[…]

      more :

  10. Bomb Blast Hits Train in Southern Thailand, Killing 1 (abcnews, Sep 3, 2016)

    “Police say a bomb has exploded and hit a train in southern Thailand, killing one railroad worker and injuring another.

    Police Capt. Pramoj Juichuay says the bomb was placed on the tracks and exploded when the train passed over it as it was passing a station in Pattani province at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday. The bomb blast blew off the last carriage of the train.

    The train was on its way from Sungai Golak to Hat Yai, near the border with Malaysia.

    Southern Thailand, which has a majority Muslim population in the predominantly Buddhist country, has for years been in the grip of a separatist insurgency. The insurgents regularly carry out bombings and assassinations against government targets.”

  11. Algeria to build security wall along Libya border (memo, Sep 2, 2016)

    “Algeria looks set to build a 120 kilometre-long wall along its border with Libya, Algerian and Libyan media sources reported.

    The wall along the 600-mile border is another step in a list of upgraded security measures Algeria is undertaking to improve its counter-terrorism initiatives. Measuring three metres in height, and lined with barbed wire, it is hoped the wall will curb the movement of Daesh militants and arms smugglers from entering the Sahara from Libya.

    Despite similar plans surfacing last year, no immediate action has been taken by the Algerian government to begin construction of the wall. However reports of an incursion of around 700 armed fighters and criminals alongside attacks and kidnappings in the south increase chances of the construction of the wall.

    It is thought the wall will alter Algeria’s position as a regional mediator. According to Geoff Porter, president of North Africa Risk Consulting, Algeria will attempt to avoid “trespassing on another sovereign territory” with the aims of solely protecting itself rather than intervening in the pursuit of external threats.

    Tunisia has also announced plans to build its own 100-mile-long security fence along the country’s eastern border with Libya in light of the attacks carried out by Daesh last year at a beach resort in Sousse and a museum in Tunis. The perpetrators of the attacks were reported to have been trained in camps in Libya.”

  12. Dutch of Turkish origin who want to declare to police that they are getting threats will be able to do “shielded declaration.” …..

    Shielded declaration can only be accessed by the agent who recorded declaration, and the investigation team that should investigate the complaint. The person will also have the ability to specify a different address so as not to connect the tax return is to own residential address. The method is typically used when sensitive issues such as sexual abuse cases…..

    Police confirmed rumours that there is internal investigation about policeman who passed information about Gullen-supporter to the third parties.

    The woman filed a complaint when she was threatened with rape after she negatively expressed herself about the regime of Erdogan. Some time later an agent from another regional force called her ex-husband to make him aware of this declaration. According to the woman in question he is the conscious agent pro-Erdogan.

    Since the failed coup in Turkey was given the police in their own words to process many dozens of reports of threat. The number of reports (where there is no actual declaration is made, ed.) Is even higher. Especially Rotterdam scores while high: since the coup attempt in mid-July have been received more than 80 reports of threats and intimidation.
    ( google translate)

  13. (Vlad, Eeyore I know you are trying to stay out of the US election process but once again the stench of corruption is reaching record levels)

    Now the mail ate Hillary’s laptop? More from the FBI files
    By J.E. Dyer September 3, 2016

    Here’s the interesting thing about the pre-Labor Day data dump from the FBI on the investigation of Hillary Clinton. What it reveals is just how much the FBI seems to have swallowed from her, without crying foul or pursuing her ridiculous responses further.

    Our colleague, LU contributor Jeff Dunetz, posted earlier today on the remarkable loss of memory Hillary apparently suffered about everything to do with handling classified material. He notes how she attributed her inability to recall things to her concussion suffered in December 2012 — but I would have to ask how that’s even a legitimate line of response, to questions posed in 2016 about official government procedures, in theory from 2009, that (a) were documented, or (b) should have been.

    The right answer, if Hillary truly had no personal memory of the relevant events, would start with, “I checked with my records/people on that, and… [fill in the verifiable answer here].” Instead, we’re asked to believe that what Hillary couldn’t personally remember after December 2012 is all there is to recover. Or, at least, we’re asked to believe that the FBI accepted that bizarre response — instead of very properly suspecting that something really fishy was going on here.

    Let me just say that it doesn’t work that way for anyone else.

    Now it turns out that we’re supposed to believe a Hillary laptop was lost in the mail. Just lost.

    • Anyone else would be awaiting trial for doing and saying what she and her aides have done, Obama and the Clintons have turned the US into a Third World country with a very corrupt system of Justice shown by the multi tiered enforcement. God help us to prevent Hillary from becoming President.

    • Richard I have no problem, ab even appreciate important material like this in the comments. I just TRY and avoid it in the main posts. One of the reasons is that I do not wish to alienate any Democrats who may be onside with the Islamic issue but would shun the site and its ideas because they see it as partizan. But the comments are yours.

      Having said that, it becomes likely that there is a pro and anti-Islamification party now. The lines have been drawn in the US political spectrum along the lines we do concern ourselves with here. So I mean really, I could take on the Clinton thing. For the moment, best if you guys do. You ARE American, you do know the issue and its of direct consequence to you.

      • The main consequence is do we remain free or become even more of a dictatorship. Or to put it another way the election will determine which side starts the civil war, I don’t see any way to avoid a war between the far left and those who love freedom.

  14. (This analysis is about Trump and his supporters but you could substitute the name of any of the European anti invasion politician and their followers. It is worth reading to take a look at the resistance frm a different angle.)

    Politics in the age of Trump: The depression and anxiety chronicles
    By J.E. Dyer September 2, 2016

    Do you know what the secret of Trump is?

    It’s simple. He’s not about remaining trapped in the political dynamic that chains us to depression and anxiety – the alternatives for 2016 outlined in such a discouraging way by Peggy Noonan, in this week’s Wall Street Journal column.

    Noonan may be describing her feelings about the election accurately. But she isn’t describing the feelings of Trump supporters.

    That’s it. It really is just that simple. There’s a whole industry built around keeping us chained to the old dynamic, whose animating concepts I call the old consensus. Anyone who tries to break out of it is marginalized – usually demonized – under one or more of such handy pretexts as “racism,” “homophobia,” “privilege,” and so forth.

    Old-consensus Republicans and conservatives keep the chains in place by fearing to have those totems shaken at them, and requiring that everyone else in their camp fear it too.

    But where Trump sees a need to break the chains, he drops the defensive fear, without apology. Many people have flocked to him because he doesn’t counsel fear. He counsels end-states, and to a lesser extent, action.

    This isn’t about whose ideology for political economy is better. I’m not fond of Trump’s, as it happens. It sees trade as a bugaboo that kills jobs, for one thing, which is the opposite of what trade is.

    (Richard: As she points out towards the end of the article Trump isn’t a return to constitutionalism but he is a good starting point to build on to return to constitutionalism.)

    • Thanks for the link Richard. Quite frankly, I’ve been toggling between depression and… depression regarding this presidential election. I’ve been calling it an American nightmare.
      I have had some hope over the last week as it seems Trump is polishing it up quite a bit. Bringing on new campaign advisers seems to have really helped. He left HRC in the dust with the trip to Mexico and then came back to AZ and reiterated his ten point immigration plan. It also doesn’t hurt that HRC looks like death warmed over with the creepy “big dude” following her around. Who the heck is that guy?
      I live in NY, the bluest of blue states, and I know my vote doesn’t matter. I do have hope for the swing states though. Looks like they are trending in the right direction.

      • Yes the polls say they are trending towards Trump so there is hope, another reason for Trump is the vast number of people who have been turned off by the establishment in both parties who are suppose to be registering to vote so they can vote for Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House. The polls are conducted among the “likely” voters, that is people who regularly vote and ignores those who haven’t voted but are suppose to be getting very scared by Hillary. Another factor is the people who are going to vote Trump but are afraid to tell people that because of their fear of the BLM and others like them. They and the people voting for the first time in a long time are suppose to be what is making the on line polls show Trump having a big lead.

        We won’t know which set of polls are right until election day but we must keep up the good fight. If you need something to give you hope get the movie 1776 it is the true story of how the declaration of independence was written and passed Congress. As you watch it remember things were often bad during the Revolution but in the end freedom won. Keep fighting and we will win this one also.

      • toggling between depression and… depression
        Me too. I’m just worried sick. That The Witch will win no matter how many votes Trump gets.

        And then we’re cooked. The MB take-over of foreign policy, national security, the military. The courts – no more checks & balances. Forget the Bill of Rights.

        Primitive Africans – average IQ 68 – affirmative action promoted, credentialed as nurses and bus drivers and teachers…

        What are we going to do?

        • I am seeing more and more people warning of a revolution if Hillary wins, my problem is that I see a revolution no matter who wins. If Hillary wins the classical liberals will revolt, if Trump wins the far left will revolt.I don’t doubt that in the long run the classical liberals will win but a lot of damage to the idea of the rule of law will be done before the victory.

  15. (Richard: This is where the open corruption started.)

    Flashback: Pres. Bill Clinton shipped U.S. missile tech to China after receiving massive donation
    By LU Staff September 3, 2016

    Former President Bill Clinton approved the sale of sensitive U.S. missile technology to China following donations from a key missile manufacturer to his campaign, in a move prescient of the Clinton Foundation’s “pay-to-play” activities.

    Bernard Schwartz donated about $1.5 million to the Democratic Party and Clinton’s 1996 campaign for reelection between 1994 and 1998. Schwartz, who was at the time chairman of Loral Space & Communication Ltd., seems to have used his influence to persuade the Clinton administration to switch the licensing authority for missile exports from the Department of State to the Department of Commerce, as the latter was more vulnerable to political influence.

    The Commerce Department subsequently approved Loral’s application for the licenses, prompting the Clinton administration to officially approve the sale of the missile tech to China on May 10, 1999. Clinton pledged in a letter that the export would neither harm national security, nor significantly boost China’s space capabilities.

    “Approval was recommended by the Departments of Commerce, State and Defense and is consistent with our policy of supporting the launch of U.S. communications satellites by China subject to strong safeguards being in place,” said National Security Council spokesman David Leavy, according to The New York Times.

    (Richard: I haven’t read the entire article but some fo the tech he sold was how to put more then one warhead on each missile)

  16. Town in central Mali falls under jihadist control (france24, Sep 3, 2016)

    “The central Malian town of Boni was under suspected jihadist control on Friday after administrative buildings were attacked and the army was driven from the area, an elected official and a security source told AFP.

    “At the moment jihadists are in control of the town of Boni. They infiltrated the town and today fired on several buildings,” said the official, who requested anonymity, adding “the army is no longer there.”…”

  17. Italy recalls ‘Fertility Day’ campaign after social media backlash (france24, Sep 3, 2016)

    “An Italian government campaign urging young couples to “get on with it” to boost the country’s flagging birthrate has been recalled after a furious backlash on social media.

    Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin said Friday she had ordered changes to the online campaign after a series of captioned images intended to promote an upcoming Fertility Day were slammed as patronising, sexist and hectoring.

    The biggest outcry was over an image of a fraught-looking young woman touching her stomach with one hand and holding an egg-timer in the other, with the sand running away.

    “Beauty has no age. But fertility does,” said the caption, widely criticised for implying women delaying pregnancy had only themselves to blame if they ended up childless.

    Men were not treated any more sensitively. A picture of rotting banana skin was deployed to make the point that: “Male fertility is much more vulnerable than you might think.”

    That was making a similar point to a picture of a man holding a cigarette with the warning: “Don’t let your sperm go up in smoke.”

    Another image shows a wading bird on the edge of a nest, imploring surfers to: “Get a move on! Don’t wait for the stork.”

    The tweets, released to promote a Fertility Day planned for September 22, quickly went viral — the initial incredulous reaction being amplified by a swell of support for Lorenzin from pro-family groups.

    ‘Demographic suicide’

    Criticism of the campaign focused on the numerous obstacles to having children in Italy, including high unemployment, low wages, weak maternity rights and inadequate childcare provision.

    One of the most popular tweets was a cartoon by Virgilio Natola showing a female hand holding up a pregnancy test kit bearing the result: “Go abroad and find yourself a job.”

    Others cited Italy’s falling birthrate as a serious problem.

    “The criticisms of #fertilityday are ridiculous,” tweeted Comitato Articolo 26, one of the groups involved in organising recent “Family Days” in opposition to legislation on gay civil unions.

    “In the country of demographic suicide, a lot, lot more should be done.”

    Announcing a review of the campaign, Lorenzin said: “We did not intend to offend or provoke anyone. If the message has not gone across as we would have liked, we will change it.”

    Others cited Italy’s falling birthrate as a serious problem.

    “The criticisms of #fertilityday are ridiculous,” tweeted Comitato Articolo 26, one of the groups involved in organising recent “Family Days” in opposition to legislation on gay civil unions.

    “In the country of demographic suicide, a lot, lot more should be done.”

    Announcing a review of the campaign, Lorenzin said: “We did not intend to offend or provoke anyone. If the message has not gone across as we would have liked, we will change it.”

    A total of 485,000 babies were born in the country last year, a record low and less than half the level of the 1960s.

    Lorenzin warned earlier this year that the current “catastrophic decline” would reduce the number of newborns to 350,000 within a decade unless action is taken to reverse the trend.

    She has proposed doubling “baby bonus” child benefits to encourage more couples to start families and existing parents to expand theirs.”

    • I remember years ago when some Swedish lady pol said they should broadcast porn movies (It may have been part of some story I read where a small Swedish TV station was broadcasting hardcore porn at night WITHOUT anyone complaining.) so that the country could expand their population.

  18. Kuwait tells citizens to check phones before traveling to U.S.: agency

    DUBAI (Reuters) – Kuwait has advised citizens to make sure their phones contain no material that might be seen as being linked to Islamist militants before traveling to the United States, local media reported on Saturday, after three men were denied entry in July.

    State news agency KUNA quoted a statement by the Kuwaiti embassy in Washington as saying that authorities at “some U.S. airports may check the contents of mobile phones or other smart mobile equipment”.

    “The embassy of the state of Kuwait in Washington urged citizens to make sure that their phones do not contain any materials or photos of extremist nature, related to areas of conflict or terrorist organizations or footage of violence of all kinds before entering U.S. territories,” KUNA said, citing a statement.

    “(This is) so that students and citizens may be spared questioning by authorities in U.S. airports and to avoid any action against them that could result in cancelling their visas and banning them from entering U.S. territories,” it added.

    The Arabic language al-Rai newspaper reported in July that three businessmen were questioned for 21 hours at Los Angeles airport and had their telephones checked before they were turned back, in the second incident of its kind this year.

    The Gulf Arab OPEC oil exporter is a key U.S. ally and a member of an international alliance led by the United States which is fighting against Islamic State in Syria.

    In July, the United Arab Emirates, another close Gulf Arab ally of the United States, told its male citizens to avoid wearing traditional white robes and head dress when traveling abroad, after a businessman was wrestled to the ground at an Avon, Ohio hotel and held as an Islamic State suspect.

    • NYT – How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything on a Smartphone

      […]What that gets you, NSO Group documents say, is “unlimited access to a target’s mobile devices.” In short, the company says: You can “remotely and covertly collect information about your target’s relationships, location, phone calls, plans and activities — whenever and wherever they are.”

      And, its proposal adds, “It leaves no traces whatsoever.”

      • Years ago the US government asked telephone switch makers for the ability to monitor long distance telephone calls using the so-called “Service Observation” capabilities intended for normal day-to-day maintenance.

        I was reading recently that Android phones have an encryption capability to lock down the data inside a mobile; not sure how effective that is against NSA snooping, but definitely something everyone should investigate. Someone should develop an app that reports if the phone is being interrogated by external forces. Like how an internet firewall works by examining if the request for data matches up to an internally generated network request. Since Apple is allegedly pro-customer in terms of security, maybe they could do that.

        But, if you are about to become involved in an urban riot situation where BLM is assaulting your neighborhood, I would recommend shutting down all your cell phones so that the cell towers cannot record your presence in the battle space. Covering it with Al foil or other Faraday cage is not paranoid, it’s prudent. Remember, your phone is a PERSONAL TRACKER tattling on you all the time.

        • I have seen ads for metal wallets so tech savvy thieves can’t access your debit and credit cards whey they are in your pocket. Something like that for your phone when your are near or in a riot zone might be a good idea.

    • G20 ‘honey trap’ warning: Fears Prime Minister’s officials will be seduced by Chinese spies and have hotel rooms bugged

      Theresa May’s officials have been warned to avoid “honey traps” amid fears that the Prime Minister’s team will be targeted by Chinese spies offering sex during the G20 summit.

      British government aides have fallen victim to spying on previous official trips to China, with one Downing Street official reported to have had his mobile phone and secret documents stolen after he was seduced.

      Government security chiefs are anxious to avoid a repeat of the incident, which took place during a visit by Gordon Brown in 2008, and have provided detailed guidance to Mrs May’s team.

      The Prime Minister’s officials have been warned to take steps to protect themselves during the G20 summit, which begins on Sunday.

      Officials travelling with Mrs May have been issued with temporary mobile phones and email addresses in an attempt to evade Chinese state hackers.

      Security advisers are also warning staff not to keep gifts they receive and to be particularly wary of electronic devices, such as free computer memory sticks, mobile phone SIM cards or chargers which they are offered by their Chinese hosts.

      One Whitehall source said security chiefs had warned them that hotel rooms used during the summit were likely to be bugged. “We have been told that if you feel uncomfortable about people seeing you naked, you should get changed under your bedclothes,” the source said.

      British security agencies regard China as one of the most aggressive nations when it comes to launching cyber-attacks against western governments and businesses, as well as posing a major espionage threat to the UK.

      Chinese technological expertise has prompted security concerns at the highest levels of government and British intelligence.

      There are fears that Chinese intelligence agents will use their capability to intercept emails and phone calls and to install spy software on computers during the summit.

      However, one of the gravest threats posed by foreign spies is also one of the oldest: the honey trap.

      During Mr Brown’s visit to China in 2008, one of the No 10 officials accompanying the then Prime Minister reportedly fell prey to a “beautiful” female Chinese spy. She went back to his hotel room, drugged him, stole his mobile phone and documents from his briefcase.

      The incident was described by Mr Brown’s former spin doctor, Damien McBride, in his 2013 memoir, Power Trip.[…]

  19. UK – Man attacked with machete at Sheffield pub

    A man has been taken to hospital after he was attacked with a machete whilst drinking in a Sheffield pub.

    Emergency services were called to the High Noon pub on Mosborough Road in Woodthorpe around 1.40pm earlier this afternoon.

    A spokesman from South Yorkshire Police told The Star that a man had ‘run into the pub’ with a machete before slashing a punter which caused a severe wound to the upper left arm, leaving a cut right down to the bone.

    An eyewitness who saw what happened said the attack was ‘completely unprovoked’ and the man ran out of the pub where two cars were waiting for him before they ‘skidded off’.

    The eyewitness described the attacker as male of an ‘Asian’ origin in his 20s.

    A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Emergency services received a call from the landlady of the High Noon pub at around 1.40pm today reporting that a male had run into the pub and struck another man on the arm with a machete.

    “A 28-year-old man was taken to the Northern General Hospital in an ambulance and voluntarily discharged himself after medical staff treated to his injuries. The injured man will have to return to hospital for possible surgery on Monday.

    It’s understood South Yorkshire Police CID has taken over the investigation.

    Anyone with any information can contact police 101 quoting the incident number 615 of September 3, 2016.

  20. Al-Qaeda claims prisoner swap: Zawahiri’s daughters released for ex-Pakistan army chief’s son

    If Kayani’s son was indeed abducted and the exchange took place, it means Zawahiri’s men have a “disturbingly long reach” in Pakistan, said the report.

    A few weeks ago, the Pakistan government negotiated the successful release of former army chief Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani’s abducted son in exchange for two daughters of al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri and another woman, according to media reports. There has, however, been no formal news of Kayani’s son even being abducted.

    The exchange was initially reported by the Long War Journal, a project of the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, that sourced it’s information through the 20th edition of Al-Masra magazine — affiliated with the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) — published in late August. However the Al Masra report, which did not name Kayani’s son, could not be independently confirmed.

    “If the jihadist organisation is merely boasting, then that is noteworthy. But if al-Qaeda did manage to kidnap Kayani’s son and force the Pakistani government’s hand, then this indicates Zawahiri’s men have a disturbingly long reach inside of Pakistan,” the Long War Journal report said.

    “Although retired, Kayani is one of the most powerful figures in the Pakistani military and intelligence establishment, which has long sponsored jihadis, including the al-Qaeda-allied Taliban,” the report added.

    The report claimed that a series of tweets posted in mid-August revealed jihadists had accused the Pakistan Army of detaining Zawahiri’s daughters, as well as the daughter of Sheikh Murjan Salem al Jawhari, as part of its “infidel” war on the mujahideen. The Twitter account has now been suspended.

    “The Twitter user, who is likely an al-Qaeda media operative, further claimed al-Qaeda was left with two ways to deal with the situation. First, al-Qaeda needed to take ‘revenge’ on the supposed spy. Second, Allah ‘enabled the mujahideen’ to detain the son of the Pakistan Army commander in order to exchange him ‘for the sisters’.

    “He included a picture of Kayani to emphasise that this is the Pakistani leader he meant. Al-Qaeda’s account referred to Kayani as if he is active, even though he has been retired for nearly three years,” the report said, adding that it was unclear if the purported exchange took place in late July or early August.

    The report went on to suggest that even though the army had initially “refused” the proposed exchange, they eventually agreed after lengthy negotiations. Zawahiri’s daughters and the other woman, along with their children, were eventually returned to Egypt.


    ” ANN CORCORAN: It has been nine years since I began investigating the very secretive refugee admissions program which turned 36 years old this year, and reported on what I found at my blog RefugeeResettlementWatch. A joint enterprise of the US State Department and the United Nations, the refugee admissions program was the brainchild of former Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden. It was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1980, and since then it has admitted almost 2 million refugees into your towns and cities.

    ” In recent years the federal government admitted on average 60-70,000 refugees a year and placed them in hundreds of US towns and cities in 49 states where they immediately upon arrival receive all forms of welfare including Social Security for the elderly and disabled. Barack Obama has increased that number to 85,000 for this year — 10,000 of which are Syrian Sunni Muslims — and he vowed that next year he would propose bringing 100,000.

    ” In September Obama will have his last opportunity to change America by changing its people, but we think he will go way beyond a hundred thousand as the resettlement industry, composed of nine federal contractors or VOLAGs (VOLuntary AGencies), began a huge propaganda campaign in Washington yesterday on August 28th, a rally that fizzled spectacularly. They held a pathetically small astroturf event to demand even higher numbers for Fiscal Year 2017 which begins on October 1st, demonstrating that popular support for more refugees is tepid.

    ” This Washington DC rally, funded by George Soros and his globalist friends, is the lead up to a refugee extravaganza to be held at the United Nations where we know that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has great influence. Obama will travel to New York City for two days in September the 19th and 20th to play host to world leaders and make Americans feel guilty about not welcoming poorly vetted Syrian refugees to their neighborhoods.

    ” Clearly the timing of the event is meant to impact in November election, as Hillary Clinton has said she is in favor of much larger numbers of refugees especially Syrians. She’s on record saying that she wants 65,000 Syrians in the next year — 65,000 when we barely managed 10,000 this year. That would be in addition to the hundred thousand or more from other countries.

    ” This summer I spent 30 days on the road visiting refugee-overloaded towns and cities in 13 states, and I can assure you that citizens were extremely concerned wherever I went. They fear for their economic futures as well as the future of their towns where already they see signs of creeping sharia, zoning fights over the locations of mosques, aggressive demands for special prayer-break times in the workplace and special accommodations in school systems as the Muslim population increases —often because some large multinational food-processing or manufacturing corporation is demanding the cheap refugee labor.

    ” There’s only one entity that could rein in Soros’ and Obama’s of ambition and that is Congress. The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse. All eyes will be on the legislators in the House and the Senate: they will decide your family’s future through the choices they make. Congress, led by Republicans, will decide whether or not to fund Obama’s proposed refugee numbers.

    ” Those nine federal contractors or VOLAGs do not have money of their own: they resettle refugees with millions of your tax dollars. Turn off the US Treasury spigot and the flow of refugees will stop. It should most certainly be stopped until a new president sets the tone in 2017.

    ” There are alternatives to costly and disruptive resettlement that benefit the refugees and the US taxpayer, including the creation of safe zones in the Middle East and Africa where refugees would be cared for until the conflict ends. Saudi Arabia comes to mind as a prime location.

    ” You as citizens must become engaged in finding such alternative solutions because the Soros Obama-Clinton solution most certainly puts the future of the great American experiment in jeopardy. The future of your children and grandchildren is in your hands.

  22. NORTH KOREA – AUG 28 – 2016 KCTV (DPRK Torchlight Gala Marks 9th Congress of Youth League)

    A torchlight gala of members of the youth vanguard “Let the Youth Power March forward Following the Party!” was held with splendor at the May Day Stadium on Sunday to mark the 9th Congress of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League.
    When Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, appeared at the tribune of honor, all participants enthusiastically welcomed him, extending the highest glory and warmest thanks to him.
    He waved back to the enthusiastic cheers of the masses, extending warm congratulations and militant salute to the young vanguard.
    Among the spectators were Hwang Pyong So, Choe Ryong Hae, Kim Ki Nam and others, the participants of the 9th congress and youth and students and working people in Pyongyang, the chief of the Pyongyang mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front and overseas Koreans.
    Diplomatic envoys and representatives of international bodies, members of the military attaches corps here and foreign guests were present there on invitation.

  23. Turkey: Child Rape Widespread, Media Blackout

    by Robert Jones
    September 3, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Turkey has once again threatened to tear up a controversial migrant deal and send hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers to Europe if its citizens are not granted visa-free travel to the European Union within months.

    Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Turkish foreign minister, demanded the EU drop visa requirements for Turkish citizens by October.

    Meanwhile, Syrian children are being raped and abused inside and outside of refugee camps in Turkey.
    Nine-Month-Old Syrian Baby Raped; Media Blackout Imposed

    A 9-month-old Syrian baby was raped in the Islahiye district of Gaziantep on August 19. The baby is the child of a Syrian family who fled the war in Syria, according to the newspaper Birgun. The family, agricultural day-laborers in Gaziantep, had set up a tent in the field where they work.

    On the day of the rape, the parents left their baby with an 18-year-old man before leaving to work a field 100 meters away.

    When the parents returned, they saw the young man, a Turkish citizen who works as a shepherd, walking away from the tent. The mother noticed that her baby girl had been raped and took her to a local hospital, where the attack was confirmed.

    The governor’s office of Antep announced that the young man had been arrested a

  24. Germany: Preacher Pierre Vogel speaks at ‘ISIS is not Islam’ event

    Salafist preacher Pierre Vogel spoke to a crowd of around 100 people at the “ISIS is not Islam” demonstration in Bremen on Saturday.

    Supporters of the event gathered at Bremen’s central train station at 15:00 local time (14:00 GMT) to listen to the preacher before attending a rally, which began an hour later.

    SOT, Pierre Vogel, preacher (German): “How do you wear this… The woman who wears this, how is she supposed to show her face?

    SOT, Pierre Vogel, preacher (German): “Open your heart. Is that Islam? Is that Islam? Do you really believe that the prophet killed your child, and then we hear of this madness that our kids are dying too.”

    SOT, Pierre Vogel, preacher (German): “What kind of madness is this? The founding principle of Islam: ‘And no burdened soul can bear another’s burden.'”

  25. France: Le Pen discusses ‘burkini’ and praises Brexit at start of presidential campaign

    President of the far-right Front National (FN) party Marine Le Pen made a reference to the ‘burkini’ debate as she began her presidential campaign in the town of Brachay, Saturday.

    SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of Front National (French): “The British people had the courage. Against all gloomsters, they chose their destiny. They decided to become masters of their lives and leave the European Union. They made the choice of independence.”

    SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of Front National (French): “If you oppose the sartorial provocation of an extremist minority, you are Islamophobic. If you remind people that secularism demands religions be discrete and that you restrain yourself in public, you are Islamophobic. I will say this again. It is the ambition of [our] politics not to bend, to calmly make an analysis of these organised strategies of criminalisation, denounce their mechanisms and disarm them.”

    SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of Front National (French): “For each citizen, the best weapon against terror is the ballot paper. It is the ballot paper that will allow one to change these outdated governments and their indecisive, weak and dishonest presidents.”

    SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of Front National (French): “The battle in which we partake is the most beautiful and the biggest. It is the battle for France. Long live the Republic and long live France.”

  26. Bangladesh hangs Islamist party figure for 1971 war crimes (reuters, Sep 3, 2016)

    “Bangladesh has hanged a top Islamist party figure for atrocities committed during the 1971 war of independence from Pakistan, the law minister said on Saturday.

    Mir Quasem Ali, 63, a key financier of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was executed at Kashimpur Central Jail on the outskirts of the capital, for murder, confinement, torture and incitement to religious hatred during the war.

    Ali was hanged at 10:35 p.m. (1635 GMT), Law Minister Anisul Haq told Reuters, days after Bangladesh’s highest court rejected his final appeal against the death sentence.

    The execution took place amid a spate of militant attacks in the Muslim-majority nation, the most serious on July 1, when gunmen stormed a cafe in Dhaka’s diplomatic quarter and killed 20 hostages, most of them foreigners.

    The war crimes tribunal set up by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2010 has sparked violence and been criticised by opposition politicians, who say it is targeting her political foes. The government denies the accusations.

    The government has also rejected allegations by human rights groups that the tribunal’s proceedings fall short of international standards, and the trials are supported by many Bangladeshis.

    Hundreds of people flooded the streets of the capital to cheer the execution…”

  27. Swedish pediatrician: Some ‘children’ nearly 40 (thelocal, Sep 3, 2016)

    “A Swedish pediatrician is sparking debate after saying some refugees claiming to be unaccompanied minors are lying about their age. He even deems some of them to be as old as 40.

    “There are only a few cases of course, but they have definitely been between 30 and 40 years old,” Pediatrician Josef Milerad was quoted by Swedish tabloid Expressen as saying.

    Some 31,000 asylum-seeking refugees are currently registered with the Swedish Migration Agency as unaccompanied minors. But according to Milerad, that number is likely larger than it should be, as he alleges some of those people claim to be much younger than they actually are in order to be granted asylum more easily.

    According to Milerad, the tests carried out by Swedish authorities to verify the real age of a child are naïve and insufficient, and he advocates for the tests to be done medically, including through x-rays.

    “The refugee children who are in their early and mid-teens are the ones who end up paying the price for this [lying]. These are resources that have been earmarked for children, but it’s used for another age group,” he told the newspaper.

    Milerad said that he has examined several people that the migration agency has classed as children, but that according to his own professional opinion almost 40 percent of them are in fact between 20 and 25 years old, and some of them even near their forties.

    “I think that my professional opinion, even if I can’t support it with evidence, would turn out to be quite accurate – there is a difference between a 16-year-old and a 20-year-old,” he said.”

  28. US uses new rocket system to hit Daesh from Turkey (aa, Sep 3, 2016)

    “The Pentagon confirmed Saturday it has deployed a new rocket artillery system to Turkey to strike Daesh.

    The High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or HIMARS, was deployed to Turkey last month to support the U.S.-led coalition’s efforts to combat Daesh, according to the Pentagon.

    “As a ground precision fires system, the additional U.S. capability that HIMARS brings will assist coalition works to degrade, dismantle and militarily defeat ISIL,” spokesman Maj. Ben Sakrisson said in a statement.

    The system has a range of up to 200 kilometers (125 miles).

    Its deployment marks the most recent step that the U.S. has taken to combat Daesh…”

  29. Yo!
    this is hurting youtube content creators in the wallet.
    Free speech is now being de monitized because of feelings of SJWs.
    Heads up mate

  30. Venezuelan President Is Chased by Angry Protesters

    CARACAS, Venezuela — President Nicolás Maduro was chased at a routine political event by a crowd of angry protesters banging on pots and yelling that they were hungry, just days after thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets to call for his ouster, local news media reported on Saturday.

    Scenes from the confrontation late Friday, which also appeared in videos uploaded to social media, captured the attention of Venezuelans, many of whom blame the unpopular president for the country’s food shortages.

    In one video, Mr. Maduro tries to calm the pot-bangers by walking among them, only to be surrounded as the furious crowd yells obscenities.

    “What is this?” an astounded voice behind the camera asks in one of the video clips.

    Mr. Maduro had traveled from the capital, Caracas, to Margarita Island off Venezuela’s northern coast to inaugurate a number of new public housing units and give a televised address.

    During the speech, he denounced his opponents’ calls for his removal from office, calling them “vampires” and saying they were preparing for violence.

    Foro Penal, a Venezuelan human rights group, said 20 people had been arrested after the protest in the island town of Villa Rosa. Mr. Maduro’s office made no statement about the episode.[…]

  31. Trump Blasted ‘Crazy’ Bill Clinton

    In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump blasted Bill Clinton’s suggestion that the United States use Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit.

    The populist billionaire denounced Clinton’s suggested proposal as “crazy” and “unfair” to American workers who are already living there and are in need of good-paying jobs.

    “It’s very unfair to the people that are living there. I think it’s crazy,” Trump told Breitbart on Thursday. “I mean, these people are getting started—I think it’s a very, very hard place to get your start.”

  32. Largest Muslim gathering in US taking place in Rosemont this weekend

    ROSEMONT, Ill. (WLS) —
    The largest Muslim gathering in the U.S. is taking place in Rosemont this weekend.

    The annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America will feature several guest speakers, including Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who made national headlines by criticizing Donald Trump during the Democratic National Convention.

    They are set to speak twice at the convention. The Khans are Gold Star parents who lost their son while he was serving in Iraq. The couple got into a heated exchange with Donald Trump, when Khizr Khan spoke against Trump’s Muslim immigration policy.

    This convention is the largest of its kind in North America with speakers, seminars and products catered to the Muslim community. The idea is to bring more understanding and acceptance of the Muslim faith.

    “ISNA is one of the most inclusive Muslim organizations in America. We have 48 percent female speakers this year I am very happy to say. That is something that is unprecedented among American Muslim organizations, and God willing next year we will have an even greater percentage percentage,” said Hazem Vata of the Islamic Society of North America.

    The theme for this year’s convention is “Navigating Challenges, Seizing Opportunities.” The group is promoting the teachings of Islam.

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will address the conference Saturday night.–rosemont-this-weekend/1497057/

    • There are a LOT of Muslims in Chicago. Lots of women wearing headscarfs with the occasional Burka thrown in. Didn’t realize how many there were until the “Palestinians” showed up at the intersection of Clinton & Madison downtown and prevented traffic from flowing. This is the direct result Bush 43 and The Great and Powerful Obama welcoming a hostile population.

    • The thought experiment in the last half of the video is what the US was originally suppose to be, the states could choose varying degrees of democracy, taxation and government interference into the peoples lives and the people could vote with their feet on which idea was best. The big government types discovered that the people were moving away from their states and so were the businesses, that was when they started trying to take over the Federal Government and seize more power for the Central government at the expense of the States. One way they did this was to change the Constitution to have the Senators elected by the people instead of the State Legislatures. Prior to this change the House of Representatives was the peoples house that was to protect the rights of the people, this is why all tax and spending bills have to, well are suppose to, originate in the House. The Senate was the States house and it was suppose to protect the rights of the state. When the Legislatures no longer picked the Senators there became more open to the idea of taking power and rights from the states and transferring it to the Central Government.

  33. Oh, and to anyone wondering why I post anti SJW/feminists videos has to understand that these are the cretins eating away at the hearts of our countries.

    Get rid of these cunts 1st FFS!

    The gimmiegrant army of illiterates 70-80 % army aged males will be next.

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