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  1. Immigrant men have groped and sexually assaulted a number of women in a German city in copycat attacks of the New Year’s eve sex frenzy in Cologne.

    Police said the four women who filed complaints after the incidents in Essen late on Friday could be ‘only the tip of the iceberg.’

    Women who may have been attacked at the Essen Original city party have been offered a confidential hotline by officers to contact them.

    The police presence at the festival was beefed up over the weekend as a result of the sexual assaults.

    All said that men came up to them in groups, danced around them, harassed and groped them.

    This mirrored the attacks in Cologne on December 31 when mobs of North African migrants assaulted hundreds of women in attacks which served to turn Germany against the open-door refugee policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Despite defending her record in a long interview on Saturday with the BILD newspaper, the chancellor is braced for a beating at the hustings on Sunday when the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is set to defeat her own CDU conservatives in a regional election in her home state.

    Police said the Essen victims were attacked in three parts of the city by North African men in groups of four and six ‘who drove their victims into corners and groped them all over.’

    Most of the abusers are still being hunted but police apprehended several lone suspects shortly after the complaints were made. Two 16-year-olds and a 46-year-old man were questioned but later released.

    Police spokesman Peter Elke said: ‘The heavy police presence on the ground meant we could promptly identify and arrest some suspected attackers.’ All suspects are immigrants or of a migrant background.

    Elke added: ‘The sequence of events has to be determined. Therefore we are looking for witnesses to the attacks as enquiries continue.’

    The festival continued on Sunday and will end on Monday night.

  2. Continued riots in notorious Trollhattan area, attack on police in the troubled Stockholm suburb

    Kronogården Trollhattan

    “NO GO ZONE” Lawlessness in the country’s immigrant-dominated “exclusion areas” seems to be more extensive. During Wednesday night continued riots in the notorious district Kronogården in Trollhättan. Among other things, attacked police, local coaches and guards with stones and percussion caps. Meanwhile, a police patrol was ambushed by aggressive gangs of immigrant Tensta, in northwestern Stockholm area.

    Avpixlat told on Wednesday about the riots on Tuesday evening took place in the district Kronogården in Trollhättan. According to both the police and the local newspaper continued rioting on Wednesday evening and night of Thursday. The situation is reported to have been worse than the previous evening. During Wednesday night, both police vehicles, security guards and a tow truck have been subjected to stone throwing and firing with very powerful firecrackers, so-called percussion caps.

    Even two buses belonging to the local public transport were subjected to stone throwing and had windows smashed. In the area, a number of small fires have been constructed. Among other reported youth gangs, as well as on Tuesday night, have dragged out the tires on the streets and set them on fire. Two bus shelters should also have been destroyed.

    The data on how many people participated in the riots is somewhat diverse. The local newspaper stated in an article that about 40-60 people are believed to have participated, while in another article quotes a police estimate that some 70 young people were moving into the area, but only about 20 of them actively participated in the riots . The majority of those who participated in the violence and vandalism is described as youth. However, there are also reports that some of the participants will have been 25 years old. Some of them should have been masked, which of course indicates that the riots are planned and organized in advance.

    Police in Trollhattan said to get criticized for acting too passively in connection with the riots in Kronogården. John Strand, chief operating officer at Trollhättan police, told the local newspaper that so far has used a “defensive” tactics. This means that the police are in place and observe what is going on, but avoiding confrontations or risk making the situation worse. So far no one had been arrested for rioting.

    Local newspapers have also interviewed a couple of the people who participated in last evening’s riots. When asked to justify their actions they take, not surprisingly, a victim role. They claim that they and their friends will be harassed by the police, and that the riots are a response to repeated abuse by the police. In all probability, the question of young immigrant men who belong to criminal groups, and who believe that the police should stay out of “their” territory, so that they can be undisturbed engage in drug trafficking, theft, extortion and other criminal activities.

    * * *

    Even in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta was anxious on Wednesday evening. At 20:30 pm, a police patrol to make an intervention at Rising Plan. They then were ambushed by aggressive gangs. The police were forced to use pepper spray to defend themselves.

    Additional police patrols were called. The situation led to the six youths were taken into custody under the Police Act. In one case, converted disposal to an arrest, as a young man guilty of threats to officer.
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