Prague Islamic State stunt falsely reported, American university under attack in Kabul and much more: Links 1 on Aug. 24 – 2016

1, The media reports and the facts of the Czech Republic anti Islamic-State stunt of Aug. 21.

2. This is alleged to be a photo of muslims urinating on/in a Church in Munich.

Tards pissing in French church

3. Interesting cover for the New York Post

4. American University of Afghanistan shooting in Kabul sees several professors and hundreds of students trapped by gunfire and explosions

(That is a lot of well trained and well coordinated mental patients in Kabul. I hope all their victims who really are to blame have several pounds of spare Thorazine and similar antipsychotics to help those poor sick people shooting at them)

Trapped Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Massoud Hossaini writes: ‘Help… this may be my last tweet’

HUNDREDS of students are trapped after gunfire and explosions erupted at the American University in Kabul.

Witnesses report a fierce gun battle at the campus in Afghanistan’s capital.

Multiple militants are carrying out an assault on the university, during which several students have been killed.

One student inside the building said: “Several students been killed and injured; many students and professors are stuck.

NINTCHDBPICT0002617227495. Raynor Wendt, Police Union chief on dealing with migrants

6. Italy: Migrants kicked off of Swiss bound train as the Swiss show they have maintained slightly more common sense than the rest of Europe.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Yucki, Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, Pym Purnell, Maria J., Kathy,  and many many more who sent in materials. Its gonna be a busy day. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer speaking in LA should be up soon despite the Canadian Government’ best attempts to stop the materials from getting to the editor.

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3 Replies to “Prague Islamic State stunt falsely reported, American university under attack in Kabul and much more: Links 1 on Aug. 24 – 2016”

  1. Nature follows the path of least resistance. This might be a regular pub-stop or Muslims markjng their territory. The sign however, is still the same.

    • 2. The difference between “fishers of men,” and “blame someone else to receive a reward” is self-evident.

      One demands virtue from Muslims and Socialists to receive an invite, the other invites Muslims and Socialists to receive a virtue.

  2. 3 – At least one paper is telling the truth about Hillary, I hope enough has come out that the assets of the Clinton foundation can be sized under the RICO statutes.

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