Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: “Can Islam coexist with the West?”

The conference rejected my suggestion to add the letters, “LOL” after the title topic for this amazing gathering but I can forgive them for that.

This is the first of a series of videos coming from this event which has taken much longer to present as the Government of Canada has decided that overnight by FEDEX really means sometime the following week. Fortunately there is thing called the internet and while the government spins its square wheels on  muddy roads the video found its way to the editor anyway. FWIW the camera card is still not here.

Later today, we are hoping for Stephen Coughlin.

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7 Replies to “Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: “Can Islam coexist with the West?””

  1. Finally I am no longer a lone voice saying that the actions of the left are a coordinated attack on the west that is designed to destroy western civilization.

    • It’s frightening, really, to contemplate the size of the forces arrayed against Western civilization: the enemy is formidable, to say the least (and Islam is only a part of that enemy, the spearpoint). On the other hand, it was encouraging to here the sober and clear thinker Spencer say that he was marginally more optimistic in 2016 than he had been a year ago. So … let the games begin!

      • Western leaders (some of them) are starting to recognize that we are in a war of survival, a fact that is ignored by way to many leftist. We have the left, the Moslems and various wanna be dictators that swing from left to right and back as enemies. The war will be long but if we can get leaders that will fight we can’t lose, the problem is the far left wants us to lose and is working to insure this. We have to oppose all leftist programs because they are designed to weaken us and make us lose the war.

    • “Can Islam coexist with the West?”


      Because Socialists already make the hard-working pay over 40 percent of their income as a Jizya-tax to allow them a little bit of freedom for now. The rest of the dumb-slaves cannot even afford their own homes.

      Therefore, it is no problem for Islam which will simply do the same trick following exactly the same path as Marx of intimidation and create dhimmis and reverts instead of justifying ‘taxing-the-rich’ and the noble collectivists.

      Just another political class that controls the media with a wealth made from the spoils of Heaven instead of the pie on Earth.

      So changing the guard of the hen house really makes no difference, and has become the new Left and Right vote that the public thinks is having a choice.

      LOL – Like On Like.

  2. Further to Robert Spencer’s point, Mumtaz Qadri’s supporters were not only granted entry to the UK, they were welcomed, personally, by the Archbishop of Canterbury to (among other things) brainstorm how to counter “the narrative of extremism and terrorism”.

    Other than the ones I just wrote…I have no words.

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