Muslim said to live in France, stabs British woman while “Allah Ackbaring” in Australian hotel

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No wait it was three people and a dog. He stabbed a dog. F*ck mohamed and fu*k islam he stabbed a dog.

UPDATE 2.10PM: A British man stabbed during a violent attack at a Home Hill backpackers hostel remains in a critical condition at the Townsville Hospital. A 29-year-old French man accused of stabbing three people and a dog while yelling “Allahu Akbar” is in a stable condition.

A 21-year-old British woman was killed during the frenzied attack, which occurred about 11.15pm last night.

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  1. “QPS Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said investigators would examine whether the comments were made as a result of extremist motives but could not yet rule out whether mental health issues or drug use were factors in the crime”

    Whenever the police have to “not rule out” something, the main stream media reporter presented to them The Narrative – to which they were forced to reply.

    In every case the press suggest a lone wolf, nothing to do with Islam and mental illness. All statements to confuse and hide from the public the real issues. And the elected political heads of the police reassure of what they cannot do, that they are safe.

    The Germans telling women to stand ‘arms length,’ from Muslims to the tattoo ing of their six-year-old girls in swimming pools that they are little angels and ‘no mufa’khathat here.’

    All things that bring about Sharia compliance.

    The dead should be respected in their demands.

    • When socialists cause mayhem and loss of life they say they were “minded” a critical loss of reasoning and memory for places and circumstances. So not their fault with all the best intentions… honestly.

      It’s only the Muslims who get the free ride with being diagnosed mentally-ill – when they would be cool as cucumbers living in an Islamic State. They remember places and circumstances with crystal clarity.

      The hypo or hyper unbalanced brained, with their respective touch-feely or overlord-directed go-stop-go emotional worlds.

      Both outraged by sanity.

      So it is not Islamophiles’ fault… if only you treated them more lovingly.

  2. A young British woman was killed and a British man critically hurt after a Frenchman allegedly stabbed three people while saying “Allahu Akbar” at an Australian backpacker’s hostel, police said on Wednesday.

    “It is alleged that the suspect used the phrase ‘Allahu Akbar’ when arrested by police.

    “While this information will be factored into the investigation we are not ruling out any motivations at this stage, whether they be political or criminal.”

  3. DAILY MAIL Pictured: French knifeman ‘who butchered’ British backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21, in Australian hostel rampage – as it is revealed ‘he was obsessed’ with the young waitress

    Woman is dead and a man is fighting for his life after they were stabbed
    The British nationals were allegedly attacked by a French national, 29
    British woman has been identified as waitress Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21
    She was in the north Queensland town of Home Hill working on a farm
    British man Tom Jackson, 30, is in a critical condition with stab wounds
    Police were called to Shelley’s Backpackers about 11.15pm on Tuesday
    French man shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the frenzied stabbing attack
    Man accused is Smail Ayad, 29, who may have been infatuated with victim

  4. No wait it was three people and a dog. He stabbed a dog. F*ck mohamed and fu*k islam he stabbed a dog.

    What gets me is the way the MP keeps telling everybody to calm down, and there’s nothing to worry about, and don’t jump to conclusions. Meanwhile, the Mohammedan murder cult is engaged in a massive Trojan horse attack against the West and could strike anywhere, any time. In other words, there is something to worry about, it’s not the time to get too relaxed, and it isn’t “safe” anywhere on a battlefield. Who’s got their foot on that Australian MP’s throat making him carry water for the Muslims like that, when he’s got to know the score in reality? Did he or his boss sign, perhaps, a memorandum of understanding with a certain block-voting religion in return for his “cooperation” should they need it down the road? Obviously, if everybody remains “calm”, the Jihadis will see a big green light and redouble their efforts. Is anybody really too stupid to be able to see that?

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