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7 Replies to “Video of the woman in Belgium that stabbed up a mall”

  1. There is no doubt that Islam has the power to drive people criminally insane and there is no way to tell which Muslim has been thus affected, therefore the only recourse is to ban all Muslims entirely. There is no escaping that truth. Islam is a bad thing and should not be tolerated.

    • The State schools have taught children to be non-thinkers and collectivists.

      There is now no equality before the law in The West.

      A famous African saying, ‘once we had the land and you had the religion; now we have the religion and you have the land.’

      The saying in The West: Once we had the Priviledges and you had the Preferences; now we have the Preferences and you have the Priviledges.

      Therefore we need Islam. It is the virus that tells us we are sick. The maggots that occupy the wounds of our transgressions and eat the dead flesh of Welfare.

      Without them we wouldn’t see the point of freedom.

  2. Dear Eeyore & other readers,

    I am very worried about Mark Steyn, one of our greatest writers and commentators, who has been MIA for quite some time. His last blog post at Steynonline (July 10) claims that he is on some kind of journey doing research for a project he ‘s working on. It is not like Mark to be so quiet, especially during this election cycle when he is most needed.

    I fear greatly that there is some kind of fatwa declared on him by ISIS and he has been forced into hiding, most likely with his family as well. As he has documented so well, a great many of his acquaintances and fellow critics have been either killed or forced to go into hiding. Look at Geert Wilders for one example.

    If anyone has any info on Mark, please let us know by commenting on this blog. I figure that if anyone knows, it will probably be someone from here.

    Keep up the good work. May God bless you all.

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