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2 Replies to “The brawl between the Kurds and Turks on the streets of Rotterdam this past weekend”

  1. The violence in the Mideast is spilling over into Europe, the multiculturalism pushed by the left has created a Balkanized Europe and to a lesser extend Canada and United States is allowing this violence to grow and the growth is going to be much faster then most expect. One former Green Beret that has been a mixed martial arts fighter and a star in a reality TV show said that Europe was going to be turned into Lebanon of the 1970s. This is happening and the governments are refusing to use the tactics that would stop this degeneration of society and destruction of civilization. We are being forced back into tribalism and will probably move to full grown tribalism before this war is over.

  2. Vlad you are so funny .. VanHelsing. is he a friend of Dr StrangeKraut
    the idiot from fox news commentary. the world is tearing itself to pieces.
    i would be very interested to see what predictions you have .. a time line
    & the starting place. like Rotterdam , perhaps .. where the Kurds & Turks are fighting
    for nationalism.

    been listening to early bob dylan & getting that naked , dead feeling again.

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