“If the state agrees to marry homosexual, he must accept polygamy” – The new Muslim demand

An original translation by Ava Lon

From this Swiss Website, Les Observateurs:

Article published on 08/13/2016

In November 2012, during the debate that preceded the Taubira law legalizing homosexual “marriage”, CIVITAS [the new French christian party] had campaigned with the message “Today gay marriage, tomorrow polygamy.” Critics of Civitas had claimed there was no connection between the two.

The Italian news has demonstrated how much the French Catholic organization was right.

The founder of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy, the convert Hamza Roberto Piccardo, comes insidiously, on social networks to ask Italy, which recognized homosexual unions as a “civil right”, to do the same with polygamy.

“If it’s only a matter of civil rights, well, polygamy is a civil right,” Piccardo wrote on his Facebook account to comment a photo where the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, appears next to the a gay civil union couples on 5 August.
The Muslim leader said: “I and millions of people do not approve of homosexual relationships, yet this is the law and we respect it. The persons concerned (by the law) are a minority, as are polygamous people. The society can accept all minorities. ”

It has to be said that Hamza Roberto Piccardo was designated in 2005, spokesman of the European Muslim Network, lobby based in Brussels and chaired by Tariq Ramadan. One of his sons, Davide Piccardo, heads the Coordination of Islamic Associations of Milan and collaborates with the Italian version of the Huffington Post.

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  1. Only one-in-four survive Islam: Fight, Flight, Play Dead, or Submit. Therefore, four wives guaranteed the production of the offspring Muhammad needed to kill without compunction. The rest are in constant terror, supressed by virtue-signalling their devotion.

    Now under Socialism, they all survive intact. Three quarters of Muslim having the State feed, shelter and clothe them, requiring medical treatment for psychomatic ailments, while returning and bowing to the quarter who rule. The psychopaths waiting for the day their flag will soar high above the cities and rid themselves of the impure snivelling dogs.

    Four wives is all it takes. One mother to reject utterly and completely and instead marry Islam. And the process begins all over again, taking-in-lust each bride younger than the last, who has no staus with her husband or the women who surround her, who in her nilhism bears Muhammad.

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