Australia. Legislating away freedom of speech for Islam

1, UN Resolution 16/18 made manifest in Australia:

2. Andrew Bolt weighs in on these and similar events:

3. Video blogger, Regressive News, takes a swing at all this.

This is a serious event. Australia is poised to legislate away the largest foundation stone of democracy. The right, no, obligation, to criticize religious authority.

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  1. Australia is further down the road to dictatorship then the US, but not very much further. Not being in Australian I don’t know the mood of the people but I doubt if they are just setting quietly by while the government prepares the detention/reeducation camps that are one of the first things Marxist governments builds.

    • Not Australia! I can’t bear to read more than the headlines.

      We poured green troops into that godawful hell New Guinea so the Japs wouldn’t get Australia. Our boys didn’t have tropic-suitable uniforms; they didn’t have quinine or aspirin for the malaria that cut them down like the razor-wire sharp elephant-grass.

      The Japs were dug-in, while the “diggers” – the Aussies – were off in North Africa slashing throats of Rommel’s’ men. I can hear General MacArthur thrashing in his grave, marshaling an army of old soldiers’ bones, such is his fury. Theirs, ours.

      “Why we fight” – they told us. Now explain to these our dead why we won’t fight.

      • The left around the world has betrayed all of the WWII dead no matter what nation they were from or died for. Given what is happening around the world I expect to see a new wave of refugees coming to the US, refugees from the formerly free nations that were our allies.

      • Exactly right, I say the same things. We are AUSTRALIAN, we will fight for our freedom and that includes freedom of speech

    • The Fairfax Press (incorporating such newspapers as the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ and Melbourne ‘Age’) is leftwing and politically correct. The ABC is just like the BBC – controlled by islamophiles and lefties.
      The “racisst/fascist” tropes are flung at those who question mass Third World migration and support the ‘Stop the Boats’ asylum policy.


      • “Dumbstruck” is the typical example of [DELETED]”Aussies” who rant on about nothing, using fiction English to get their points across, even when the point is useless!
        Go back to school and do English 101, Dumbstruck, and learn that there is NO such thing as “political correctness”. That sort of entity Doesn’t exist on planet Earth.
        This entire country is a corporation, not a country, and there is NO political correctness in any corporation except one, and you have no idea what that corporation is, where it is, nor why it exists.
        I rest my case!

        • Bluey we welcome diverse arguments. But you dont get to come on here and just attack another poster without even making an argument. Its just sophomoric, hollow, empty insults with no substance. Unless you are running for the Democrat party, there is no actual value to that. Come back when you have a point.

    • What gets me is how their so-called ‘conservative’ party supported the massive gun confiscations, just like they did in the UK. Didn’t the ordinary blokes finally realize that the mere fact that their alleged leaders didn’t trust them with guns was proof enough they were undeserving of their votes? It’s like people who continually vote for the gun controllers is the various “People’s Republics” of the Northeast; are you that stupid that the people who say you don’t NEED a gun deserve your vote when they are protected by armed security?

      • I live in one of the People’s Republics of Massachusetts. There are several discrete nodes; regions outside them are somewhat less rigid.

        My vote has never been counted. I have a perfect record of voting for the losing side of every candidate, every issue, in every election. Partly the old Kennedy machine, but now there’s just rot clear through.

        We haven’t had democracy for so long, we’re no longer fit for democracy.

  2. In 1949,Lord Denning made a report into the blasphemy laws that were still on the UK statute books and as a result of this,they were removed by the 1960’s. They had barely been implemented since the early 1800’s.

    Now look at us. All across the Western democracies blasphemy laws are being reintroduced courtesy of Islam and the millions of its soldiers that are being imported to enforce those new laws with our own police,judiciary and public sector backing them up with propaganda,legislation and brute force.

    This is going to be about as big a constitutional crisis in the former democracies as it is possible to have,it’s total subversion of our legal systems.

  3. The Online Hate Prevention Institute is an Australian body originating with a member of the Jewish community concerned with online antisemitism that has expanded and diversified its brief to become a menace to free speech. Its widened agenda includes “Islamophobia” – it is throwing its weight around on Facebook too – especially where “islamophobia” is concerned and removes or helps to remove posts – this extends to the mass migration into Europe issue.
    Resist this aspect of its work.
    An example of its agenda:

    • This video sums up many people’s unhappiness with the OHPI since it first made “islamophobia” part of its agenda –

      • Organizations that seek to placate Ishmael and have the word “Israel” or “Jew” in their name, are false-flag enemies. They’re exceptionally dangerous because the Devil’s got their tongues. When they say “justice” think terrorist-justice. “Peace” means equal-opportunity, dead-dhimmi.

        Sick Jews and Israelis in these organizations slander and stalk their own to win the trust of the larger society. Which they seek to betray.
        These are diseased people, a danger to their blood-kin – and a lethal weapon in dumb service to jihad against Dar al-Harb!

        They’re afflicted with moth-to-flame syndrome. Flying to self-immolation, drawing as many followers as they can. See them as you would the Totenkopf, the death’s head.

    • Fortunately Oboler is not only highly unpopular, but his ‘anti-hate-speech’ enterprise went belly up. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to worry about. There are thousands of hard left fascists and self-appointed speech Gestapo types who do their best to ensure we follow the UK down the rabbit hole.

    • Merkel and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, colluded with the issue at hand. Zuckerberg, via Facebook, is a very willing party to the silencing of dissenters.And yes, His body will hang alongside the others when this is all over. Civil war is brewing within every western country. Hopefully it’ll come before its too late.

  4. We must dispel this myth about “moderate muslims” as there is no such thing.Of the two types ,the radical wants to cut your head off,and the “moderate” wants the radical to cut your head off,and further if they do not accept all of the disgusting barbarism,they are not reguarded as muslims at all.

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