What does the imam of the mosque the Canadian jihadi say, and more: Links 2 on Aug. 12 – 2016

1, Thanks to real grass roots activism, a major Canadian restaurant chain was forced out of dhimmitude and into honesty.

2. Brian Lilley points out the odd leftist double standard when it comes to sex segregation.

3. Here is an excerpt of an article from Gates of Vienna on scavengers who looted the bodies of those dead in Nice. There is no description of the gawkers and the looters described in this article. But I am pretty sure I know what the bookmakers would say.

Last month, on the evening of Bastille Day in Nice, a mujahid went on a killing spree with a rented truck, mowing down hundreds of people along the promenade, 85 of whom died. In addition to all the other horrors in the aftermath of the massacre, survivors on the scene were forced to contend with vile people who came to loot and desecrate the bodies of the dead and the dying that were left scattered on the promenade.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating excerpts from this article at Fdesouche:

Nice attack: Nadia, Daniel and Ludovic protected the dead bodies from looters

The Prom [la Promenade des Anglais] on the evening of July 14th. Nadia, Daniel and Ludovic, members of the National Union of paratroopers, recount a night in hell. A night of watching the dead and protecting the living.

Nadia and Daniel are 70. Ludovic is handicapped. Two red berets and a wife of a red beret. On the evening of 14 July, they left the Villa Massena, from where they had been watching the fireworks with other members of the Nice branch of the National Union of paratroopers.

And the truck of death passed on the Prom. They were there, red berets, white shirts, badges. They were there. And they stayed. To help. Desperately. Trying to bring to life the last breaths. Holding the hands of those who were slowly dying. Watching over the bodies. Protecting the living. And protecting the dead from scavengers and voyeurs. […]

4. New Sharia Police Patrol Forming In Hamburg

(The solution is easy. Powerful bacon-hamburg police in Sharia town)

Islamic State and “Sharia Police” stickers have been seen on vehicles in Hamburg, and some fear that extremists may try and harass residents. However, police and security services have denied these reports.

At least one witness has came forward claiming that she has seen Islamic State logos and sharia police slogans on a car in Hamburg. According to the woman, she saw a car at a traffic light populated by three women wearing the Islamic full-face veil, the hood of the car was described as having a large logo on it with a blue border which read: “Sharia Police”.

5. Imam at mosque frequented by Strathroy terrorist: “O Allah, help the mujahideen”

London Muslim Mosque issued on Thursday, August 11, 2016 a statement with regard to Aaron Driver, 24-year-old convert to Islam, who was killed in Strathroy, Ontario during a confrontation with the police on his way to commit a suicide bombing attack, probably in London, Ontario.

The following are excerpts from London Muslim Mosque’s statement:

Aaron Driver came to the attention of London Muslim Mosque over a year ago after he moved from Winnipeg as part of his peace bond.

Mosque officials immediately informed the police of his presence and kept the authorities apprised of their engagement efforts…

While he had wrong views about the world, at no time did any officials with the Mosque know or suspect that Aaron was translating those views into any kind of attack. He did not display any outward signs of aggression.

The Mosque knew of his views, and chose not to turn a blind eye to the problem of violent extremism.

We engaged him with the hope of changing his views on Islam and to show him the true, peaceful nature of our religion. We constantly monitored his activities within the Mosque and did our best to keep the authorities engaged with our activities.”


Thank you Wrath of Khan, Del, M., J.H., and all who diligently watched and informed. 

Much more in the comments, as there always is, and some very interesting items.



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  1. 5. Imam at mosque frequented by Strathroy terrorist: “O Allah, help the mujahideen”

    This is why we need to declare war against militant Islam. Over and over again it turns out that the authorities actually knew about the guy, but weren’t able to do anything because he hadn’t committed a crime at the moment. Imagine during WWII if you heard a guy say, “I love the Fuhrer and I’m willing to give my life for the Third Reich!”. You’d arrest him, right? And you’d put him in a POW camp until hostilities ended or hell froze over, whichever came first. You would not simply let him walk away into the night. Right?

    But we catch Muslims doing the same thing and then have to let them go because they haven’t “technically” broken any law. What BS! Anybody found chanting “Allahu Akbar” with a glazed look in their eyes while watching an ISIS video is the enemy, is dangerous to the general public, and must be apprehended at once. I don’t care how much hockey you played as a kid or how blonde your hair is, once the Jihadists have turned you into a zombie the game is over. You’re an enemy soldier. Over and out…

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