Opera star cancels tour due to migrant crime, Turks in Germany hold evangelical like rally for Erdogan: Links 1 on Aug. 12 – 2016

1, Bulgarian Opera Diva Mugged by Culture-Enrichers in Innsbruck

(This is a more important event than a classic migrant crime possibly as it points to the ending of our own culture. Wile I have my own issues with publicly subsidized art forms, it is a micro-issue compared to the issue of millions of aliens who are causing it to become impossible to put on cultural events of our own, while muslims are furiously suing and otherwise making sure that their own events and venues, also publicly subsidized, are sacrosanct.)

A well-known Bulgaria opera singer was attacked and injured during an attempted robbery while she was making appearances in the Austrian city of Innsbruck. Her attackers may have been “refugees”, or they may have been “New Austrian” citizens of long standing. In any case, they were part of the glorious rainbow of diversity that has so enriched Modern Multicultural Austria.

The following report was posted by BNT, the Bulgarian national television service. Many thanks to RR for the translation:

The opera diva Vesselina Katzarova: I am a strong Bulgarian lady and I will cope

By Tzvetelina Katanska

The world-renowned mezzo-soprano was attacked on Tuesday evening by two young men of “Arab appearance” in downtown Innsbruck. The singer cancelled her further appearances at the ongoing festival in the Austrian city, and is recovering at her home in Switzerland.

“I am a strong Bulgarian lady and I will cope. But now I worry about future — where is our world headed to?” comments Katzarova.

The singer was in the Austrian city of Innsbruck taking part in a festival. On Tuesday evening, while returning to her hotel after a rehearsal she was attacked by two young men with Arab features.

“It all happened in the centre of the city. I cannot state if the men were refugees or not, they might have been Austrian citizens as well,” says Katzarova.

The “youngsters” tried to rob her of her handbag after pushing her to the ground. The singer called for help and managed to fight back against the attackers, who escaped precipitously.

[Please read the rest at GoV]

2. Germany is in a great deal of trouble.

This is hard to explain as I don’t fully get it myself yet. Perhaps Oz-Rita and Egri can add comments on it. But it appears to be about a staggering number of Muslm Turks in Germany who are praising Erdogan as if he is the Messiah and the “fundamental transformation” of Germany.

3. Lauren Southern in Germany. Sort of.

4. Police Seek Injunction to BAN UK Nationalist Group From ‘Muslim Area’

(It would appear that the Islamic process of Balkanization in the UK is a mutually agreed upon process)

A British police force is seeking an injunction that would ban a nationalist political party from entering every mosque in the country, as well as the town of Luton, without prior permission.

Bedfordshire Police are trying to take out the three-year injunction against Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, leaders of Britain First, who claim the action could spell the end of the group.

A spokesman of the police force toldHuffington Post UK: “We are continuing to seek a full injunction banning Britain First organisers Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen from entering Luton town centre and Bury Park for three years.”

Chief Superintendent David Boyle said the police force was seeking the ban due to concerns that their presence in these areas could increase the possibility of disorder and anti-social behaviour”.

5. Third graduation by the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo swearing allegiance to allah and doing a Nazi salute from 4:15 on

They are FSA, which means almost certainly US backed. So … cold comfort there.

Thank you Maria J., Wrath of Khan, Richard, M., and all who sent in materials and there is a lot of it. .



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10 Replies to “Opera star cancels tour due to migrant crime, Turks in Germany hold evangelical like rally for Erdogan: Links 1 on Aug. 12 – 2016”

  1. I wonder if any of those hard core rich ‘open border’ liberals, after learning that their opera diva they love was attacked by muslims, will wake up. Not sure if they will. Still plenty of excuse making ready to go.

  2. 2 – I tried to find some videos of some Hitler Rallies that would show the similarity but nothing I found would do justice to the reality of what is happening. I am afraid that we have been doing Erdogan a dis-service, he is much more dangerous that we have been willing to admit. He is the new Caliph and unless the Iranians or Putin has him killed (probably going to be something that is hard to do) he will create a Caliphate that will include more of the Middle East then I want to think about. We have identified the Hitler of WWIII now we need to discover who is Mussolini, Stalin and Tojo. This development makes it even more vital that Trump be elected President, and it also makes it more likely that events in Turkey and Europe will ensure that this happens.

    WWII came just as we were on the crux of several breakthroughs in science that gave us massive new technologies, it looks like WWIII is going to do the same.

    • New Sharia Police Patrol Forming In Hamburg


      Islamic State and “Sharia Police” stickers have been seen on vehicles in Hamburg, and some fear that extremists may try and harass residents. However, police and security services have denied these reports.

      At least one witness has came forward claiming that she has seen Islamic State logos and sharia police slogans on a car in Hamburg. According to the woman, she saw a car at a traffic light populated by three women wearing the Islamic full-face veil, the hood of the car was described as having a large logo on it with a blue border which read: “Sharia Police”.

      Now some fear that the so-called sharia patrols that harassed the residents of Wuppertal in 2014 could be returning to German streets, reports Die Welt.

      (Richard: Add this to your thinking when you start analyzing the Nazi style rally.

    • I’ll bet you’re looking for Nuremberg Rally shots from Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will”. Have you ever wondered if every single one of those blazing-eyed Nazis really believed the company line, or if some of them were screaming inside of their own heads, “This is all bullshit! Let me out of here!”. I mean, talk about groupthink. And the minute somebody sees you looking less than enthusiastic could be the minute your life starts to turn very horrible, so don’t drop the glassy-eyed fanatic look for even a second…

      • Political Correctness to the nth degree. This is why it is thought control, if you are prevented from talking about certain subjects long enough you stop thinking them.

        There were probably a lot less Nazi’s in Germany then the left wants us to think but there were a lot more then most people what to believe. Most but not all of the non Jewish scientists weren’t true believers but ended up joining the honorary SS to save their families and themselves. Just as most people in the ISIS controlled areas probably don’t support ISIS but they are careful not to let ISIS know their true feelings.

        Yes you are right on what I was searching for, when I saw the video I thought that the rally was just like the videos of Hitlers rallies.

  3. 5 – I am not impressed with the level of training they showed, if this is a graduating class they must be taking everyone, giving them a small amount of training and letting combat sort out the incompetent. That is a old and harsh way of creating a useful force but it can work as long as your enemy gives you time to get enough to pass the combat test.

    • This is what Fredrick Ward did when he formed the “Ever Victorious Army” to fight the Taiping rebels for the merchants in Singapore, he was wounded and Charles “Chinese” Gordon was hired to take his place. Gordon took that Army that was by then composed of the best fighting men in the Far East and put down the Taiping rebellion in a matter of months.

      As I said it is a harsh and nasty way of sorting out the competent fighters but it has been used many times through out history.

  4. 2. Germany is in a great deal of trouble.

    I have never for one thousandth of a second thought that there was anything good about Erdogan. Add that to the fact that Obama seems to like him and the profile is complete. He wants to be an Islamic Hitler, obviously. He just finished his “Night of the long knives” and is now in the process of totally dominating his country while giving himself godlike powers – just like Hitler.

    Bear in mind that to a great many people in the Middle East, where Mein Kampf is a perennial bestseller, being like Adolf Hitler is not necessarily a bad thing.

    • I agree that Erdogan is trying to be the Islamic Hitler. He is in the portion of the world where he can do a lot of damage if allowed to grow. There are big differences including the one that Putin is smarter the Stalin and won’t be caught off guard by a surprise attack. The bad news is that two Islamic nations are armed with nuclear weapons and at least one of them will probably end us supporting Erdogan.

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