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  1. SWEDEN – Police Investigating Mass Gang Rape in Hörby, Sweden

    One of the suspects was sentenced last week for threatening a 50 year old care worker with a knife

    Four migrants who claimed to be between 15-17 were arrested and eventually released for suspected crimes said to have taken place on July 22 and July 23 in Hörby, Sweden.

    Four events are being investigated which are classified as aggravated rape, rape, attempted rape and sexual molestation committed towards two girls.

    The suspects were released due to stringent Swedish laws requiring strong evidence to hold perpetrators under 18.
    One of the youths is said to be a “15 year old” from Afghanistan who just last week was sentenced to youth service for threatening to kill a 50 year old woman who works at a HVB home (HVB are residential care homes for young people)

    The man showed a knife and will also break a photograph of her. Among other things, he cut out the eyes, nose and cut the throat of the picture. He also asked when he would be left alone with her and threatened to kill her and two other employees.
    At one point he said he “regretted” that he was not “seized the opportunity” to murder three of the employees. He also said repeatedly that he intends to murder them.

  2. Fears of ‘Sharia Police’ and Islamic State support in German city after wave of refugees (express, Aug 12, 2016)

    “OFFICIALS in the German port of Hamburg are monitoring reports that Muslims posing as ‘Sharia Police’ are carrying out patrols in the city.

    Eyewitnesses reported seeing three people wearing burkas and black gloves driving around Hamburg’s Wandsbek district in a black VW.

    They said a sticker with an Islamic logo and the words Sharia Police was fastened to the car’s bonnet.

    There were also reports of another incident in the Dammtor area of Hamburg where witnesses claim to have seen five to seven masked people sitting in a van.

    Islamic and ISIS symbols were said to be hanging from the vehicles rear-view mirrors.

    The sighting were similar to incidents reported in thew city of Wuppertal near Düsseldorf where a group of people who wore vests with the words ‘Sharia Police’ urged passersby to stop drinking alcohol and refrain from gambling to ensure strict Islamic moral laws were being observed.

    Police and politicians said they were unaware of the latest reports but a local councillor said the authorities needed to keep close eye on the situation to ensure the incidents were not repeated…”

    • FYI, when communists take over a nation they become very straight laced, homosexuals are generally arrested and promiscuity are discouraged. The level of discouragement depends on the nation, it ranges from social disapproval to jail time. It is only in the nations composing the West that the left encourages all forms of behavior that destroy the traditional moral code.

  3. Terrorists could cause ‘chaos’ in British cities due to woefully understaffed police force (express, Aug 13, 2016)

    “UK CITIES outside London have a severe police shortage to deal with a Paris-style terror attack, senior officers have warned.

    A police whistleblower warned that one major force sometimes had less than 10 armed officers waiting in the wings should terrorists strike.

    A police insider said: “Any radical would be mad to attack London. The Met have done a fantastic job of marketing their armed capability.

    “But many of us feel our national armed response and capability would be woefully inadequate and take too long to respond. We’d have carnage.

    “It is fair to say that if a dynamic terror attack took place in some northern cities, the deaths would only be limited by the number of bullets the attackers have.

    “Sometimes at my force we can have fewer than 10 firearms officers on standby to respond to an attack by gunmen.”

    He said the prospect of an attack was “horrifying” and that “many of us now feel that it is time for police to be armed”.

    According to the Mirror, counter-terror troops are placed around the UK with local police forces, but leaves many northern, Midlands and cities vulnerable…”

    • I will agree with the idea of all of the British police being armed, this isn’t the Britian of past generations when the police could be unarmed. This is the modern world where armed terrorists are roaming the streets of all major cities looking for places to commit atrocities.

  4. Muslim schoolchildren should pledge allegiance to the BRITISH flag, says Islamic group (express, Aug 13, 2016)

    “MUSLIM schoolchildren should pledge allegiance to the British flag, according to a persecuted Islamic group.

    A spokesman for the leader of the Ahmadi Muslim faith claimed every Muslim child should publicly commit their loyalty to Britain in schools.

    Khalil Yousuf’s comments come in the wake of the murder of the Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah, a member of the Ahmadi community.

    His attacker, Tanveer Ahmed from Bradford, was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment on Tuesday.

    The remarks were made at an Ahmadi gathering of more than 30,000 people in rural Hampshire which began with prayers followed by a symbolic raising of the Union flag.

    Khalil Yousuf, a spokesman for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, said: “Not only should we raise the flag, but everybody in the Muslim community should have to pledge loyalty to Britain in schools.

    “There is no conflict between being a Muslim and a Briton.”

    He added that the flag raising was “not a symbolic gesture”, but “part of our faith”.

    At Friday prayers, His Holiness Masroor Ahmad, known as the Fifth Caliph of the worldwide Ahmadiyya community, called on Allah to give the community “protection” from those he said had “cruel plans” against them…”

  5. Kyrgyzstan president: ‘Women in mini skirts don’t become suicide bombers’ (BBC, Aug 13, 2016)

    “Women can become radicalised to become terrorists if they put on Islamic dress, the President of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambayev, has claimed in his most recent intervention into a national debate on cultural identity.

    Speaking at a press conference last week, President Atambayev also attacked those in his country, where 80% of the population is Muslim, who are critical of women who wear more revealing outfits.

    His remarks followed several weeks of controversy over government-sponsored hoardings or banners put up in the streets of the capital Bishkek to try to dissuade Kyrgyz women not to wear Islamic clothing, notably the hijab, niqab and burka, ahead of a visit to the country by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in mid-July…”


    This intensely interesting article reminds us again of the Frankfurt School origins. And the psychosexual angle of it all (emphasized by Perfect Child on this site by his unrelenting commentary) is once again reinforced.

    Unfortunately the Hungarian echo to this world-changing development is sounded by Soros and, unfortunately, the Jews will be blamed.

  7. Hacker Publishes List Of Cell Phone Numbers, Private E-Mails For Most House Democrats

    After disappearing for a couple of weeks, the hacker “Guccifer 2.0” returned late this afternoon to provide a new headache for Democrats.

    In a post to his WordPress blog, the vandal–who previously provided nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee e-mails to Wikileaks–uploaded an Excel file that includes the cell phone numbers and private e-mail addresses of nearly every Democratic member of the House of Representatives.

    The Excel file also includes similar contact information for hundreds of congressional staff members (chiefs of staff, press secretaries, legislative directors, schedulers) and campaign personnel.

    In announcing the leak of the document, “Guccifer 2.0” reported that the spreadsheet was stolen during a hack of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “As you see I wasn’t wasting my time! It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach,” the hacker wrote.

    Along with the Excel file, “Guccifer 2.0” also uploaded documents that included the account names and passwords for an assortment of subscription services

  8. How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen
    Those in power see people at the bottom as aliens whose bizarre emotions they must try to manage

    This is about distance, and detachment, and a kind of historic decoupling between the top and the bottom in the West that did not, in more moderate recent times, exist.

    Recently I spoke with an acquaintance of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and the conversation quickly turned, as conversations about Ms. Merkel now always do, to her decisions on immigration. Last summer when Europe was engulfed with increasing waves of migrants and refugees from Muslim countries, Ms. Merkel, moving unilaterally, announced that Germany would take in an astounding 800,000. Naturally this was taken as an invitation, and more than a million came. The result has been widespread public furor over crime, cultural dissimilation and fears of terrorism. From such a sturdy, grounded character as Ms. Merkel the decision was puzzling—uncharacteristically romantic about people, how they live their lives, and history itself, which is more charnel house than settlement house.

    Ms. Merkel’s acquaintance sighed and agreed. It’s one thing to be overwhelmed by an unexpected force, quite another to invite your invaders in! But, the acquaintance said, he believed the chancellor was operating in pursuit of ideals. As the daughter of a Lutheran minister, someone who grew up in East Germany, Ms. Merkel would have natural sympathy for those who feel marginalized and displaced. Moreover she is attempting to provide a kind of counter-statement, in the 21st century, to Germany’s great sin of the 20th. The historical stain of Nazism, the murder and abuse of the minority, will be followed by the moral triumph of open arms toward the dispossessed. That’s what’s driving it, said the acquaintance.

  9. Amid tensions, Russia deploys advanced surface-to-air missile system to Crimea

    Russia has deployed an advanced S-400 surface-to-air missile battery to the Crimean Peninsula amid escalating tensions there, according to Russian news reports. The missile system, once operational, would be able to target aircraft deep into Ukrainian airspace.

    The deployment of the road-mobile missile system has been planned at least since July, but its arrival in Crimea coincides with a flurry of military activity and rhetoric following claims from the Kremlin that two Russians were killed on the Crimean-Ukrainian border last week.

    The S-400 can hit targets well over 150 miles from its launch site when paired with the appropriate radar array and is billed as one of Russia’s most advanced surface-to-air defense systems. The Crimean Peninsula is currently home to the older S-300 Russian surface-to-air missiles that will probably be replaced by the arrival of the newer S-400s.

  10. Merkel to urge chiefs of big companies to hire refugees, Bild reports

    BERLIN (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited executives from some of Germany’s biggest listed companies to attend a summit next month where she will urge them to hire more refugees, the newspaper Bild reported on Saturday.

    More than one million migrants flooded into Germany last year, and the government wants to get as many as possible into the job market, which would reduce their dependence on the state and compensate for labor shortages as the workforce ages.

    Merkel will push reluctant German companies to offer more traineeships and position to refugees, Bild reported. Large companies have been criticized for doing little to help integrate the refugees into the thriving job market.

    Companies say most of the new arrivals lack the German language skills and the education required for a job.

    Engineering giant Siemens , chemicals group Evonik , carmakers Opel and VW and utility RWE will share with Merkel the results of pilot projects with refugees, Bild said.

    Merkel’s office declined to confirm Bild’s report, which said the meeting at the chancellery will take place Sept. 14.–business.html

  11. August 11, 2016
    Stunning revelation: Wikileaks hack shows that Soros called the shots on US policy toward Albania
    By Thomas Lifson

    Who was in charge of U.S. foreign policy when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state? That is a legitimate question to consider in light of the most stunning revelation yet mined from the Wikileaks hack. George Soros is suggesting an intervention in domestic Albanian politics, and getting his way!

    Kyle Olsen of the American Mirror spotted the incriminating email chain, which begins:

    “Dear Hillary,

    “A serious situation has arisen in Albania which needs urgent attention at senior levels of the US government. You may know that an opposition demonstration in Tirana on Friday resulted in the deaths of three people and the destruction of property.

    “There are serious concerns about further unrest connected to a counter-demonstration to be organized by the governing party on Wednesday and a follow-up event by the opposition two days later to memorialize the victims.

    “The prospect of tens of thousands of people entering the streets in an already inflamed political environment bodes ill for the return of public order and the country’s fragile democratic process.”

    Soros then calls for (see full text here) the “international community” (ahem) to intervene and pressure the Albanian government to “forestall further demonstrations” and “tone down public pronouncements.” He even offers a list of three candidates to go to Albania and act as mediator.

    Soros “asks” (or is it “instructs”?), and guess what happened?

    Just three days after Clinton received the e-mail from Soros the EU ended up sending Soros’ suggested nominee Lajcak to mediate the civil unrest, the BBC reported.

    Let us be clear here: Soros got the U.S. and other accomplices to intervene in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Soros has long been accused of being a puppet master orchestrating world politics and markets for his own benefit. I am not certain if this is the first documented instance of his ordering an action and it being implemented by major powers, but even if there is precedent, how is this not huge news?

  12. Anti-Americanism surges in Turkey after coup

    Istanbul (AFP) – The charge list against the United States within Turkey over last month’s failed coup is long and, for some, damning.

    The government says the United States is hosting the mastermind of the plot to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while voices in the media and wider society suggest Washington wanted the putsch to succeed and even end with the Turkish strongman dead.

    With people of all political stripes seeing an American hand in the July 15 putsch, anti-American sentiment has reached levels rarely seen before.

    The authorities have whipped up popular anger over the hosting by the United States of Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara blames for the coup, and its failure so far to extradite him to face trial back home.

    And Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag has warned it is up to Washington to extradite Gulen to prevent “anti-US feeling” turning into “hate”.

    Yet analysts warn that exploiting such anti-American sentiment is a risky ploy for the government, given that Washington remains Turkey’s key Western ally and a pillar of its foreign policy strategy.

  13. Venezuelans feel less safe at home than Syrians


    Venezuelans feel less safe in their home country than civilians living in war-torn Syria, according to a new Gallup poll.

    Just 14 percent of Venezuelans said they feel safe in the country, compared with 32 percent of Syrian respondents who feel safe, according to the 2016 Global Law and Order Report.
    In this Wednesday, April 15, 2015 photo, bullet holes can be seen on the main gate of a house at a Petare shantytown in Caracas, Venezuela. But as crime spread, people began adopting informal curfews, going inside and locking up their doors by 7:30 p.m. To stay out later was to be exposed. Fernando Llano AP

    “Venezuela has become a society that is just breaking down,” said Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Washington-based Council of the Americas.

    Read more here:

  14. Turkey criticizes U.N. rights boss for comments on failed coup

    ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey on Saturday criticized a top U.N. human rights official for saying Ankara should stem its “thirst for revenge” after a failed coup attempt and denied people’s rights were being violated in a purge of officials and professional ranks.

    U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein called on Ankara this week to uphold the rights of detainees held since the July 15-16 abortive putsch.

    Authorities have suspended, detained or begun investigating tens of thousands of soldiers, police, judges, journalists and civil servants.

    Turkish foreign ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic, in a statement, said Zeid’s comments were unacceptable.

    “It is at best an unfortunate statement for a UN official tasked with guarding human rights to say ‘he has no sympathy’ for coup plotters instead of condemning these terrorists who have attempted a bloody coup,” Bilgic said.

  15. Turkish PM says Ankara sees no compromise with the U.S. over Gulen extradition

    ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey’s prime minister said on Saturday that Ankara could not compromise with the United States over its request for the extradition of Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen which it blames for orchestrating last month’s attempted coup.

    Prime Minister Binali Yildirim made his comments to a group of Turkish journalists who quoted him as saying that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden would visit Turkey on August 24.

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry would also visit Turkey some time in October, he said.

    “The main element improving our relations with the U.S. is the extradition of Gulen, where there is no room for negotiation,” Yildirim was quoted as saying by CNN Turk’s general manager who was among journalists attending the briefing from Yildirim.

    “Whether or not the anti-Americanism in Turkey will continue is also dependant on this,” Yildirim said.

    Turkey has been angered by what it sees as lukewarm condemnation by its Western allies of the abortive July 15-16 putsch against President Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish government, and Western criticism of a subsequent purge of military, judiciary and civil servants.

    • He will take the stance that Sharia takes precedent over the US law and a bunch of o ur nuts will not see the danger in giving in to him.

    • Turkey Submitting Request to US for Gulen’s Arrest (abcnews, Aug 13, 2016)

      “Turkish authorities have prepared an official request for the temporary arrest of United States-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen over his alleged involvement in the coup attempt on July 15, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency said Saturday.

      The request by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s office claims it has determined the coup was staged upon orders by Gulen and requests that he be arrested prior to the submission of a formal extradition request.

      The request has been submitted to Turkey’s Justice Ministry for it to be relayed to U.S. authorities, Anadolu said…”

  16. ‘Gender Unicorn’ brought to NC schools by Soros-funded groups

    Is this the most transparent bait-and-switch ever? You decide.

    We begin with a purple “gender unicorn,” which has been around for several years now. The Gender Unicorn is a design of the Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER) activist group. And its purpose, as a training tool, is to frame any discussion about transgenderism to ensure that the trans activist community’s definitions and orthodoxies prevail.

    The Gender Unicorn popped up last year at crowd-favorite U. Mizzou, home of unseemly activism. A ukase was issued to the faculty, directing that it police members for offensive language that could be non-inclusive or microaggressive. And at a workplace-diversity seminar to help the faculty and staff understand what’s microaggressive about saying things like “Where are you from?”, the Gender Unicorn was used to convey a “transgender advocacy message” to the attendees.

    Some people might kind of blow that off as a waste of big people’s time. After all, the Gender Unicorn kind of looks like Barney the purple dinosaur, and seems tailor-made for children. But shame on you for thinking that the Gender Unicorn is to be used for children. The whole model may be designed to appeal to a grade 5 level of thinking, but where it’s being used – as in the seminar at Mizzou – is for training teachers and administrators.

  17. Muslims disrupt CA church service by screaming ‘Allahu akbar!’ through bullhorn

    Look at the bright side: No throats were cut and no one was shot, as happens all too often when that sentiment in Arabic is loudly proclaimed.

    The chant, bellowed through a bullhorn by a passenger in a passing car, did disrupt the service at St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, Calif., according to Fox News. Parishioners felt threatened by what many described as the menacing manner in which the message was delivered, prompting Father Josiah Trenham to send out an email urging calm:

    [K]eep a special vigilance over the property and our children while we are at church. Pray that these provocative young men might repent of their intimidation and be saved.

    Ryan Mauro, a professor of homeland security at Liberty University and national security analyst for the Clarion Project, told Fox that this type of intrusion is part of a growing trend, adding:

    Many churches are now hiring self-defense instructors for classes or security guards that include off-duty police. If you are an Islamist terrorist seeking self-glory, executing a priest will bring you more attention than executing an average civilian.

    • By next year this will have been ratcheted up several levels, and will have spread all across the nation.

      The left is getting one of its dreams, the US is becoming more like Europe

  18. Why Hillary Clinton’s latest lie is more troubling than her whoppers

    Hillary Clinton has told some doozies in her time. Some of her bigger lies — those surrounding what she as secretary of state initially claimed to be the root cause of the attack on the consulate in Benghazi and her private email server — need no introduction.

    Besides, they are different both quantitatively and qualitatively from her most recent prevarication. Which is what makes it so troubling.

    The lie was told on Tuesday, during a press avail on the Zika virus, which Clinton claimed she first heard about from her daughter, Chelsea, who had been “following the data.”

    That part may well be true. What wasn’t was her claim that Chelsea holds a PhD in public health.

    • Chelsea has a Masters in public health but this isn’t good enough for Hillary, she is a compulsive liar who will lie when the truth would serve her better. This is the woman the left in apparently irrational never Trump people are working to put into the White House.

  19. This is a must read article, it explains why things are happening and by implication why Hillary can’t be allowed to become President.

    The real reason Russia’s moving advanced S-400 air defense missile system to Crimea

    Russian media report, as cited by the Washington Post, that the advanced S-400 air defense system has been deployed to the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia has occupied since 2014.

    WaPo naturally links this development with recent menacing moves by Russia, including the accusation that “Ukrainian saboteurs,” arrested by the Russians, were operating in the Russian-held area a week ago. Ukraine interprets this as the prelude to a military action by Russia, and has put Ukrainian troops on high alert, deploying additional units to the line of confrontation with Russia in eastern Ukraine.

    WaPo observes that the extended intercept range of the S-400 allows Russia to hold aircraft at risk deep in Ukrainian territory.

    But ultimately, such factors serve as an excuse to deploy the S-400 — not as the primary, militarily justified reason. Ukraine doesn’t have anything Russia needs the S-400 to counter. The tense situation between Russia and Ukraine is a nice pretext for Moscow to deploy the S-400 for Putin’s real purpose: to harden his posture against NATO.

    As always, consult the map. Moving S-400 batteries to the Crimean Peninsula enables Russia to hold at risk the entire central Black Sea, including portions of Romanian and Turkish air space.

    Richard: Be sure and click through and read the whole article, the world is coming to the point where we either pull back or do a massive crash rebuild of all of the western military establishments. Things are building to the point where one side or the other has to blink or the active phase of WWIII starts, and starts big time.

  20. Egypt Christians Stage Rare Cairo Protest, Demanding Rights (abcnews, Aug 13, 2016)

    “Egyptian Christians have staged a rare protest in downtown Cairo to demand the government uphold their rights, saying they are being treated as second-class citizens in the Muslim-majority country.

    Standing on the steps of a courthouse Saturday, some three dozen demonstrators braved Egypt’s draconian protest ban to hold signs aloft, calling for their legal rights to be upheld in disputes between Muslims and Christians.

    Christians make up some ten percent of Egypt’s 91 million people. They sided overwhelmingly with Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi when he overthrew an Islamist president in 2013, paving his way to the presidency. But some have recently voiced concerns that their lot has not improved under the former general, despite his promises.”

  21. Not in my courtroom – judge throws out case after woman refuses to remove headscarf (express, Aug 13, 2016)

    “A JUDGE has refused to hear a case because one of the participants refused to take off her hijab in court.

    Rania El-Alloul was attending a hearing trying to recover a car seized by police when her 21-year-old son was caught behind the wheel with a suspended driving licence.

    Judge Eliana Marengo asked her to remove her headscarf before the proceedings got under way but she refused.

    The judge told her: “The courtroom is a secular place and you are not suitably dressed.”

    She continued: “Hats and sunglasses, for example, are not allowed and I don’t see why scarves on the head would be either.

    “The same rules need to be applied to everyone. I will therefore not hear you if you are wearing a scarf on your head, just as I would not allow a person to appear before me wearing a hat or sunglasses on his or her head, or any other garment not suitable for a court proceeding.”

    The mother-of-three refused to take off the scarf and the hearing in Montreal, Canada, was adjourned…”

  22. Police arrest terror suspect who planned to blow up the Leaning Tower of Pisa (express, Aug 13, 2016)

    “POLICE have foiled an ISIS terror plot to blow up the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, according to reports.

    The suspect, identified as ISIS supporter Bilel Chiahoui, was arrested in a woodland between the northern cities of Pisa and Livorno after an eight-hour-long search involving more than 100 officers.

    A frantic search for the Tunisian national was launched after he published a string of incriminating Facebook posts hinting in Arabic of his plans to bomb the tourist landmark and predicting his own death at the historic site.

    His Facebook page also contained numerous photographs of him in Pisa.

    Officers have now stepped up security at the iconic monument which draws more than six million visitors every year and at other tourist hotspots across Italy.

    A court has ordered Chiahoui’s expulsion after hearing there was “evidence the Tunisian sympathized with extremism and ISIS”.

    The 26-year-old was accused of publishing texts praising ISIS and writing posts on social networks praising the terrorist organisation…”

      • Nice court upholds burkinis ban, but appeal planned (BBC, Aug 13, 2016)

        “A French court in Nice has upheld the ban on burkinis imposed by the mayor of Cannes.

        The court said the ruling was legal but many religious groups were outraged.

        The Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) said it would appeal against the decision in France’s highest administrative court.

        Authorities in Cannes and nearby villages voted to ban full-body swimsuits or burkinis from the end of July.

        The court said the ban was legal under a law which prohibits people neglecting common rules on “relations between public authorities and private individuals” on the basis of religion.

        The judge noted the ban came “in the context of the state of emergency and recent Islamist attacks, notably in Nice a month ago”.

        But CCIF lawyer Sefen Guez Guez, said he would lodge an appeal with the Council of State, the highest administrative body in France.

        “This decision opens the door to a ban on all religious symbols in the public space,” he added.

        France is on high alert following a series of incidents including July’s truck attack in nearby Nice.

        Anyone caught breaking the new rule could face a fine of €38 (£33). They will first be asked to change into another swimming costume or leave the beach…”

  23. Attack on Swiss train on Saturday

    A 27-year-old Swiss man attacked several passengers on a train in canton St. Gallen on Saturday evening, the Swiss News Agency has reported. He reportedly used a knife and set a flammable liquid on fire, injuring at least one of the passengers severely. The attack occurred shortly before the Salez station on the route between Buchs and Sennwald, the police reported.
    BBC -A knifeman has set fire to a train in eastern Switzerland, leaving six people in hospital with stab wounds and burns, police say.

    The suspected attacker, described as a Swiss man aged 27, was also taken to hospital after the incident near Salez in St Gallen Canton.

    Man attacks Swiss train passengers with fire, knife, injures 7: police

    A man set a train carriage in Switzerland on fire using a flammable liquid and also stabbed passengers

    Geneva: A man set a train carriage in Switzerland on fire using a flammable liquid and also stabbed passengers Saturday, injuring seven people, including a six-year-old child, police said.
    The man, a 27-year-old Swiss citizen, carried out the attack on a train travelling in Switzerland’s far east, along its border with Liechtenstein, and was also injured, regional police in St Gallen said in a statement.

    gulfnews( dot ) com/news/europe/switzerland/man-attacks-swiss-train-passengers-with-fire-knife-injures-7-police-1.1878573

    DAILY MAIL Man injures seven Swiss train passengers including a six-year-old child when he sets carriage on fire and goes on a knife rampage

    Swiss police confirm seven people have been injured after attack on train
    A man reportedly assaulted passengers with ‘fire and a knife’
    Officers confirmed the 27-year-old offender stabbed a child, six
    Swiss Interior Minister ‘holding emergency meeting’ over incident

    Seven people have been injured after a man attacked passengers on a train in Switzerland with ‘fire and a knife’.

    Swiss police have confirmed the train has been sealed off an it is understood the county’s interior minister is holding an emergency meeting over the incident.

    The man set the train carriage on fire using a flammable liquid and also stabbed passengers, including a six-year-old child, police said.

    The offender, a 27-year-old Swiss citizen, carried out the attack on a train travelling in Switzerland’s far east, along its border with Liechtenstein, and was also injured, regional police in St Gallen said in a statement.

    It is the latest in a series of similar attacks in Europe over the past month, including a 17-year-old injuring five people with an axe and knife on a train in Wuerzburg, Germany, in July.

    www( dot )dailymail( dot )

    • Mann greift Zugpassagiere an – 7 Verletzte

      Ein Schweizer hat mehrere Zugpassagiere angegriffen und teils schwerst verletzt. Der Mann hatte ein Messer und setzte eine brennbare Flüssigkeit in Brand.

      Auf der Zugstrecke zwischen Buchs und Sennwald ist es um etwa 14.20 Uhr kurz vor dem Bahnhof Salez zu einem Zwischenfall gekommen. Gemäss jetzigen Informationen hat ein 27-jähriger Schweizer eine brennbare Flüssigkeit ausgeschüttet. Er war mit mindestens einem Messer bewaffnet. Die Flüssigkeit geriet in Brand. Dadurch, sowie durch Messerstiche wurden sieben Personen im Zug teils schwerst verletzt.

      Die sieben Personen mussten mit unbestimmten Brand- und Stichverletzungen in verschiedene Spitäler eingeliefert werden. Sie wurden teils schwerst verletzt. «Unter den Verletzten befindet sich mindestens ein Kind», sagte Bruno Metzger, Sprecher der St. Galler Kantonspolizei, zum «St. Galler Tagblatt»

      Grossaufgebot der Sicherheitskräfte

      Wie die Kantonspolizei mitteilt, handle es sich bei den Verletzten nebst dem 27-jährigen mutmasslichen Täter um einen 17- und einen 50- jährigen Mann, sowie um drei Frauen im Alter von 17, 34 und 43 Jahren und um ein 6-jähriges Kind.

      Nebst einem Grossaufgebot der Kantonspolizei St.Gallen standen die Feuerwehr, drei Rettungshelikopter, zwei Notärzte, drei Rettungswagen sowie Sachverständige der Bahnbetriebe im Einsatz.–ndash–7-Verletzte-21309055

    • Schweiz: Mann zündet Frau in Zug an – 7 Verletzte

      Ein 27- jähriger Schweizer hat in einem Zug im Kanton St. Gallen eine Frau mit brennbarer Flüssigkeit übergossen und in Brand gesteckt. Zudem attackierte er offenbar auch andere Fahrgäste mit einem Messer. Insgesamt waren sieben Verletzte zu beklagen.

      Die Attacke ereignete sich nach Polizeiangaben kurz vor dem Bahnhof Salez auf der Strecke zwischen Buchs und Sennwald.

      Bei den Verletzten handelt es sich laut dem Schweizer “Blick” nebst dem Täter auch um einen 17- und einen 50- jährigen Mann, sowie um drei Frauen im Alter von 17, 34 und 43 Jahren. Ein 6- jähriges Kind wurde ebenfalls verletzt.
      Messerattacke in Würzburg[…]
      Mann greift Zugpassagiere mit Messer und Feuer an – sieben Personen verletzt

      Ein 27-jähriger Schweizer hat offenbar in einem Zug im Kanton St. Gallen mehrere Zugpassagiere angegriffen und zum Teil schwerst verletzt.

      Der Mann setzte dabei ein Messer ein und setzte im fahrenden Zug eine brennbare Flüssigkeit in Brand. Unter den Verletzten war auch ein 6-jähriges Kind.

      Verletzt wurden auch drei Frauen im Alter von 17, 34 und 43 Jahren, wie die Kantonspolizei St. Gallen am frühen Samstagabend mitteilte. Unter den Verletzten waren ferner ein 17-Jähriger und ein 50-jähriger Mann sowie zuletzt der mutmassliche Täter selbst. Im Zug sassen zum Zeitpunkt der Gewalttat mehrere dutzend Fahrgäste.

      Gemäss Polizeiangaben ereignete sich die Attacke am Nachmittag gegen 14.20 Uhr kurz vor dem Bahnhof Salez auf der Strecke zwischen Buchs und Sennwald.

      Der mutmassliche Täter war gemäss Polizeiangaben “mit mindestens einem Messer bewaffnet”. Er habe im Zug “eine brennbare Flüssigkeit ausgeschüttet”. Diese Flüssigkeit sei dann in Brand geraten. Angaben zum Motiv für die Gewalttat, machte die Polizei keine.

      Nach dem Brand im Zug und dem “Ereignis” eilten zahlreiche Rettungskräfte zum Bahnhof Salez: drei Rettungshelikopter, zwei Notärzte, drei Rettungswagen, Feuerwehren, ein Grossaufgebot der Kantonspolizei sowie Sachverständige der Bahnbetriebe hätten im Einsatz gestanden, erklärte die Polizei.

  24. Sweden: Summer Inferno of Sexual Assaults

    n the wake of the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne, Germany, news broke in Sweden that a large number of sexual assaults against girls and women had occurred at the music festival “We Are Sthlm” [short for Stockholm] in both 2014 and 2015, but had been covered up by both the police and the media. The National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, immediately launched an investigation to find out the scope of the problem.

    The results were presented in May, in a report, “The current situation regarding sexual assault and proposals for action” — and the conclusions are frightening. Almost all the perpetrators who attacked in groups and who have been apprehended, are citizens of Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia — three of the four largest immigrant groups in Sweden who fall into the category of “unaccompanied refugee children.”

  25. Secret File Confirms Trump Claim: Obama, Hillary ‘Founded ISIS’ to Oust Assad (sputniknews, Aug 13, 2016)

    “The Obama Administration’s policy of supporting Salafist opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad saw the United States unwittingly support the creation of the Daesh ‘caliphate’ in Syria.

    A 2012 defense intelligence report, originally stamped SECRET exposes that the US-backed anti-Assad coalition at the time was spearheaded by al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) that soon after cobbled together to form the Daesh terror network.

    The report exposes that while the United States refused to directly aide and support AQI and ISI pursuant to restrictions imposed by domestic anti-terror laws, State Department and Pentagon officials were well aware that the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels were intertwined with the terrorist militants who were the vanguard of the fighting force. Somewhat fantastically, the United States finds itself in a similar predicament in its anti-Assad proxy war vis-à-vis another former al-Qaeda affiliate, al-Nusra Front.

    “AQI, through the spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), Abu Muhammad al-Adnani… is calling on the Sunnis in Iraq, especially the tribes in the border regions (between Iraq and Syria), to wage war against the Syrian regime,” said the report.

    It continued: “Opposition forces are trying to control the eastern areas (Hasaka and Der Zor) adjacent to the Western Iraqi provinces (Mosul and Anbar), in addition to neighboring Turkish borders. Western countries, the Gulf States and Turkey are supporting these efforts.”

    “There is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria (Hasak and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want,” in what can only conceivably be construed as a call for the formation of a Daesh “caliphate” in Syria.

    In December 2012, only months after the defense intelligence report, President Obama caved to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the more hawkish wing of the national security establishment saying the United States considered the opposition to be “the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”

    Again, the opposition that the Obama administration deemed to be the “legitimate representative of the Syrian people” was led by the precursors to the Daesh terror network, AQI and ISI, with Washington employing a policy of feigned ignorance agreeing to provide arms, aid, and support to other factions of the opposition knowing that these groups would potentially function as a conduit.

    Indications are that the Obama administration failed to appropriately apprehend the danger posed by the Daesh terror network with the President calling the group al-Qaeda’s “JV Team” and with his own former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn’s assessment predicting in intricate detail the rise and reach of the jihadist group going largely ignored.

    The US policy of utilizing jihadist extremists in proxy wars carries with it a haunting track record dating back to the CIA support, during the Reagan administration, of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan that spawned off the now deceased terror mastermind Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaeda terror network.”

  26. Saudi cleric Al Mohaisni commands Aleppo rebels (gulfnews, Aug 13, 2016)

    “Beirut: The man behind the recent rebel advances in the Syrian north, which took both government troops and Moscow completely by surprise, is a controversial Saudi cleric named Abdullah Al Mohaisni, who came to Syria to join the fight alongside jihadi rebels in 2013.

    The fact that he is non-Syrian is upsetting for many seculars in the Syrian Opposition, and so are his links to Al Qaida. Given his impressive powerbase within the Syrian rebel community, many have started supporting him regardless, seeing him as an inspiring Salafist leader, much needed in the battlefield.

    Originally from the Al Qassim region of Saudi Arabia, in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, Al Mohaisni completed his PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence at the Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, with a dissertation about Prisoners of War in Islam. He was a student of Sulaiman Al Alwan, a key Saudi ideologue in Al Qaida who had mentored one of the 9/11 hijackers. Al Mohaisni has defended and spoken fondly of Al Qaida’s Egyptian emir, Ayman Al Zawahiri, and of the terror groups’ founder, Osama Bin Laden.

    Abdullah Al Mohaisni rose to fame in mid-2015, launching a recruiting campaign among Syrians called, “Take Up Arms, Don’t Stand Still.” He also runs the Jihad’s Callers Centre, popularising the call “Jahed Bi Malak” (Wage Jihad With Your Money).

    When preparing to overrun Idlib in northwestern Syria, Al Mohaisni called for $5 million (Dh18.37 million) for his men, and claimed to have secured it from his network in the global jihadi community.

    An inflammatory speaker who lashes out against the Syrian regime, Hezbollah, and Vladimir Putin, Al Mohaisni won the minds of many, becoming an overnight rebel icon in the Syrian north. His online videos were shot with HD cameras, are well choreographed, and include English subtitles. He currently stands as a ranking battlefield commander, no different from Abu Mohammad Al Golani, Abu Omar Al Shishani, and the self-proclaimed emir of Daesh, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

    In addition to his battlefield duties, he still serves as Grand Judge of Jaish Al Fatah, the military group that ran the city of Idlib in mid-2015.

    It was and remains strongly allied with Jabhat Al Nusra, the Al Qaida branch in Syria that recently renamed itself “Jabhet Fatah Al Sham” and parted ways — on paper — from Osama Bin Laden’s mother organisation. He also played a crucial role in the overrunning of Jisr Al Shughour, a city in the Idlib governorate, in 2015.”

  27. Pentagon Report Backs Trump Obama-ISIS Charge

    Predicted current policies would lead to Islamic state in Syria

    (WND) – Donald Trump’s declaration this week at a campaign rally that President Obama and Hillary Clinton “founded” ISIS drew outrage from establishment media, and the Republican nominee now insists he was being sarcastic, but a Defense Intelligence Agency document declassified last year shows the Obama administration was warned in 2012 that if it continued its policies, a radical Islamic regime could form in Eastern Syria.

    Writing in Chronicles magazine, Jim Jatras, a former U.S. diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership, cited a DIA report in August 2012 that was declassified and released last year under a Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch.

    Hillary Clinton was secretary of state at the time under President Obama.

    The report said “there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria, and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”

    The “supporting powers” are identified as “the West, Gulf countries, and Turkey.”

    Jatras, as Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch blog reported, summarized the report saying that if the U.S. and its proxies kept aiding al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and other “rebel” groups fighting the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, a jihadist state would arise in the country.

    Several months later, ISIS declared itself a state straddling the Syria-Iraq border.

  28. Imam Shot Dead Near Mosque in Queens, NY (abcnews, Aug 13, 2016)

    “Two men, including an imam, were gunned down and killed today near a mosque in New York City, police said.

    A lone gunman shot both men in the head, police said, but nothing so far indicates that the men were targeted because of their faith.

    The suspect is still at large, police said, and no motive was given.

    Police identified the 55-year-old imam as Maulama Akonjee. The other victim has been identified as Tharam Uddin, 64, of Queens, N.Y.

    The shooting took place on a very busy street about a block from the al-Furqan Masjid Mosque in the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens, N.Y.

    Witnesses say a male with a medium complexion and polo style shorts and shirt was seen fleeing the scene of the shooting with a gun in hand, according to police.

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press secretary said the mayor is “closely monitoring the NYPD investigation of this tragedy.”

    “We have a senior liaison with the Muslim community on-site to ensure mosque congregants and the neighborhood receive all the support and information they need during this difficult time. While it is too early to tell what led to these murders, it is certain that the NYPD will stop at nothing to ensure justice is served,” Press Secretary Eric Phillips said…”

  29. Germany’s AfD leader wants failed asylum seekers housed on islands (BBC, Aug 13, 2016)

    “The leader of Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party has called for failed asylum seekers to be housed on islands outside Europe.

    Frauke Petry also told Germany’s Bild newspaper that the country’s refugee office should be turned into an emigration bureau.

    German media believe she meant the Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus, used by Australia for asylum camps.

    Her controversial new party has grown during Germany’s migrant crisis.

    Its Eurosceptic, anti-migrant message has propelled it to third place in opinion polls, behind the two parties in the governing coalition.

    “Illegal migrants and asylum seekers whose applications are rejected will be accommodated on the two islands outside Europe that are protected by the United Nations,” Ms Petry said, without naming the islands…”

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