Bring back El Cid and St. George

“Wars happen, not because people are different. Wars happen because different peoples are forced to mix” -Geopolitical axiom

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13 Replies to “Bring back El Cid and St. George”

  1. If the government wasn’t working hard to protect the Moslems and promote Islam the ordinary working Brits would drive the invaders back into the sea.

    Brits wake up and change your government, quickly

  2. Such civilized talk about the destruction of civilisation between honest men. It should have been over tea and crumpets. Will the negotiations over western countrys’ submission to Islam also be over tea and crumpets with western men seemingly brainwashed and feminized? (I hear mens’ makeup sales are really taking off!) If not, when and where does it go kinetic? I suppose we have only to look to a demographic map of muslim population densities, if a reliable one exists.

    Real men, with love in their hearts, don’t submit. They don’t know how.

  3. Do Brits today have any pride in their country and its history? Do they even learn its history? Do they find no organic connection to the people of the past, their own ancestors? Does it not trouble them that they are betraying their country’s past and its future?

    • Some do look at the EDL and other groups but most are still stuck in the believe what the LSM tells them and obey all orders from the government mode.

    • Keep you musket clean, your powder dry and make sure you have a clear line of retreat/escape route/evacuation route.

      In case you don’t know enough US history to realize this the locations out west that Obama is locating so many “refugees” are close to the places that were popular with survivalist in the 70s and 80s. Looks like he is trying to insure they don’t have a safe location to run to.

    • Can you see a hoodie-wearing Black Lives Matter thug feeling anything but affection toward our hoodie-wearing Arab thug? Can you imagine him not admiring the way the Muslim is really sticking it to that white MF?

      The leftist/Muslim Axis is trying to implement “Helter Skelter”. It’s obvious. They’re trying to start a worldwide race war that will kill hundreds of millions of people and bring entire civilizations to their knees. What the leftists don’t understand is that the day after their precious revolution will be the day that they are taken out and shot by their Muslim friends. So sorry…

      This is all so f^&*ing dumb and unnecessary.

      • Even if the left wins and kills the Moslems large numbers of leftist will be shot but their leaders. Most of their leaders are smart enough to know that a nation run by strict Marxist principles will fail. Look at Venezuela Thus to maintain a nation to be dictator of you have to either have someone who keeps sending you the funds to live on and feed your people on Think Cuba or you have to modify how you run the country Think Nam. Using choice 1 leaves you with absolute chaos, choice number 2 means your shock troops will be pissed and rebel and you know they know how to bring down a government. The way out is to arrest and execute most of you shock troop revolutionaries. 1st rule of successful leftist revolutions is once the revolution is won shoot the revolutionaries.

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