UPDATE: Guest speaker at Finnish Counter-Jihad event puts it all out there

H/T Sassy

Thanks to help from the worthy Finnish blog, Tundra Tabloids, I have the answers on this speech and event.

The speaker is not a Finn. Neither member of parliament or otherwise. He is, by the accent, likely French. But the event did take place in Helsinki Finland around the end of July at the conclusion of Ramadan.

There was a massive counter demo by the totalitarian ANTIFA who did what they could to silence all dissent from the communist program.

The event took place in front of a new building in Helsinki across from the government complex.

There were other speakers at the event. Below is one of them.


The man is a former French official: Michel Paulat, ITIS2 – in English, Helsinki 05.08.2016 So, fifth of August. 

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  1. He is speaking truth to power, note the way he kept stressing that one day the Europeans will wake up and drive the Moslems into the sea. This is what I expect to happen, it will start slow and then build into a major movement, unfortunately it will happen one nation at a time.

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