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8 Replies to “Amateur analysis of US backing of The Islamic State”

  1. Consider also: Nat’lRvw: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Debacle: Arming Jihadists in Libya . . . and Syria

    THE SEVERITY OF HILLARY’S EMAIL BREACH IN ONE VIDEO Watch Jason Chaffetz directing questions about Hillary’s e-mails to Mr. McCullough, ODNI OIG. McCullough is unable to provide the evidence requested because an unidentified agency restricts (even secured format versions) from Congress! “ORCon”=originator controlled – wont reveal which agency bars this exchange.

    Reuters: U.S. military communications satellite fails to reach intended orbit

    ” …A propulsion system problem has left a U.S. military communications satellite short of its intended orbit, leaving a key communications network over the Middle East, Africa and Asia without a spare, officials said on Tuesday.

    —–A wee bit coincidental to the above links, doncha think? Tell me this doesn’t wreak of sabotage…just how culturally enriched is our military supply chain?

    Also, ever wonder why there is little to no news about the situation at the US airbase in Turkey at Incirlik?
    Think about the non-reaction this administration, along with SoS Hillary Clinton took when they sat on their thumbs during Benghazi and Egypt crises – so as to not inflict damage upon their reelection goals in 2012.
    Together they demonstrated their ability to forgo any political accountability for their incompetence/complicity in those events.
    Bet Erdogan is banking on similar non-response from the current US administration in response to his aggressions against US/NATO interests as yet again, here in the US were are in the late weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election cycle. Hillary WILL BE coronated if these treasonous weasels have their way.

    • I am very worried about the 1400 people we have in harms way in Turkey, and I am worried about the 50 nukes that are setting there. The problem for Hillary and Obama is that if/when Erdogan makes his move towards the base they won’t be able to keep that under wraps until after the election. Both of them are sweating bullets because they have no control over Erdogan.

  2. I found most of what this video claims to be true. What has fallen down the memory hole is the events leading up to the Iraq war.
    A majority of people forget that after Iraq’s unsuccessful invasion of Kuwait the UN placed sanctions on Iraq. And of course, the US was tasked for the most part with enforcing those sanctions. Iraq violated the sanctions on every level. Remember the oil for food agreement? Iraq was importing Mercedes rather than food during this time. They were torturing their Olympic athletes and putting children in underground prisons. I watched footage of mothers shouting down vent shafts for their children… They were draining the wetlands of southern Iraq to genocide the marsh arabs. They gassed the Kurds.
    But I think the final straw was when our aircraft enforcing the no fly zone in northern and southern Iraq were regularly “lit up” by ground control radar.
    23 times the UN demanded that Iraq stop the illegal behavior. And 23 times Iraq essentially told them to stuff it.
    I have often wondered what might be the situation today if the US had said to the UN “we can’t enforce these regulations” and had pulled back and allowed Saddam to continue on.
    Rewritten history allows those that opposed the Iraq war to think that everything would have been okay. But, the marsh arabs would be wiped out by now. The Kurds decimated, children in underground prisons and all right with the world. Many, many pundits state the body count of the Iraq war, some a wild exaggeration. We will never be able to know what the body count would have been under Saddam. My guess is that it would be less.
    We, the West, gave Iraq a chance to pull themselves out of this. THEY FAILED.

    • I would also like to add that Germany and Russia were complicit in this during the oil for food sanctions. Both would gladly sell their grandmothers for a nickle if they could make 3 cents on the deal…
      Germany, who likes to stand up for human rights, aided and abetted the Iraqi gov’t for profit. Russia went so far as to send advisers into Iraq to build underground bunkers.
      As an aside, my son, part of a US Naval task force, was involved in collective training in the Med. He said the German ships were pristine. Why? Because they never deployed. F’ing Germans. They are getting what they deserve.

        • Most of them? Pretty much all of them. Especially the Germans that didn’t care that women were being abducted off the streets for rape parties; that children were incarcerated in underground prisons and that citizens were being tortured.
          I don’t mean to pick on Germany but they seem to be the greatest abusers in the western block.
          They were intent on making money in Iraq and did what they could to circumvent western sanctions.
          I’m sure that kept a whole bunch of Germans employed.

          • You are right they are the largest abusers in the west, this is mainly due to the way the left has been attacking Christianity and the morality that it imposed on western civilization. This moral code is the roots of western civilization and like any living organism when you destroy the roots the rest dies. This is why the left has spend so much t9ime and money trying to force us to remove Christianity from the public life.

    • The blame America group always ignores all of the bad things we go to war to stop, those go down the memory hole very fast

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