Who is UNRWA, Boko Haram gets a reorg from HQ and more: Links 1 on Aug. 3 – 2016

1, Islamic State Group Announces New Boko Haram Leader

Can’t understand why. He seems a perfect muslim to me.

Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamic extremists have a new leader who promises to end attacks on mosques and markets used by Muslims, according to an interview published Wednesday by the Islamic State group.

The group’s al-Nabaa newspaper identified Abu Musab al-Barnawi as the new “Wali” of its West Africa Province, a title previously used to describe long-time leader Abubakar Shekau.

The report did not say what Shekau’s current status is.

The interview with al-Barnawi indicates a major change in strategy for the Nigerian extremists, who have attacked mosques with suicide bombers and gunmen, blown up suicide bombers in crowded marketplaces and killed and kidnapped school children. The targeting of students accounts for its nickname Boko Haram, which means Western education is sinful or forbidden.

Wednesday’s announcement indicates a coup by Boko Haram breakaway group Ansaru against Shekau, and follows a trend of extremist Islamic groups moving away from al-Qaida to the Islamic State, analyst Jacob Zenn said.

2. Trump’s tempest in a teapot is a near perfect example of media bias. Ignored are Obama’s stunning failures of the last 8 years and Clinton’s organized crime and instead, one Muslim Brotherhood activist is the entire focus of the media against trump. And what does Mr. Khan actually want America to be about?

Check out this CNN interview with General Flynn, the pretense of it I am guessing, was to be about the General’s book. Notice how the interview is brought back to Khan’s talking points no matter what else is raised.

3. Canada’s Prime Minister Harper cut off funding to UNRWA and Justin Trudeau restored it. But what is UNRWA?

4. France takes on radical Islamism: PM to SHUT DOWN mosques to wipe out ‘poison’ of jihadis

(First good move of any Western government. In that “baby steps” kinda way.)

FRENCH Prime Minister Manuel Valls says the country is to shut down mosques, cut foreign funding and police the content delivered in sermons in a massive crackdown on Islamic fundamentalism.

FRENCH President Manuel VallsGETTY

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is to clamp down on radical islam calling it ‘poison’

The comments come following the murder of 86-year-old French Catholic priest Father Jacques Hamel who was killed on the altar during morning mass last Tuesday and three separate massacres in the country in just over a year.

5. Report: 9 Citizens of Trinidad Sought to Join IS Group

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has reportedly confirmed that nine of its citizens will be deported from Turkey after being detained while trying to enter Syria or Iraq to join the Islamic State group.

The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian said in an article published Wednesday that Attorney General Faris al-Rawi told it the nine will be under surveillance and could face criminal charges for involvement with a terrorist group.

(Why does Trinidad want them back?)

6. French police evict Priest and congregants from Church where the rent was overdue, is the claim.

France: Police evict priests and protesters from squatted Church
Police evicted 20 people from St. Rita Church, a building which had been promised for sale, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris early Wednesday morning.
SOT, Nicolas Stoquer, Deputy Chairman of the Association of St. Rita of Arches (French): “I attended the scene at 6:45 am. Police officers have molested several elected officials including councilors of Paris and women in order to evacuate [the premises]. A complaint will be filed following the violence [served] on municipal officials.”
Nicolas Stoquer, Deputy Chairman of the Association of St. Rita of Arches SOT (French): “We have just known in France, dramatic situations of terrorist attacks whose latest, in Saint-Etienne de Rouvray, near Rouen, the slaughter of a priest during mass. Honestly and sincerely, we didn’t think that the day after the solemn mass in the presence of the Minister of the Interior and Religious Affairs, Mr. Cazeneuve, who is the superior of the police prefect of Paris, could give his permission to evict a Roman Catholic church in the heart of Paris, the day after the solemn funeral of Jacques Hamel. We couldn’t imagine this. This clash in calendars is infinitely shocking.”
Nicolas Stoquer, Deputy Chairman of the Association of St. Rita of Arches (French): “That wants to do Lamotte group is the real estate speculation: buying property 3.3 million, roughly the size of a large apartment in Paris, and to several floors of housing and parking for resale with a margin more than 500 or 600 percent. It is not the rules of capitalism as we should know it in the West. That is the real estate speculation, financial greed and it is mainly the lack of ethics in architectural and urban planning.”

(None of the articles I have read say who the lease owner is, or if any special conditions were imposed. Like a sudden doubling or tripling of the rent to make it impossible to maintain or other shenanigans. This is a common way to get rid of tenants and not make it look political.)

There are more videos in the comments of this event.


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Yucki, Richard, and all who sent in more materials.

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25 Replies to “Who is UNRWA, Boko Haram gets a reorg from HQ and more: Links 1 on Aug. 3 – 2016”

  1. 2 – CNN is a bastion of the left, in almost every case they report what the DNC wants them to report. For this reason it is no surprise that they want to keep hammering on Kahn and on Hillary not being indicted. In an honest election this attitude would be rejected by the voters but in the current situation we have to pray that their is enough Republican and anti-Hillary turn out to ensure that she is never elected.

  2. Obama addressed the nation and said it was Trump’s fault.
    Hiliary said a video of pisschrist from a few years back had caused it and imprisoned the re-poster.
    The CIA wanted to arm the Muslims.
    David Cameron said it had nothing to do with Islam.
    The French immediately declared “je suis Abdul”
    The Pope said that was what he would do if you insulted his mother.
    ISIS said this was a Lone Wolf radicalized by the Torah who had not realized New wine abrogated the Old – as in The Holy Bible – and they would be all too happy to show this also happened in the Koran.

    • This was a response to the cartoon of an imam reported to have had his throat cut by a Radical Christian. (The messenger actually used Taqiyya because there is no equivant in Islam to describe someone being accidently suffocated in a love-hug that any Muslim can relate to from experience. Therefore, using a common Hate Crime reference was only to get them to empathise and appreciate the motive. If not, with an awakening raging lust in their loins they would have immediately grabbed weapons from the mosque arsonal and sought out the Christian and any easy target). Keep calm, nothing extraordinary to see here.

  3. 5/ The mosques? They’ll close a few of the hundreds – thousands? – of the most egregiously radical. With sensitivity and respect for religious sensitivities. A meaningless gesture.

    6/ Contrast this violence with the kid-gloves approach at Calais. Criminal gangs of illegal aliens were indulged for months, allowed to disrupt a critical international thoroughfare and inflict massive damage on the region and its citizens. The cost must have been immense – far more than the scrap of commercial real estate that’s at stake here.

    It’s not just “bad timing”, although it certainly is that. Such casual disregard for how this looks tells you how little they care about the viewer. Does the Left-Islam coalition have such firm control over the political machinery? How can they be this sure of themselves?

    An army, dressed to kill, stomps peaceful protest. Military, not police. Water-cannon used against Martin Luther King’s non-violent demonstration in Alabama sickened people around the world. How dare they do this now?

    • 1) They are leftist who hate Christianity and think the majority of other people do also, 2) they are so arrogant they think the French people will never revolt against them except at the ballot box where they can fake enough votes to nullify the worst of t he effects of the people voting against them.

      • Maybe they’re right. I hope not, but we’ll see.
        There’s no “free-ing” a Europe gone zombie. We may help secure city-states that resist, but those possessed by the vampire are lost to us.

        We may also help the colonies that emerge in Eastern Europe. I hear Christianity is doing exceptionally well in Russia. Wouldn’t it be terrific if there were a Christian baby-boom?

        (The future for Jews is Israel. We’re destined to be gathered there, anyway. Then we’re all on track for the Coming/Return of the Messiah. It’ll be nice.)

          • That decision was taken thousands of years ago by THE Commander-in-Chief. And reaffirmed just a couple thousand years ago, according to the Same Source.

        • Oh, Yucki,

          Let’s tease out your thoughts…

          “I hear Christianity is doing exceptionally well in Russia. Wouldn’t it be terrific if there were a Christian baby-boom?”

          A mono-bloc faith would be disasterous as fundamentalism always raises it’s head to violence against hate crimes to become the superior form. Ultra-orthodoxy is then the future, shunning the shirk of art and technology that will get us off this planet doomed to extinction.

          The idea that any two people can ever perceive the same God is riddiculous. Like two lawyers agreeing a strategy of defense by trying to align their billion-brain neurons, or artists explaining a new color to each other… close, but always a compromise is reached. God will never be anything but a Bible of collected projections of different imaginations at best, or the submission to someone else’s Devine Revelation in real-time at worst.

          Hence we get the Gods of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, the God of Muhammad… all very different Gods in different knowledges of the world when in truth all we have are our own current-living gods to harken to, and that it was always the used-car salesmen who had deployed menace and violence to follow their One-Time God for profit into the family business of continually annointed ambassadors. The acquiecence to peace, in return of payment of jizya.

          The first part to the golden rule, is to, ‘”Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” and to love your neighbor as yourself.” It’s personal, it’s civilized. It is not the totalitarian-collectivism of love Allah and every Refugee, through the slavery of shahada and pederasty.

          Both God and Man, Islam and Communism must be tested and validated by your own free heart, mind and soul, to the fruits of their character bearing witness to their lives behind charades, and how you would best treat yourself if you were trapped into their mindstates: this is humanity and protecting the children from them.

          “(The future for Jews is Israel. We’re destined to be gathered there, anyway. Then we’re all on track for the Coming/Return of the Messiah. It’ll be nice.)”

          Are we still at this level. Really.

          • And those who wish the Mahdi to come will also be there, just like in the movie Independence Day, again inviting Aliens from outside the world to come and save them from themselves. The missing pieces of those incomplete in an ultimately unsatisfying intrigue of religion, to ‘return’ and make them whole.

            I asked a German exchange-student at a coffee shop, (so familiar with churches that demolished their creaking victorian buildings in return for social housing and modern amenities), what was his best teaching of Jesus was, to which he replied, ‘The Golden Rule: Love your neighbor as yourself.’

            I explained that was only the second half that completed the first – to a conscious mind.

            He was perplexed and shied way from independent thought lest what it uncover.

            Only a male will represent God and be able to lead many astray, and only a female and femaled will represent Socialism to be able to lead many astray. These commentators of sports that serve no actual success in the lives but feel as though they do or social affairs chat shows that get their audiences hyper excited to be part of their stars and live beyond their own.

            Give the people both, and both become meaningless until created from living Jesuses who are successful.

            Living springs from within or Last Day Activists.

          • “1) Buddhism: “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” (Udana-Varga 5:18)

            2) Confucianism: ‘Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.” (Analects 15:23)

            3) Hinduism: “This is the sum of duty: do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you.” (Mahabharata 5:1517)

            4) Humanism: “Don’t do things you wouldn’t want to have done to you.” (The British Humanist Society)

            5) Islam: “None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” (#13 of Imam Al-Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths.)

            6) Jainism: “A man should wander about treating all creatures as he himself would be treated.” (Sutrakritanga 1.11.33)

            7) Judaism: “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Leviticus 19:18)

            8) Zoroastrianism: “That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good for itself.” (Dadistan-i-dinik 94:5)”

            One devil in the pack, Islam. A hadith explained:
            An-Nawawi said “This is interpreted as brotherhood in general, such that it includes the disbeliever and the Muslim. So he should love for his brother, the disbeliever, what he loves for himself which is his entering Islam, just as he should love for his brother Muslim that he remains in Islam. For this reason, it is recommended to supplicate for the disbeliever to be guided. The meaning of love here is an intention for good and benefit, and this meaning is religious love, not human love.”

            Not human love. Remember the dead neighbors who after years living side by side did not know that.

          • I can’t speak for “we”.
            For myself as a Jew, I see the future for my people as prophesied. Israel. Our lived history, together with my reading of current events, convinces me more each day.

            It will be exquisitely painful, that’s absolute fact. Belief in a better tomorrow is a gift of transcendent faith. The day after tomorrow might be nice. If not then, eventually. ‘Nice’ is expansive, not sectarian.
            I had a mini-experience of transcendence.
            —Trying to kick-break a block of wood for a martial arts test, I kept pulling my kick and reeling back from the shock.
            — Then my Sifu whispered, “Don’t think board. Think AIR beyond the board.”
            — That did it. A clean strike directed the force out and through, the board broke and I felt nothing. (I’m looking at the pictures now – such a stunned, ecstatic expression.)
            There’s a hymn in the daily liturgy written in the 11th century by one of my Spanish forebears, Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabirol. I can’t find an English link, but it’s usually transliterated, “Adon Olam” or “Master of the Universe”. That’s pure and simple faith. Mine.
            I feel a kindred spirit in many of those for whom Christ is the Redeemer. Not all – some evangelicals have unwholesome intentions toward Jews – but many are sincere in their embrace of us as long-lost family. I’m warmed and inspired by their love and generosity. It’s so real it’s truth-tangible. That’s nice, too.
            I’ll never understand the atheist. But then, I can’t be bothered.

            • Thank you Yucki for explaining your reference and therefore your view point to world affairs.

              Heaven and Earth will pass away but truisms will not, is more my style of thinking – and I see no connection between our modern secular Israel created as a much needed safe-space for Jews, with the return to a Religious and undivided Israel that never was, delivered by Divine Conquest from Moses.

              One a refugee-takeover bringing democracy and the other a Jihad over those hapless residents. Secular or religious.

              And as I am for the Rule of Law for all people, equally without exception or Preference, (which makes me anti any culture or ideology that doesn’t do this), Israel has legitimacy because the League of Nations made it so – as naturally as I would like a homeland for the kurds created by law.

              There is something about family and loving your own people that I like, because you can then love others as you love yourselves.

              Loving your God with all your strength, heart mind and soul, raises this bar to be able to love your neighbours as you love yourself.

              We love Israel because we love ourselves.

              Without it, our love is eros – cheaply based on cultural identity, religion, sexual persuasion and physical attributes… where the competition for privileges begins.

        • During times of crisis there are a lot of people who will return to their religious roots, and as they do this their will probably, repeat probably be a Christian baby boom. This isn’t a certanity but there is a good chance it will happen.

          Yes we have to help the city states that resist the Islamic conquest but I reject the idea that we can’t save all of Europe. It won’t be easy but it can be done. What will help is the destruction (economic, ecological, and physical) that will occur in the Islamic controlled areas. They have been removed from conquered territory before but it took centuries. This time we may be able to cut the time from 7 centuries to 2 to 3 centuries.

          • Don’t forget that Christianity is getting a lot of converts in the Far East, Maybe we can get China to hit from the east to draw some of the invaders away as they run back home to stop that invasion.

            • The central message of Jesus, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, is also the essential message of Confucius, to place no burden on another that we would not have placed onto ourselves. I don’t think the Chinese are exactly starving for “The Word”, when the word is Confucius and it was spoken a thousand years before Mary and Joseph were born.

              And as far as dealing with the Muslims, Genghis Khan came very close to eliminating them from the face of the earth when they tried the “Allahu Akbar” stuff with him…

          • Nature will take care of it.
            Just think: No market for murdered baby-parts. No market for gender obscenity.
            Boys and girls doing what comes naturally. Christmas and mistletoe. Weddings! The joyous welcome of baptism. Grandma passing on lullabies in her native tongue.

            This can all come true and it needn’t take too long. Let’s not just think in terms of war. Rescue young Christians, don’t let them all be chewed-up. The Jewish Agency has been doing for world Jewry, and the results have been amazing.

  4. Just a few points en passant regarding this the Church of St.Rita (St. Rita in the Catholic Church is the patron saint of “desperate causes”).

    This little church was very special, and (resisting to say “therefore”) they had financial difficulties… Friends (including Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine) have protested for years against the demolition which apparantly will make place for a parking and “social housing” (“social housing” being a euphemism for lodging the people who are replacing the native French population – especially under the nasty Qatar-servant, the Parisian Mayor, Anne Hidalgo).

    I dont have specific numbers and accoutancy sheets so I will just note a few points: This little church allowed animals (dogs etc.) to participate in the mass. They also held the sad farewell for the Lawyer of Riposte Laique, who – unable to withstand any longer the horrid horrid horrid bullying by the French Government and Judiciary to which critics of Islam are exposed, had killed himself. Here is a photo of it:

    Hommage à Joseph Scipilliti en l’église Sainte-Rita, samedi 7 novembre 2015


    Here is Christine Tasin’s Article from yesterday (no time to translate it as I’m “travelling”) which I will also use as an excuse for the rather disorganised post, but I think it will still give even the non-French speakers some idea.

  5. 3. Canada’s Prime Minister Harper cut off funding to UNRWA and Justin Trudeau restored it. But what is UNRWA?

    I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about the fact that Young Skippy has become Prime Minister. I’m having trouble admitting it to myself still. It took real courage and pinpoint intelligence for Stephen Harper to defund UNRWA, and now the Skipster is going to reinstate them on the government gravy train despite knowing full well that they are nothing but a band of scallywags. UNRWA, for those who don’t know, are the BAD GUYS. They’re the evil Arab males who make sure the cute little Arab boy gets his ten dollars for jumping in front of the Jew’s car so he can be filmed getting his leg broken by the Pallywood producer. They are the source of all evil. They cause the suffering of millions of people.

    If it weren’t for UNRWA, there might just be the tiniest chance that peace could break out in Palestine. Get in there real quick, Skippy. Wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to really screw things up, would we…?

    PS… If XX becomes the next American President, that sick feeling is going to grow by a factor of ten, then morph into an atomic bomb of sheer despair. I might well just choose to go and live in a culvert over by that highway exit. You’ll see me sitting on my rusty gas can weeping uncontrollably, 24 -hours-a-day, for the rest of my short miserable life. I’m not kidding. When the traitors start green-lighting the angry muscular hate-bearded young Muslims in ten-million-lots, our happy days will be behind us forever. There won’t be anything left to do or say. The die will have been cast permanently…

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