Germany: Explosion near refugee center

Explosion at migrant center of case full of spray cans.

As it turns out, those 1970s claims that aerosols are bad for the environment are correct if you leave enough of them with Muslims.

Sky news has the story here. 

I like the part about: “The BR24 news website reported witnesses as saying several Arab-looking men ran away from the scene after the blast”

Pretty sure this means they will turn the muslim migrants into the victims as per the narrative as quickly as possible as the Merkel government like the rest of the colluding Western governments, need a “far right wing extremist” attack urgently if they hope to maintain any credibility for it.

The evidence that it was not a Muslim attack is that there are no deaths or injuries. Unless it was classic “premature eblastication” which we do see from time to time.

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  1. I think your idea about a faked right wing attack is probably the correct one, both here and in the French Mosque that burned down.

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