Marxist groups wind up against Ottawa police.

Leftist groups like Black Lives Matters and other groups who create strife and division for the purpose of a general attack on classical civilization, and perhaps even on Greek thought itself, usually activate to raise the anger level where a black person has been killed by police under circumstances which appear to be more or less justifiable, if not fully justified, such as the case of the American black thug who tried to take a gun from a policeman through his car window and was killed for his efforts.

The reasoning is easy once you accept the facts.

If they were to actually go after police who might actually have used racism as their motive for actions, it would make society better. Instead, these leftist groups recognize that the key to destroying classical civilization lies in attacking institutions that pretty much do their jobs correctly. Then you weaken society by neutering its institutions.

As a consequence we all know the name of Rodney King for example. A man who was such an evil force upon the world, that the court would not admit his criminal record into evidence at the trial of the police who beat him, as it would prejudice the jury mightily. A criminal record that the police who tried to stop him could see on their screens beforehand and would certainly influence their degree of caution when approaching a man like that. As it should.

So it was not surprising that BLM and of course, their political sister, Muslim (group X), would chime in where Ottawa police answered a call about a black muslim man harassing a woman at an Ottawa coffee shop, running from police and according to police, presented a violent response when he was caught, the result of which was he died while being arrested, apparently from a pre existing condition coupled with the technique of subduing a violent perp.

Brian Lilley’s report on it here. 

This set of events is consistent enough to predict the future.

Where institutions of state genuinely do act badly, due to actual racism or other breaches of procedure which should encourage people to demand a change, Marxist groups will do nothing. But when everything happens as it should, then you will see what is going to play out in Ottawa over the next month or so, short of a proper strategy to stop it.

Remember last summer where BLM demanded Ottawa Bluesfest apologize for an American cop who came to the festival wearing confederate flag shorts and this year where the intimidated a hard roc band into publishing an apology for daring to say that “all lives matter”.

This is about control and deconstruction. Not about anything that might really represent social justice.

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  1. The religious war, race war and culture war are all proceeding according to plan, the problem is that it isn’t the plan of those who want civilization and freedom to survive. The actions of those out to destroy civliziation are effective because they are using our laws and culture against us, we are all facing a very dangerous and violent future. A future that has several possible endings and most of them are bad for those who love freedom.

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