Attack in doctor’s practice: The father of a patient attacked a surgeon and threatened him with a knife. The surgeon says that the man threatened to behead him.

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks

From Focus Online Germany:

Dr. Med. Attila Tan

The incident took place Monday in Troisdorf. “The patient came to the practice around 10am. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, who was veiled. He emanated aggression, and it got more intense as I wanted to treat him,” the surgeon tells FOCUS Online.

The patient had a fracture of the fibula. “I had explained everything to him, even showed him exercises that he was supposed to do. But he didn’t even listen to me.” Finally the 19-year-old stormed out of the office — only to return shortly thereafter with his father and his brother. The father was armed with a knife.

Then he wanted to behead me

The doctor was in the middle of a surgery when his wife at the reception desk called for help. The physician ran to the front — right into the arms of the armed man. “He yelled ‘allahu akbar’. Then he wanted to behead me!”

The two sons held down the surgeon. “Their father kept yelling at me: ‘Apologize to my son, get on your knees and kiss his hand’,” he says. The office broke out in panic; one 82-year-old female patient even fled out of the window.

Luckily for the man: When the trio stormed into the practice, two female employees and two female patients immediately fled and notified the police. And before anything worse could happen, the police were on the scene.

His wife suffered a heart attack

The police arrested the 19-year-old and his girlfriend. The father and the younger brother managed to flee, but later turned themselves in Monday night in company with a lawyer. The surgeon’s wife suffered a heart attack and had to be admitted to the hospital.

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7 Replies to “Attack in doctor’s practice: The father of a patient attacked a surgeon and threatened him with a knife. The surgeon says that the man threatened to behead him.”

    • Is it possible that he was doing clinic hours for the public as part of some government mandated program for the refugees that is outside the usual parameters of his practice?

  1. Eventually it’s going to dawn on us that the solution to this problem is going to be for everyone of us to have a pistol in our pocket, just like they do in Israel, and when we see a Muslim, wrap our right hand around the grip and be ready. And if he pulls a knife, grease him like a cockroach. That’s the way to do it…

    • For those who aren’t very good shots get either a Smith and Wesson or Taurus 45/410, loaded with alternating 00buck and either a slug or 45 long round. The 410 buckshot loads with 00 have between 5 and 7 32 caliber balls in each case. While I am not a fan of the 32 that many hits occurring at once will stop most men.

      FYI the man that designed the revolver says he was thinking of women having protection against car jackings and other attacks.

      • In South Africa they carry these devilishly attractive nickel-plated, pump-action, factory-sawed-off shotguns for scaring off lions on moonlit strolls. Picture ten-thousand Brits in bowler hats with brollies, then replace the brollies with shiny lion guns. There… Perfect!

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