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2 Replies to “French PM Valls greeted with booing at minute of silence for Nice attack”

  1. What I really do not understand is how our “authorities” could have failed to see that people would react to having their race and culture intentionally replaced by another one, which is the primary objective of the Internationalist left – that and the formation of a multi-trillion dollar climate change fund they can dip into anytime they want. There’s going to be full-scale rioting in the streets and the European leaders have caused it by being blind stupid conspiring cowards. What kind of an idiot thinks that people won’t mind being replaced – won’t mind being murdered en masse? It’s hard to grasp…

    • Arrogant people who think they are the elite who are destined to rule the rest of us. They think the people who will oppose them are to stupid to fight and win. This is where their stopping the schools teaching history betrays them, they don’t know what has been done in the name of freedom and are thus unprepared for resistance.

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