It appears there was another slaughter of policemen in the US.

There will be and is a ton of news on this and many links in the comments. But it deserves a post on its own.

3 officers dead after shooting near BRPD HQ

BATON ROUGE – Two Baton Rouge Police officers and a East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office deputy are dead following a Sunday morning shooting on Airline Highway.

Another three officers have been reported wounded, but the extent of those injuries has yet to be made available.

Authorities have confirmed that one suspect is dead while two others remain at large. Law enforcement encouraged any citizens who see anything suspicious to contact police as soon as possible. Residents were encouraged to stay indoors until the remaining suspects are in custody. Police said the public should keep an eye out for suspicious subjects in black or camouflage clothing and notify authorities immediately.

Police detained two suspects in Addis and transported them back to the BRPD Violent Crimes Unit. Sources said the subjects headed to the Port Allen Walmart to change out of all black clothing before they were taken into custody. They’re being questioned in relation to the deadly shooting.


(Last I heard, 7 officers were shot and 3 killed)

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  1. I wonder what the British police would do, if you were a respected film maker, and you were covering a story when a masked hard leftist physically attacked you..Would the hard leftist be arrested, or would the cameraman be scuttled away and asked to leave by her majesties finest.

  2. It was a planned ambush, one man was walking around waving his rifle, this was reported to the police. When he heard the sirens he retreated into an ally and moved to where the other shooters could see the target approaching. Once the police arrived the shooting started and one shooter was killed, don’t know if any were wounded. the shooters alive left the scene and then more police arrived.

    Baton Rouge has a population of between 230,000 and 250,000. The locals I have seen on Tv have been blaming outside agitators for the unrest and violence.

    • Wait until the convention starts tomorrow, that is when the real violence is suppose to start. Between the ACLU, a liberal Mayor and the LSM the security precautions that would have prevented much violence and kept the in the convention safe have been changed almost overnight. There is a chance that rioters could make it into the convention hall.

      Also the massive numbers of police that have been brought in from other cities leave other cities at risk for riots and/or the ambush of police officers. If I were in charge on the side of the left I would try and insure that the violence was in more then one city during the convention.

      • The big violence will probably wait for a couple of days, if I were in charge I would wait until Tuesday or preferably Wednesday. The police may have enough people to shut down the violence, but then they may not and a full week of riots or having the Guard out to protect the convention would be a very big publicity victory for the left.

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