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12 Replies to “Fairly factual and ‘safe’ video on Islamic terror pulled from Youtube”

    • Yes there is, they were educated in the modern left wing schools and have no knowledge of history, they don’t understand what they are throwing away when they cave to the Moslems and other totalitarians.

    • YouTube. Twitter. Facebook.
      Yes, there’s the ‘Facebook Intifada’ – aka – ‘Intifada of the Knife’. Cute enough for you?

      These sites have outsized influence on the already brainwashed Arab kids in Israel. They’re saturated in the genocidal Jew-hate that passes for education in schools the UN funds.

      Social media offers saturation incitement, together with diagrams and techniques, songs and cartoons to elevate bloodlust to sanctity. Of the tens of thousands who listen, some are intoxicated, then celebrated as “holy martyrs” when they slaughter a Jewish child asleep in her own bedroom.

      • @ yucki:
        YouTube : I dont know if dirty oil money is behind them
        Twitter: I hear that a large junk of them has been bought recently by dirty oil money
        But it is Facebook which makes me actually the most angry: how can Mark Zuckerberg “follow the orders” of the ex Stasi Merkel. I read on “Honest Reporting” that since she gave this “Kapo” his orders Facebook has become very aggressive against islam-critics yet hardly concerned about the rampant Jew Hatred growing on FB.
        These are the kind of “people” (for lack of another word that might get Vlad into difficulties) we are talking about:
        I wrote about this brave brave Jewish woman:

        And there was also a long detailed interview with Kay Wilson here on Vlad.

        • Your site is a poem, Rita. Meaning, intensity, all compressed to make me cry.

          PMW: I try to stay clear of the poison spewing from the enemy – it’s not good for me. Anyway, there’s no new thing under the sun. Genocidal Jew-hate is always just that, no matter the medium of expression.

          Reasonable, statesman-like Bibi sang off-key to my ears. The butchered child’s bedroom as backdrop, mournful string accompaniment. He pitched to the universal – diversity, Orlando, ‘moral compass’.

          He’s been at this for too long. Time for Joshua and the rams’ horns. Or will be, as soon as they find that ark…

          Kay is a national treasure, a miracle survivor. She’s an Elie Wiesel for the thousands of Jews murdered by Arab Muslims calling themselves “Palestinians”. She gives voice to the blood, the murdered souls crying for justice.

          Wrong place, of course, the UN is a howling void. And so she speaks with her back to the building!

          Kay’s brief prayer is deeply resonant (6:51). She thanks G-d for restoring her soul to life, the people of Israel to the land of Israel. Am Yisroel Chai.

          • @yucki (O/T with the assumed permission of Vlad)

            May I publish this on my blog? Please?

            (While I confess to some personal vanity, what follows the most moving comment my blog ever received is just too spot-on not to be repeated. )

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