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5 Replies to “Bill O’reilly points out the curious connection between Barack Hussein Obama and Islam”

  1. “Barack Obama should aggresively call out those who abuse the Muslim faith” Unfortunately, being a devout Muslim equals being an islamist which can lead to armed jihadism as an ultimate consequence of Islam. Most muslims aren’t terrorists but don’t unequivocally condemn terrorist Jihad because a lot of them probably agree with these acts that certainly have a basis in the Quran and Hadith. Fortunately there are muslims that do embrace western values but that has hardly a basis in islam. Just as modern day Catholicism has hardly any basis in the bible but is for a large part a product of the Enlightenment. So the statement “Barack Obama should aggresively call out those who USE the Muslim faith” would probably be more accurate.

  2. All of his actions say he is a Moslem, his actions also say he is working to destroy the US, this is why the November election is so important.

  3. Obama opened the doors to the muslim brotherhood and Hilary will finish the job.
    She will give the country to the brotherhood.

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