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2 Replies to “Ezra exposes US advertising firm who submitted to unnamed threat to take down billboard against Saudi oil”

  1. Freedom vs Shariah.
    Civilization vs Islam.
    Dignity vs Slavery.

    It would be like anyone advertizing mobile phones made in Canada and describing them in exactly the same way – that imported ones from Communist China were unethical.

    True, but the Socialist Establishment have a religion in the Name of International Diversity and Peace.

    It is achieved by rescuing, protecting, nurturing, promoting and ultimately saving all the morally bankrupt from themselves. In their need to feel good about themselves, these soulless have a belief that all it takes are external forces of free welfare, education and services. Communists hate them as bourgeois Useful Idiots, Muslims curse pagan Dhimmis, Sexquirrels see “family” Child-Donors.

    Through Cultural Relativism – this paralysis of wit in return for happy no-fault blindness – the West does not occupy their lands, but they are conquering the West’s.

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