Watch America die on live stream.

The congressional committee on why Comey lied to everyone to protect the Clintons.

Before any Canadians get smug about the US and this look at US corruption, one needs to note that Canada has ALWAYS been this corrupt. No one has ever been charged or convicted for things at least as bad or worse than this in Canada. Once elected, you are above the law. We do not even have patsies here for the illusion of equal justice.

The Chretien Ad scandal alone is enough to prove this without doubt. However at any given time the US has at least 100 elected people in jail for corruption. This is a mark of great honour as it means that corruption, except in this case, will be punished.

Canada however never has any. And it is not because no elected representative breaks laws. It means we have no mechanism to stop it and no culture that demands we hold them to account.

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  1. Mr Cumming’s hustling with disinformation shocked me. It was like an explanation that the moon landing was fake.

    But he has had past form with supporting Hillary. (Humor alert).

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