German president Gauk makes the case for BREXIT

An original translation by Nash Montana

From PI News:

Federal president Gauck gave an interview to ARD on the occasion that he is not seeking a second term as federal president. According to “Bericht aus Berlin” moderator Tina Hassel the majority of Germans would like to see him serve a second term, and a potshot at the AfD was also not far off. In his explanation to his decision he grinned and reassured citizens that there is absolutely no reason to worry when a new federal president will come in.

He then pushed his arrogance to the maximum limit in the interview when he, in connection with the newly growing sense of national identity and the danger of a falling apart of the EU, explained: “The elites are not the problem at all, the population is at the moment the problem. “ ??One has to just explain it to the people better, Gauck said. Instead of serving the citizenry, this man elevated himself above it and he sees his “employers” as THE problem. No Herr Gauck, the problem are politicians like you, who lie to the people, who patronize them and who insult them!

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5 Replies to “German president Gauk makes the case for BREXIT”

  1. “The elites are not the problem at all, the population is at the moment the problem.”

    The proletariat are the problem – countries flooded by halfwits who need a government to survive their own actions.

    Business as usual.

    Voting to Leave the Soviet Union, is a radical act.

  2. The statement about the people being the problem sums up what all leftist politicians think about the voters. We are suppose to shut up and let them do what they want no matter how much damage is done to fredom.

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