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2 Replies to “Milo at site of slaughter”

  1. Quoting the video: video: Milo at Orlando Shooting Site 51:20

    ff 20:05
    “A slightly longer version of what I just said to you was supposed to be delivered to you at the University of Central Florida, this week. But, the police cancelled my talk because they couldn’t guarantee my safety. Well, I thought that was reasonable until my team drove past a number of mosques in the center of Orlando yesterday to discover them crawling with police officers because ‘woe betide’ anybody should be rude about muslims. That would be a hate crime. Lets make sure we arrest everybody who is causing trouble outside of mosques after what just happened.
    What they couldn’t do was spare six or eight officers to let a gay man say what the media won’t tell you…say what politicians won’t say…say what your fucking celebrities are too fucking dumb to realize….which is that this is not ‘radical Islam’, it is not ‘terrorists’. Forcing Obama to say ‘radical Islam’ is only 25% of the war. The rest of the battle is being honest about the challenges that you face in this country.”

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