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4 Replies to “Gavin Boby: Easy Meat III. The Solution.”

  1. ‘Religious War’: Muslim Migrants ‘Ambush’ Yazidis With Knives And Baseball Bats

    A separate study published by German newspaper Die Welt in February found that violence toward ethnic minorities, religious minorities and women had increased across German migrant centres.

    Muslim men were singled out for tearing up Bibles and assaulting Christians, sexually abusing women and children and beating up homosexuals.


  2. We already have a religious war in progress. Merkel has allowed the enemy to bolster its forces by over a million.

    If it really becomes a hot war in the next few years, the EU will capitulate. The only force that is capable of rescuing us from the mess that the EU has created is America.

    • First America will have to settle the mess the left has created in the US, then we will have to work with the expats to liberate Europe. I will continue to say that the US needs a free and independent Europe as much as Europe needs a free and independent America.

  3. Gavin Boby is one of the only ones to connect the dots of Muslim behaviour with the fact that Islam is not a religion but a military movement first and foremost, hot on the bloody heels of Mo’s final, unending example of imperial and genocidal war.

    The only proper way to ever have allowed Muslims into free lands was to first have enacted a Reverse Shari’a against them in our lands (reciprocity for the brutal treatment of others in the seat of Islam, Saudi Arabia) and only them, since only Islam has such a law against everyone else.

    However, we are beyond that now and the territory ahead will be bloody by government design.

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