Brutal Knife Attack filmed on Video

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Passers-by and a store detective care for the man with the knife in his back

25. May 2016, 22:45h

Dortmund. A woman sits on the floor, screams. Her husband (28) lies on the floor behind her, a puddle of blood beside him, a knife deep in his back.
Bloody attack in a department store in Dortmund.
The crime happened on Saturday at 6:25 pm in the perfumery. The attacker (49) fled, but was shortly thereafter overpowered by store detectives.
On Sunday he had to face the committing magistrate: warrant for attempted murder.

A witness was in the perfumery on Saturday at 6:26 pm. He says: The victim was just coming upstairs with his wife. Suddenly this man came and wordless stabbed him in the back.
While a female police officer was caring for the sheer desperate wife, an emergency doctor cared for the critically wounded husband at the elevator. On site the doctor removed the knife from between the shoulder blades. He was worried the blade might hurt the spinal cord. Then in the hospital an hour-long emergency operation. According to Bild-information, the man is out of the woods.

According to first investigations, the suspect took the knife in the kitchenware department. A clerk yelled after him that he cannot go upstairs with the knife. But the 49-year-old just walked on, appeared apathic.

The perpetrator is not known to the police. Allegedly he suffers from paranoia. Prosecutor Henner Kruser (44) confirms: ìThere are clues that the accused might be psychologically ill. He is scheduled to be examined by a psychiatric surveyor in a timely manner.î

The text of the accompanying tweet:
Andreas Wegener
Department Store Attack #Dortmund: victim (26) on the road to recovery. Knife stabber (49) allegeldy mentally ill. More tomorrow in Bild #Police
23 may 1:04 pm

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  1. Random attacks like this are one of the best tactics of the urban terrorist, they are attacks on soft targets who for the most part will be unprepared to defend themselves.

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