Bosnian muslims warn of Saudi funded ‘extremist’ mosques

Comments on YT are disabled for this video. Unsurprisingly. So I am giving this its own post so people can comment here. It is quite an interesting video with a good collection of under informed analysis and half truths but thats a half a truth more than we usually get about Islam.

To kick off the comments, the statement by the narrator that says that these moderate imams made a categorical and unequivocal condemnation of the Islamic State is false.

In Islam, they would have to declare them “takfiri” or not true muslims. And so far, none of the imams who do the ‘Islamic State is not the true Islam’ have said that. So it means nothing.

When they call them out, it means something in islam. It is in fact, a capitol offense to be a fake muslim, and is exactly what the Islamic State uses to justify its wholesale murder of Shiia muslims when the opportunity presents.

Also one wonders if the sudden flurry of news about KSA funded extremist mosques, something people who have been paying attention to for a really long time, is coincedentally being made and released at the same time that the US Senate passed a bill allowing Americans to sue that despotic and horrifyingly anti-freedom nation for its obvious role in the 911 attacks.

However should it be proven and known that the Saudis had a direct hand in it, one might would think suing people who you give $40B a day to for oil (assuming a $100/brl price) i a stupid solution, as it would just mean paying a few million less to them. Instead, a kinetic solution they would feel twice as much. That would actually have an impact.

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  1. It is very surprising that this much truth was present in a story by PBS, they tend to make Marx look somewhat moderate.

  2. Well, the “news” about KSA funding the mosques in many countries may be “news” in USA, however it is not a news in Europe. KSA is funding mosques not only in Bosnia but also in Chechnya, in Germany, and in other countries in Europe.
    Also Turkey is funding mosques in whole Europe (not only in Germany and in Austria) and their preaches are not so different from the ones who are originally from KSA.
    Many preachers in the mosques funded by KSA or by Turkey have studied in Al Azhar in Egypt. So although the mosques are funded by KSA, the preachers may originate from other countries or studied in other countries.
    Therefore the problem can not be narrowed only to the funding.

    • For the most part the US is a very insular nation, the people are so use to the oceans being large moats they don’t concern themselves with what is happening in other nations. This attitude is pushed by the left who want the US to not hear about the leftist governments in foreign nations failing. Stories about the problems in Venezuela don’t make the news often and the riots in Europe are usually mentioned (with luck) about once a week.

      Then add in the attitude of refusing to accept the facts that way too many Dems have, one woman who use to work at the library refused to accept that this is a religious war because that would mean this is a long war. Others are so blind to what is really happening that they insist that we can declare victory and bring the troops home and the Moslems will be happy to stay in the Mid East.

    • Sounds like Muslim Brotherhood metastases. There really is a party line that can be traced in all the countries you mention, Kathy.
      Stephen Coughlin explains how they think and operate globally. Yep, it’s Al Azhar-kosher halal.

      If you need a daily dose: The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch

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