Germany clamps down on the most important kind of free speech, Jolie shows us how rich elitists think and more: Links 2 on May 17 – 2016

1, Angelina Jolie presents us with a brilliant example of how the politics of the left is in fact, hypocritical elitism.

(Best to read it all at site. It is well presented and one may suspect, is not uncommon at all in the high strata she exists in. One notices in Ottawa, that it is the richest areas that promote bringing in muslim migrants to go live in the poorest areas, and show no concern to the harshening of conditions of the Canadians who already live there)

2. USA: Security stepped up after radio mast sabotage

According to state-owned broadcasting company Teracom, which operates the mast, the structure came down on Sunday evening just outside Borås in the southwest of the country. It collapsed from around 100 metres up, with the highest point falling 200 metres to the ground. No one was injured.

The local police, who have labelled the incident an act of sabotage, have yet to tie down any suspects. They are however hoping that the results of a technical analysis of the area on Monday evening will help their cause.

3. White House talking head speaks to issue of 911 culpability to law suits bill

4. Groups that the US insisted not be labeled as terrorist groups, kidnap large number of people.

5. The KSA claims its now time to remove Assad by force.

(It would be interesting to see a laundry list of which nation has the worst human rights record and which one has the greatest freedom of conscience. Personally I would lay odds that it would be the Saudis who have to go, if we were waging war based on the worst despot)

6. German court bans sections of poem mocking Erdogan

BERLIN (Reuters) – A Hamburg court issued a preliminary injunction on Tuesday banning re-publication of sections of a satirical poem by a German comedian mocking Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, saying they amounted to abuse and libel.

Comedian Jan Boehmermann recited a poem on television in March suggesting Erdogan engaged in bestiality and watched child pornography, prompting the Turkish leader to file a complaint with prosecutors that he had been insulted.

In a separate complaint, lawyers for Erdogan also asked a court in Hamburg to ban re-publication of the poem.

In its injunction, which applies to the whole of Germany, the Hamburg court marked in red 18 of the poem’s 24 verses, which it said were “abusive and defaming.”

Interestingly, a few days ago, a member of the German Parliament, in Merkel’s own party, read the entirety of the poem in order to illustrate why reading that poem should not be allowed. He did so with no visible trace of irony.


Thank you Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki and all who sent in materials. 

For those that can manage more symptoms of the decay of real liberalism in a day, check back in an hour or so.


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3 Replies to “Germany clamps down on the most important kind of free speech, Jolie shows us how rich elitists think and more: Links 2 on May 17 – 2016”

  1. 1 – This elitism seems to be common in most of Hollywood and the entertainment industry in other nations. They seem to think that the money that they are paid make them something special and are thus allowed to force the rest to live according to their delusions. From what I have seen this attitude is not as common among the (US style) conservatives although there are some of them infected as well. It doesn’t take much watching to discover that this attitude is also common among the left wing politicians and business leaders. They will spend millions to ensure their privacy but turn around and support actions that take all privacy rights away from the middle and lower classes. This attitude is why the coming civil war/counter revolution may well end in something like the terror that followed the French Revolution.

    • Their knowledge of history may be spotty, but they seem exceptionally alert to personal physical risks. They travel with packs of bodyguards, live in fortress-like compounds, and own property in places too remote to map.

      • They also demand that we give up our firearms while surrounded by armed bodyguards, according to their actions they think that if you can’t afford bodyguards you don’t deserve protection.

        Remember actions speak much louder then words.

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