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4 Replies to “The state of freedom of speech in the UK”

  1. OH for fucks sake!
    Can’t the ‘weegen filth tell it’s SATIRE!

    Now I know why Jesus wept.
    I weep for the future of my country.

  2. Here’s some humor to help bypass the idea of “hate speech.”
    from http://www.johndclare.net/Russ12_Jokes.htm
    Two brothers, John, and Bob, who lived in America and were members of the communist party, decided to emigrate to the USSR. Even though they didn’t believe the American media’s negative reports on the conditions in the USSR, they decided to exercise caution. First, only John would go to Russia to test the waters. If, contrary to the media reports, the living conditions would be found good, and the reports about persecutions by the KGB false, than John would write a letter to Bob using black ink whose color would signify that the letter is to be taken at face value. If, though, the situation in the USSR happened to be bad, and John would be afraid of writing the truth, he would use red ink thus indicating that whatever he says in the letter must not be believed.
    In three months John sent his first report. It was in black ink and read, “Dear brother Bob! I’m so happy here! It’s a beautiful country, I enjoy complete freedom, and high standard of living. All the capitalist press wrote was lies. Everything is readily available! There is only one small thing of which there’s shortage, namely red ink.”

  3. from the same web-site; A competition for the best anecdote has been announced. First prize: twenty five years; second prize: twenty years, and two condolence prizes: fifteen years each.

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