John Counsell of CFRA talk radio fame, broadcasting again!


Many readers of this site may remember John Counsell’s show on CFRA 580 AM. He, along with Nick Vandergraagt, were the only two hosts that allowed criticism of cultural Marxism as well as scrutiny of Islam and things which are in contradiction to the narrative coming out of Washington, Ottawa, Berlin and Riyadh.

I have posted many calls to his show on this site when they were interesting and on topic. Here is an example below:

That call was actually to his last show before CFRA cut pretty much all the actual conservatives who had programs at that station. What makes it interesting is that Counsell’s show allegedly had the highest ratings for that market at that time slot.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Fortunately John and his crew have decided to bring his voice back to the public via Webcast and can be heard Monday to Friday 10:00 PM to midnight,

The inaugural show was last night and there are a few minor technical bugs to work out but it was a great show, and an amazing one considering it was the first show with this new technology.

Click this link and then the Listen Live button. Make sure its the Listen Live with the exclamation mark, the other one brings down a test show. But the Listen Live with the ! gives you the live show after 10:00PM.


This post will be a sticky post till around the time the show starts broadcasting.

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4 Replies to “John Counsell of CFRA talk radio fame, broadcasting again!”

  1. Now that is good news! John Counsell and Nick Vandergraagt were in fact my two favorite hosts at CFRA, (though of course I liked and respected the Legend himself, Lowell Greene, but it seemed to me that he was starting to get rather tired of the whole radio business as time wore on – who can blame him after 50 years or whatever it is?! – and tended to be shorter and more impatient with people than he had been years

    Brian Lilley is good (and seems to be improving as time goes on with regard to Islamic issues) and I’m glad that they added him, but he doesn’t make up for the people that they let go. (Including Mark Sutcliffe – a liberal, yes, but a liberal with a head on his shoulders). The fellow who replaced Lowell (Rob Snow, I think) though competent, is not really to my taste personally – rather rude with people sometimes and he strikes me as being a bit full of himself too. Just my read.

    Anyway, great news – I will support his program and I hope that it succeeds. Maybe Nick can get back on the internet airwaves next.

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