10 bombs in Czech Republic, Obama admin lies wholesale, UK apologizes for linking Islam with Islam: Links 1 on May 10 – 2016

1, Kremlin hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server, debating releasing the 20,000 emails they have. 

More links: RT 1

(If one adds this to the story about how the Obama admin knowingly and even gloatingly lied to the American people about the Iran deal, one gets a clearer picture of the extent to which the administration holds the American people and the offices which they hold in contempt)

2. This may well be the funniest, yet saddest thing you see all day other than the cartoon in the previous post.

UK police apologise for Muslim phrase in terror exercise

British police apologised on Tuesday after officers shouted the Arabic phrase “Allahu akbar!” during a terror training exercise in a shopping centre in northern England.

In video footage of the exercise broadcast on British television, a masked man dressed in black could be seen running into the complex in Manchester shouting the words before setting off a bomb and falling to the floor.

“On reflection, we acknowledge that it was unacceptable to use this religious phrase immediately before the mock suicide bombing, which so vocally linked this exercise with Islam,” said Garry Shewan, a senior officer at Greater Manchester Police.

(Yes. Best to let muslims do that, which they do every time)

3. Stabbing attack in Germany, 1 dead 3 injured.

(Eye witnesses say there were shouts of “allah hu acbar” at the scene. Yet the Minister for Bavaria claims there is no evidence of a link with Islam)

Independent link here

(Egri Nok, our hard working German translator, has sent in some materials which will be posted as a stand-alone item)

4. We’re heading for an immigration disaster, warns former race tsar: Trevor Phillips says Britain risks wave of unrest unless concerns are addressed 

(I would argue with that. We are already at an immigration disaster. The effects, opinions and negative results are being suppressed with arrests, totalitarian thought control etc. all of which will amplify the horror once people’s cost benefit analysis for action gets to the point where they feel its easier to incur the wrath of the state than accept more communism and Islam)

Britain risks ‘sleepwalking into catastrophe’ and a wave of racial unrest unless it addresses concerns over immigration, the former head of the equalities watchdog has warned.

In a devastating analysis, Trevor Phillips insisted the failure to allay fears about the rapidly changing face of the UK is fuelling growing community tensions.

He called anti-immigrant sentiment a ‘smouldering’ tinderbox that could ignite at any time, stoked by people who had felt unable to speak out for fear of being branded ‘white racists’.

The former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission accused senior figures of a ‘deafening silence’ when confronted with issues linked to race, ethnicity and culture.

Mr Phillips, 62, said the ‘dangerously misguided’ liberal elite were unwilling to acknowledge that some communities resist integration and a minority are ‘actively opposed’ to British values and behaviour.

5. Czech Republic: Tip-off on ’10 bombs’ triggers evacuations in several cities

(Some of us have seen indicators that a major attack was to come today or tomorrow. This easily may have been what was expected. Hard to tell as so many muslims are arrested on terror charges so often)

Thank you Buck, Richard, M., and many more who have sent in materials.

More to come.


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12 Replies to “10 bombs in Czech Republic, Obama admin lies wholesale, UK apologizes for linking Islam with Islam: Links 1 on May 10 – 2016”

  1. Munich: I am sure attacker is a new convert.
    He lives in Hesse, a very high Muslim population town.
    Note: He wasn’t wearing shoes, only socks. Also, time of attack was around sunrise. Thus, is it possible he had just finished his first prayer of the day and headed out on sudden jihad while forgetting his shoes?
    Guy was into drugs but many of them are anyway.
    Maybe they’ll find his shoes in a mosque somewhere…

  2. 4 – Disaster is too mild a word, catastrophic melt down is closer to what is coming (propably already started). Disaster implies a minor problem like a 7 or so earthquake, what the world is facing is more like a 50 or 60 earthquake.

  3. 1 – Yes this is growing into a perfect storm for Hillary and the Dems, they have refused to live in the real world for so long they are going to be unable to face the reality of Hillary being proven a lying crooked politician who sells out the US to the highest bidder.

    Russia releasing the emails may be the only way to get the LSM to report on the emails and what damage she has done to the US. If they do release the 20,000 emails hopefully they will include evidence that Obama was mixed up in the treason.

  4. 3/ Elsewhere that’s called “Intifada of the Knives”.
    Everyday, everywhere. Two people in their 80s were stabbed in the back today.

    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. And me.

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