The Jews in Spain have mainly been deplaned.

Here are some links and videos to a disturbing story about how all the Jewish passengers were pulled off a flight in Spain.

  1. Liberty Unyielding English article.
  2. Video which makes the claim that this took place due to Islamic antisemitism by the Muslims onboard.3. French article about this event. (Sending out for translation ASAPFrom the first article:

    The incident took place on 1 May in Barcelona, and involved a flight from Barcelona to Paris. Most of the passengers were French Jews who had been in Spain for the Passover celebration, and were headed home. I won’t rehash the entire drama, because what I am presenting at the end of this post is the account of a Jewish man on the flight, a Mr. Alain Sayada. His post is in French, but I’ve prepared a rough translation and am copying it below. You can read it to get the full story.

    Link to original French account.

  3. Thank you Richard and ML

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  1. #2. The airline apparently ensured the passengers’ safety until enough time had passed that the airline could assemble a new crew. I wonder what procedure the airline used to find the replacement crew. In the US, one would subpoena their out-going email to determine if the basis for recruiting the replacement crew were the willingness to serve passengers of the Jewish faith.

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