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4 Replies to “Orban reacts to EU migrant quotas”

  1. Orbán Viktor: Ez lórúgás Brüsszelt?l, gyomorszájra mért ütés!


    Orbán: The EU’s plan is a ‘punch in the gut’

    The European Union’s proposal to issue a fine to members who are not willing to accept refugees under the EU’s quota system is a “punch in the gut”, or like “being kicked by a horse”, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said this morning, according to reports.

    Discussing the EU’s refugee quota plan and Hungary’s referendum initiated on the measure during his fortnightly interview on state-owned Kossuth radio this morning, Orbán said that it is “difficult to use civilized language in connection with the plan” of receiving a fine for each refugee a member state rejects, according to Hungarian online daily index.hu.

    The prime minister stressed that the referendum on the quota plan is needed to stop Brussels, index.hu reported. He added that the result of the referendum will carry with it a “commitment to the future”. Orbán also asked Hungarian leftist opposition parties to join governing party Fidesz, which initiated the referendum, in supporting the initiative.

    The prime minister reiterated that the refugee quota from Brussels is the “wrong policy”. He once again stressed that the borders of the EU need to be defended and refugee camps should be established outside the boundaries of the EU.


  2. The fine is suppose to scare the European nations into doing what the EU says, instead it will scare the European nations into leaving the EU.

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