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3 Replies to “Interview with an anti-communist dissident from Venezuela”

  1. Pay close attention to what is happening in Venezuela the far left got control of most if not all of the South American governments and have driven all of them into massive debt. While Venezuela isn’t enough to collapse the economy of the rest of South America it weakens their economies at a time when the world is rapidly moving towards a major war. This war will spread to South America (they have a large Islamic presence down south) which will in turn collapse their economies.

    Economics is part of war, weapons have to be paid for and soldiers require regular paychecks. This is why Obama spent so much money while he was destroying the US military and scrapping the newly created excess of military equipment. The same situation exists in Western Europe, the left has destroyed the military, scrapped the excess military equipment and spent the governments into bankruptcy. They have also driven the price of labor up so high factories have moved overseas to reduce labor costs. This has created the situation where many of the Western nations have all of their military weapons manufactured overseas. This is a point source failure waiting to happen.

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