Hindus start the apostasy nonsense, mysterious church fire, much more. Links 1 on May 2 – 2016

1, Judge Jeanine

2. Munich Oktoberfest to get first-ever entrance checks

Revellers hoping to join in the carousing at Munich Oktoberfest will have to pass through a security check before entering the festival grounds this year, Munich authorities have said.

People hoping to enter the Theresienwiese – the large open space where Oktoberfest is held each year – will have to pass through security checks, including bag checks, at all the entrances, the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) reported on Thursday.

And as well as bringing in more security guards this year, city managers say that they won’t hesitate to block off the entire festival grounds with fences if things get too crowded.

3. Firefighters contain huge fire at New York City church

(There is something mighty fishy about this story)

NEW YORK — The main body of a fire that heavily damaged a historic church in New York City has been knocked down.

Authorities report one minor injury in the blaze that started Sunday evening at the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava in Manhattan. Firefighters are still putting out small pockets of flames.

The blaze sent smoke plumes billowing into the sky and completely destroyed the roof of the Gothic Revival style building. It broke out on the same day Orthodox Christians around the world celebrated Easter.

Zero reference to cause of fire. Very odd)

4. She made a daring escape but her 12-year-old daughter remains ‘married’ to a Daesh fighter

 At a refugee camp in Kurdish Iraq, a Yazidi mother describes her escape from sexual abuse and beatings at the hands of Daesh, and her grief that her four daughters are still captives

5. Convert to Islam attempts to blow up Jewish center when packed with people.

(Notice how its admitted that he is a convert to Islam but everyone in the video talks in code. Its like Poland behind the Iron Curtain.)

6. Turkish exchange student sexually assaulted in Vienna

 A Turkish exchange student was reportedly raped by three Afghan refugees in a train station in the Austrian capital Vienna on April 22, according to the Austrian press.

The 21-year-old woman had reportedly been followed into a bathroom at the Praterstern train station and assaulted by three assailants aged 16-17. She was later discovered by a friend injured and laying on the ground.

7. Swiss intelligence is monitoring the online activity of 400 possible jihadists

(Which means they are missing a few thousand of them)

BERN (Reuters) – Swiss authorities were monitoring the social media activity of about 400 possible jihadists who might pose a security threat, the NDB federal intelligence service said on Monday.

Switzerland is not a primary target for Islamist attacks because it is not part of the military campaign against groups such as Islamic State, but the security threat level has been elevated nonetheless, the NDB’s annual report said.

8. India: MP panel member wants Christians tried for sedition

(Now the Hindus are doing it as well.)

conversion, Christians, Christianity, Backward Classes, Madhya Pradesh, MP Backward Classes, Madhya Pradesh Backward Classes and Minority Welfare Department, Bajrang Dal, Bajrang Dal activists, conversion Christians, Arun Kushwaha, Subhadra Kushwaha, india news Subhadra, Arun say haven’t converted. Milind Ghatwai

A MEMBER of the Madhya Pradesh Backward Classes and Minority Welfare Department who enjoys minister of state status, Laxmi Yadav, was present when Bajrang Dal activists stormed into a church in Satna on April 27 and stopped a wedding alleging the couple had converted.

As the Bajrang Dal insists Arun Kushwaha and Subhadra Kushwaha can marry only in a temple, Yadav said, “This is the first case in the country when Christians were caught red-handed converting and marrying OBCs. We will reconvert them, purify them after sprinkling Gangajal and hold a Hindu marriage for the couple. I am seeking legal opinion on whether sedition charge could be invoked against the Christians for waging a war against the country.”

Thank you Xanthippa, Gates of Vienna, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, and all. More to come.

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14 Replies to “Hindus start the apostasy nonsense, mysterious church fire, much more. Links 1 on May 2 – 2016”

  1. 3 – There is something real suspicious about this fire, and with the current administration in NYC and DC we won’t be able to find out much about what really happened.

  2. 8 – The west became too tolerant and the entire world is now paying the price for being told we have to tolerate intolerance in Third Worlders. Another cause for this is that we in the west are no longer insisting on the rule of law with the laws applying to everyone, since the west is giving special status and liberty to the traditional religions of India and the Middle East over here they are deciding that they deserve the same thing at home.

    • The comments help a little. This isn’t so much third world as a wholly different world. I think they’re saying something like this:

      Proselytizing religions – Islam and Christianity – are competing for converts among low-caste Hindus. These Hindus are extremely poor, ignorant, and superstitious so they’re vulnerable to miracle cures and spell-casters.

      Political representation is apportioned according to religious affiliation. So it’s not exclusively, or even primarily, fishing for souls. The target Hindu is essentially a dumb animal who gets to vote.

      That’s about it from the comments. Except that they hate the one they call “Paedophile” and the other called “Vetican” [sic]. And something about banning cow-slaughter.

  3. FBI tapes homeless guy saying he wants to kill Jews. (I hear it on the bus at least once a year myself.)
    article in miami herald

  4. #8 What you are missing is the government benefit fraud going on here by this couple
    “Both Arun, 24, who has studied up to Class XII, and Subhadra insist they have not formally converted to Christianity, only undergone “man parivartan (a change of heart)”…. However, the Bajrang Dal men kept asking them why they were getting married in a church if they hadn’t converted, they say…Pointing out that Madhya Pradesh’s anti-conversion law requires those who change their faith to notify district authorities, he adds, “If they have already converted or are set to convert, where is the letter of permission?”“The couple have converted but haven’t changed their names to get the benefits that are due to OBCs.””

    There is a legal process to officially convert, which they did not do. Other Backward Castes (OBC) get affirmative action and benefits. OBC are Hindus as caste is allegedly only a Hindu thing while Christianity and Islam is free of caste. If you are no longer Hindu then you are no longer part of the OBC and no longer eligible for government benefits for OBCs. This couple is legally Hindu to continue to reap the benefits of affirmative action for OBCs though they have basically converted to another faith. This is dishonesty and fraud. They can go through the formal channels to officially convert, and then no longer be eligible for beenfits for OBCs, or truly remain Hindus in faith and legally. But to pretend to remain Hindus legally just to reap government affirmative action while truly being Christian or any other faith is wrong.

    • If a person could convert their race, it would be like a black couple converting to being white, but legally not changing their status to reap the benefits of affirmative action for black americans.

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