Turkish legislature sees worst brawl perhaps ever

First, a short video of the fight:

Ahram.Org describes it thusly:

Ruling party and opposition Turkish lawmakers on Monday exchanged punches and hurled water bottles at each other as a new mass brawl erupted in parliament over changes to the constitution, television broadcasts showed.

Parliament’s constitutional committee was meeting to discuss a government-backed proposal to strip MPs of their immunity, after last week’s session also broke up in violence.

Here is a longer video of better quality but I didn’t see that much happened in it.

I’ll have to go over it again and mine for good bits.

Below, a shorter video of the fight as it should be seen around the world


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  1. The soundtrack Eeyor, is I assume from the movie 2001 and hints to the event where the apes become murderous around a black kaaba?

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