A little cover humour with the leftist media

Egri Nok, one of our new hard working translators, has made an observation about some of the goings-on in Germany and Austria with respect to the anti classical-liberal propaganda that is taking place in the far left wing extremist main stream media these days.

Let’s have a look.

FAZ, had a cover story to expose how backwardish the AfD are, titled “How the AfD wants to live”, and the picture showed a retro family with dog and 3 kids. The horror!

FAZ cover original.jpg

The AfD jokingly responded by publishing a mock cover titled “How our opponents want to live”.

FAZ cover satire.jpg

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18 Replies to “A little cover humour with the leftist media”

  1. Today I went for Sunday lunch in a pub.
    It was in SE London
    The bit where Harriot Harman lives
    On the bus ride up to my disabled friend I counted 7 burkas, and a few niquabs
    I only hope that I die Before the Enevitable

      • Well said. If Western civilization is to go down, then let it go down fighting – with a bang and not a whimper. But who says we’ll be the ones to “go down” anyway? The battle has only just been joined and the outcome is far from inevitable (or at least knowable, as you note).

  2. The picture showing the German family as some sort of “insult” just shows how isolated, deluded, and mentally ill the left is: that the prototypical German family of the 50’s is some sort of insult. Id bet most Germans look at that as all the more reason to want to vote for the AfD.

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