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3 Replies to “Gavin Boby, 2nd video in ‘Easy Meat’ series”

  1. I recently read a quote from a Soviet-era general along the lines of “Once force has been invoked, the only suitable response is superior force.” Islam within our societies has already used violence and force against those very societies into which they have been foolishly invited. And indeed, the West’s own elite has also turned the guns – only figuratively for the moment, but quite possibly literally in the future – on its fellow citizens, for daring to express opposition to their own replacement and disempowerment within society, which has resulted from mass Muslim immigration. So if there is a viable response to the situation as it stands now – other than the application of “superior force” – I don’t know what it would be. However, I greatly respect Gavin Boby and I too look forward to hearing his ideas on this issue in his next video ….

  2. Gavin Boby clearly enunciates the obvious: If the authorities don’t enforce the law, rough justice will be served out to perpetrators of these heinous crimes, with equally predictable retaliations against those taking the law into their hands by friends of the perpetrators. The downward spiral will result in civil war.

    This is not a small problem. It is rattling the foundations of our civilization. If it comes to civil war, and pray God this not be the case, I wonder which side the authorities will be on: The robust enforcement of civilized western Law or acquiescence to the darkness of Sharia.

    • To answer you question take a hard look at the actions of most of the Western Governments, you will discover very few of them have any respect for the rule of law.

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