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4 Replies to “Two Ralph Peters Clips from the past 24 hours.”

  1. Obama, a community organizer. Expect the same lack of common sense with Justin Trudeau, a ski board instructor.
    Look at the people Trudeau appointed to important foreign-related posts such as McCallum and Stéphane Dion… both partially inept individuals, one only has to look at and listen to them.

  2. The main reason to infiltrate people through the Southern Border (or the Northern one) is that they are people who probably, I repeat probably would be caught in they tried to enter as refugees. They would be fairly high ranking in ISIS and are the ones who would be organizing and ordering the terror attacks. They would be in charge of the North American franchise of ISIS.

    There have been reports of an ISIS camp near Ciudad Juarez for several years, just as there have been reports from Texas policemen and US Borter patrolmen about a Hezbollah camp within 50 miles of the Texas Border in the Ciudad Juarez region. I have also read about how some of the drug smugglers who were caught said that Moslems were paying big bucks to be smuggled across the Southern Border.

  3. first time i have herd Ralph Peters say: ” most muslims want to just get along” ..
    sure they do Ralph .. sure they do. get along under the sharia where killing
    infidels is a duty. a duty Ralph , a duty spoken from the unchangeable
    lips of Allah himself in the Koran ..

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