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  1. France: Police car set alight during ‘Nuit Debout’ clashes

    Protesters and police fought running battles in Place de la Republique, Paris after the ‘Nuit Debout’ protests turned violent on Friday night. During the clashes a police car was set alight.

    • @ Martin.

      “Nuit Debout” is everything that’s wrong with France. They are a herd of morons directed by nasty extreme Leftists, indulged by the fully corrupt socialist French Government and the Paris Mayor despite their soi-disant ‘State of Emergency’ – still in force in France, ostensibly because of the “Jihadists” but maintained mainly to hunt down any patriot, critical of Islam and the Rapefugees. (Incidentally I bet they will maintain it until the Presidential Elections next year).

      According to decent folk, Place de la Republique (pretty much in the centre of Paris) has been turned into a public “Pissotoir”, the stench is apparantly ghastly, physically and metaphorically. Here is a video taken a few days ago, when they chased a French-Jewish Philosopher and public Intellectual out from the Place de la Republique, spat on him and – as he says himself, would have lynched him if it were not for a few people intervening. What is the Philosopher’s crime? He is conservative AND Jewish. (And I am a great fan of his and admire his courage to stare down this cocktail of nastiness & stupidity. )

      Meanwhile the Minister of the Interior and the Mayor of Paris, both abject collaborators and servants of the Islam-Spreaders, are prosecuting our friends from Riposte Laique (Police just last week took away the mobile phone, computer and more during a requisition of Pierre Cassen’s house) and Resistance Republicaine (Christine Tasin), and the blogger of FdeSouche etc. etc. …. Anyway, I’m stopping, lest I get Vladtepes Blog into trouble.
      Here is the video of the Chase on the Philosopher:

      • And the civil war begins, I was thinking it would be the patriots who would start the fighting, looks like I was wrong.

        • You, Richard, make me look at the “role” of the IS in a new light: perhaps the needed defeat of Islam was started by its most faithful followers.

          • One think I have learned in my many years is to always step back and look at things from many different angles.

            I would have worded it differently but the early moves in the Middle East and Europe are giving us enough warning that we should (probably will) defeat the Islamic Conquest. If the left has convinced the Brotherhood to hold off for 10 to 20 years the situation in Europe would be much worse.

            The same could be said for the lefts moves to destroy the US, Obama was elected too early and moved too fast.

  2. Syria: Russian soldiers find IS ammunition hoard in Palmyra

    Russian experts of the International Mine Action Centre found a large cache of ammunition in Palmyra on Friday, which reportedly belonged to the so-called Islamic State

  3. Finland court rules against sending refugee to Hungary (aljazeera, Apr 22, 2016)

    “Finland’s highest administrative court has ruled against the deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker to Hungary as there is a risk of “inhuman and degrading treatment” in the EU member state which is widely criticised for its policies against refugees.

    The Finnish Immigration Service, the body that overlooks the asylum seeking process, suspended the return of the applicant to Hungary hours after the Supreme Administrative Court ruling was announced on Wednesday.

    “It is not possible to reliably ensure that returning an asylum seeker to Hungary would not violate … [international treaties], which prohibit, among others, inhuman and degrading treatment,” the court said in its judgment….”

  4. An Indian spiritual guru tried to start peace talks with ISIS. This is how it responded. (washingtonpost, Apr 22, 2016)

    “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, an Indian guru known best for his Art of Living foundation, which has a vast global community of followers, claims to have attempted to start peace talks with the militants of the Islamic State. But his efforts proved futile.

    “I tried to initiate peace talks with the ISIS recently but they sent me a photograph of a beheaded body of a man,” he told Indian media, using another name for the extremist organization. “Thus, my effort for a peace dialogue with the ISIS ended.”

    The advocate for meditation and harmony offered this frank conclusion: “I think the ISIS does not want any peace talks. Hence, they should be dealt with militarily.”…”

  5. ISIS jihadis FREE to slip into UK because EU cannot agree on ‘foreign fighter’ definition (express, Apr 23, 2016)

    “TERRORISTS are slipping into the UK unnoticed through Europe because bungling EU bureaucrats cannot agree on what a “foreign fighter” is, an internal report has revealed.

    The damning document went on to claim the handing off of unreliable data is “diminishing the impact of information sharing” between the union.

    This has led to fears that jihadis from the evil Islamic State will be able to travel to Britain undetected.

    It comes as President Obama, on a visit to support Britain staying in the European Union, noted counter-terrorism as a reason for nations within the union to “stick together”….”

  6. Migrant crisis: Merkel and EU officials visit Turkey to promote deal (BBC, Apr 23, 2016)

    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel and top EU officials are due to visit the Turkish-Syrian border to promote a controversial month-old migrant deal.

    The visit comes amid questions over the legality of the EU-Turkey pact, which deports back to Turkey migrants who do not qualify for asylum in Greece.

    Human rights groups say Turkey is not a safe place to return people.

    Turkish officials have warned the deal could collapse if demands for visa-free EU travel for its citizens are not met.

    The agreement says Turkey must meet 72 conditions by 4 May to earn the visa waiver, but diplomats say only half of those points have been met so far…”

  7. Returning Home Is a Mixed Blessing for Victims of Boko Haram (abcnews, Apr 23, 2016)

    “”Bring Back Our Girls,” say the placards in the park and the tweets read around the world. But for thousands of girls and women who’ve escaped Boko Haram’s clutches, the message they’ve sometimes encountered at homecomings has been “Stay Away.”

    As U.S.-backed African governments make military advances against the Islamic extremist group and rescue more and more of the kidnapped and enslaved, aid groups and activists say a new challenge is mounting: rehabilitation.

    Perhaps no group is as stigmatized as those abducted, raped, forcibly married or otherwise mistreated by the militants. Sometimes they are called “Boko Haram wives” or even “epidemics” in their native communities, and few organized services are available for their care. Sometimes even fewer people are willing to embrace them as survivors…”

  8. Bangladeshi university professor hacked to death in Rajshahi (BBC, Apr 23, 2016)

    “A university professor has been hacked to death in Bangladesh, in an attack police say is similar to a number of killings of secular bloggers and atheist activists in the past months.

    AFM Rezaul Karim Siddique, 58, was a professor of English at Rajshahi University in the west of the country.

    He was attacked with machetes by unidentified assailants while on his way to the university from his home.

    Last year, four prominent secular bloggers were killed with machetes…”

  9. Advice requested:
    I’m having an issue with a gaming web site. I was placed on a a secret black list for my “racist rant” I went on after a friend I knew from the game was murdered in San Bernardino.

    My rant as they called it was describing in detail why Islamic fundamentalism is a problem and got my friend murdered.

    Back in December last year i was banned for a few days from that site for these “racists” remarks (ONLY used the term Islam never Muslims.)
    The remarks they deleted and I don’t have those exact comments. The black list creator made a screen shot before deleting my posts.

    Just a few days ago one of the other administrators thought the black list was highly unacceptable and posted the list on another site. That site as of today is being sued for posting the list which was supposed to between just the administrators.

    The statement made was Ox AO
    “Went on a very racist rant the potential for him to do it again makes me question his suitability of being a members of (the site)”

    Another administrator answered:
    “as for Ox AO even though the guy is a real piece of work he barely even posts, so I feel like using one of these valuable “instant bans” on him would be a waste. If he tries to pull that racists crap again we can always remove him when it happens. I’d be completely fine with him being gone though.”

    A short time after that post all the black list people where banned including myself.
    They did bring us back but this racists remark is highly offensive to me.

    What should I do?

    • Nothing.

      Wasting your valuable time and mixing with such company.

      Its a free country. Write your own game.

      I cannot be politer than this.

        • Thank you too Eeyor.

          Your solid work is reaching more people as it has become mainstream knowledge for them now. It is easier to mention your site because they are looking for reasons and answers.

        • Hi Rita,

          Glad you are well, and sad to hear the health of France – where elderly intellectuals are once again appear to be the vanguard of freedom.

        • You’re welcome.

          Now on gaming websites with young Western people, the Soviet machinations run deep:

          “Dude, this is an online game with various cultures, religions, ages and opinions! Please keep your philosophical and religious views/ opinions to yourself. The idea is to have fun, learn through experience, be it by trail or error, and grow your base. This is just a game – some of us are looking for escapism and nothing else!”

          To which I replied:

          “Thank you for arguing for the purpose of distraction and escapism, with the defense of being offended on behalf of those who would be offended.

          That the world should be held to a lower set of standards, that it is stupid.

          Now, as this thread is about the Art of War and the principles of mind control – to lose a city before a shot is fired – let’s look at this in terms of music.

          Say a thread in this pub took an author’s interest in Rock Music.

          Then someone writes there are diverse musical tastes across the world and that someone might get offended, (people have fought and been killed by fan-based rivals and also by those who religiously ban music).

          You would laugh at that Cultural Marxist right?

          The appreciation of beauty trampled by cowardice.

          All you can do therefore, is not try to reason with them, because they cannot reason with themselves, and simply invite them to start their own thread, that nobody has to read.”

          This effect was to neutralize them. Any hint of submission, and 10 religious Muslims will descend on an isolated kufar girl; and any admission to being a privileged-caste in Socialism and 10 Communist Justice Warriors will attack. So stand your ground, in your center, and never try to win – just don’t lose. This sown doubt, for a ridiculous Utopia of “various cultures, religions, ages and opinions!” (except when they’re the truth) now remains in them – where it should be and make them so sick that they have to face reality that there is no bottomless well in Heaven or on Earth.


          • I try to avoid talking about any kind of politics in game forums. In this case a friend that many of us knew was murdered. For me I don’t know how they could avoid the obvious conversation that was needed.

            The really creepy part was that conversation about Islam I had with Robert that was murdered.

    • Someone needs to write a real Dracula game based on historical fact where Vlad’s armies protect Walachia from invading Muslims trying to steal European Children to use as arrow fodder against Vienna. Next level The Reconquista. Top level, Jefferson Vs. The Barbary pirates.

      Get revenge by getting rich.

      • This should be done on all major turning points of history, this way the kids would be exposed to the true facts of history rather then the PC BS that is taught in the schools.

  10. Rights Group: EU Should ‘Rethink’ Turkey Refugee Deal (abcnews, Apr 23, 2016)

    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel and top European Union officials, under pressure to reassess a migrant deportation deal with Turkey, were traveling close to Turkey’s border with Syria on Saturday in a bid to bolster the troubled agreement.

    Human rights groups are criticizing the trip to what they call a “sanitized” refugee camp — and say EU officials should look further at the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees now blocked from entering Turkey.

    The German leader is also facing pressure to speak out against freedom of speech restrictions in Turkey…”

  11. Turkey Detains 6 IS Militants for Suspected Attacks Plan (abcnews, Apr 23, 2016)

    “A Turkish official says authorities have detained six suspected Islamic State militants who were allegedly planning to carry out attacks in the central Turkish city of Konya.

    Gov. Muammer Erol says Saturday that the six — all foreign nationals — were detained in Konya late Friday. He said the group was “in pursuit of attacks” against Turkish government officials visiting Konya or at “strategic” locations in the city. He did not give their nationalities.

    Turkey has been rocked by six deadly suicide bomb attacks since July — four of them blamed on Islamic State militants.

    Most recently, a suicide attack in a busy pedestrian street in Istanbul killed four tourists on March 19.”

  12. Pakistani Taliban Claim Killing of Sikh Lawmaker (abcnews, Apr 23, 2016)

    “The Pakistani Taliban have claimed the killing of a Sikh lawmaker in the country’s northwest.

    Militant spokesman Mohammad Khurasani said Saturday that the group had killed Sardar Suran Singh and would continue to attack supporters of the “evil system,” referring to the government. He spoke to The Associated Press by phone from an undisclosed location.

    Gunmen on a motorcycle killed Singh as he was heading home Friday night. The lawmaker, from the country’s Sikh minority, was an adviser to the chief minister for minority affairs in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

    The Pakistani Taliban have carried out scores of attacks over the past decade targeting the government, which it views as un-Islamic, and religious minorities.”

  13. North Korea launches missile from submarine, South Korea says

    (CNN)North Korea has fired what is believed to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said Saturday.
    The missile was fired at 6:30 p.m. local time (5:30 a.m. ET), South Korean officials said.
    The action comes a week after an apparently unsuccessful attempt to fire a missile, South Korean and U.S. officials said April 15.
    South Korea’s military did not specify what sort of missile was part of the April 15 test, but South Korean media reports said it involved an intermediate-range Musudan missile.
    Tensions have ratcheted up on the divided Korean peninsula this year as Pyongyang has made a series of assertions about developments in its military capability.

    Pyongyang carried out its fourth nuclear test in January. It said it succeeded in miniaturizing nuclear warheads to fit on medium-range ballistic missiles — which U.S. intelligence analysts say is probably true.

  14. China denies reports of massing troops at North Korea border
    April 22, 2016

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Defense Ministry on Friday denied reports that Chinese troops were massing on the North Korean border, ahead of a possible fifth North Korean nuclear test, saying its deployments there were normal.

    The Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said earlier this week that China had sent 2,000 troops to the border, a story picked up by Russian and Iranian news outlets, among others.

    The decision was made ahead of the expected testing of North Korea’s fifth nuclear device, the report said, in violation of U.N. sanctions.

    “The relevant report does not accord with the facts,” the Defense Ministry said in a short statement. “The Chinese military maintains normal combat readiness and training on the China-North Korea border.”

    It did not elaborate.

    Reports periodically surface about unusual troops movements on the border, which are hard to verify independently and generally quickly denied by the Chinese government.

    North Korea has vowed to conduct further nuclear tests, despite stepped up international sanctions.

    • The troops aren’t there to put pressure on North Korea, they are there to warn South Korea to stay on their side of the border. Always remember without our Chinese threats (which might, probably would be ignored) and US pressure South Korea would hit the North and go through their Army like a hot knife t hrough butter. China isn’t about to give up tht buffer zone.

  15. Water and Power: China Eyes Offshore Expansion Via Floating Nuclear Plant
    © Photo: China General Nuclear
    Asia & Pacific
    13:24 22.04.2016(updated 13:50 22.04.2016) Get short URL
    China is pushing ahead with its construction of a first-ever floating nuclear power platform, which is expected to add to Beijing’s ever-increasing clout in the South China Sea, according to the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

    Read more:

    The construction of China’s first maritime nuclear power platform in the South China Sea is due to be completed by 2018 and be put into operation by 2019, the Chinese newspaper Global Times reported.

    The newspaper quoted analysts as saying that such a platform could boost the efficiency of China’s ongoing construction work on islands in the South China Sea considerably.

    In a recent interview with the Global Times, Liu Zhengguo, head of the general office of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) which is responsible for designing and assembling the platforms, said that the CSIS is “pushing forward with the work.”

    “The development of nuclear power platforms is a burgeoning trend. The exact number of plants to be built [by the CSIC] depends on market demand. Judging by various factors … the demand is pretty strong,” he said without elaborating.

    Earlier this month, it was reported that China plans to construct at least 20 maritime nuclear power platforms “in the future.”

    Read more:

  16. Japan succeeds in test flight of first stealth fighter jet
    April 22, 2016
    The X-2 advanced technological demonstrator plane of the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force takes off at Komaki Airport in Komaki, Aichi prefecture on April 22, 2016
    View photos
    The X-2 advanced technological demonstrator plane of the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force takes off at Komaki Airport in Komaki, Aichi prefecture on April 22, 2016 (AFP Photo/)

    Japan’s first stealth fighter jet successfully took to the skies on Friday as the country joins a select group of world military powers wielding the radar-dodging technology.

    Technological super power Japan, despite strict constitutional constraints on the use of military force imposed after World War II, has one of the world’s most advanced defence forces and the development of the stealth fighter comes as it faces new security challenges in the form of China’s expanding force posture.

    The domestically developed X-2 jet took off from Nagoya airport in central Japan on its maiden test flight as dozens of aviation enthusiasts watching the event erupted in applause as it lifted off into the clear morning sky.

    Television footage showed the red-and-white aircraft roaring into the air, escorted by two Japanese military fighters that were collecting flight data.

  17. Japan’s Next Generation of Farmers Could Be Robots

    As the average age of farmers globally creeps higher and retirement looms, Japan has a solution: robots and driver-less tractors.

    The Group-of-Seven agriculture ministers meet in Japan’s northern prefecture of Niigata this weekend for the first time in seven years to discuss how to meet increasing food demand as aging farmers retire without successors. With the average age of Japanese farmers now 67, Agriculture Minister Hiroshi Moriyama will outline his idea of replacing retiring growers with Japanese-developed autonomous tractors and backpack-carried robots.

    U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has warned that left unchecked, aging farmers could threaten the ability to produce the food the world needs. The average age of growers in developed countries is now about 60, according to the United Nations. Japan plans to spend 4 billion yen ($36 million) in the year through March to promote farm automation and help develop 20 different types of robots, including one that separates over-ripe peaches when harvesting.

  18. More than 100 girls poisoned at school in Afghanistan as probe into mystery contamination is launched (mirror, Apr 23, 2016)

    “More than 100 girls have been poisoned at a school in Afghanistan as officials launch a probe into the mystery contamination, it’s reported.

    The children were suffering from fever and shivering and admitted to hospital after the incident, which happened at a girls school in the city of Farah, in the western province of the country.

    Mohammad Nasir Mehri, the provincial governor’s spokesman, confirmed that 106 school girls were ‘mysteriously’ poisoned, according to Khaama Press .

    Public health officials also confirmed that the youngsters had been taken to hospital to be treated for poisoning…”

  19. Syrian government strikes on two rebel-held areas kill 23 – monitor (reuters, Apr 23, 2016)

    “Syrian warplanes bombed the rebel-held town of Douma near Damascus and parts of Aleppo in the north on Saturday, killing 23 people, with the death toll likely to rise, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    Mediators have struggled to get combatants in Syria’s five-year-old war to honour a Feb. 27 cessation of hostilities deal to enable peace talks in Geneva to proceed. Each side accuses the other of violating the truce….”

  20. How to discipline your wife: Sick Saudi ‘therapist’ tells men to beat and intimidate women (express, Apr 23, 2016)

    “Advising Muslim men on the ‘correct way’ to discipline their spouses the sick Saudi doctor spouts about how women should be disciplined with handkerchiefs and toothpicks.

    Khaled Al-Saqaby appears in the ‘show’ which is put out on YouTube, which includes ‘dealing with wife beating’.

    The four-minute footage begins with Mr Al-Saqaby telling men not to simply attack their wives, but discipline them properly,

    His advised a three step process which goes from talking, to forsaking the wife in bed, to beating.

    Speaking about some of the problems which may lead a man to beat his wife, he said women sometimes want equality.

    He described this as a ‘very grave problem’.

    The video is shot in woodland with the therapist in a bright white robe, perching on a tree stump.

    Talking about how Islamic men properly discipline women, he said: “I am aware that this issue is a thorny one which contains many hazards, but Allah willing we will cross this bridge safely.

    “I believe the problem arises when husbands do not understand how to deal with disobedience. Some women disobey their husbands and make mistakes with them, and their husbands think this is due to inadequate treatment [of disobedience].

    “The first step is to remind her of your rights and of her duties according to Allah. Then comes the second step – forsaking her in bed.

    “Here some husbands make mistakes which might exacerbate the problem.”…”

  21. Finland: Anti-Islam protesters denounce plans to build mosque in Helsinki

    Dozens of activists from the right-wing, anti-Islam Finnish Defence League (FDL) rallied in downtown Helsinki, Saturday, to protest against the announced construction of a 20,000sq metre (215,278sq feet) mosque in the Finnish capital.

    The protesters waved Finnish flags while listening to a host of FDL speakers on a makeshift stage aboard a truck.

    During the rally, FDL chairman Jukka Ketonen said: “Neither Helsinki nor any other city is obligated to promote the creation of parallel societies or to justify voices vouching for parallel laws.”

  22. SPAIN CEUTA – Low tide lets migrants wade into Spanish enclave

    More than 100 people have taken advantage of an unusually low tide to wade around a border fence that juts out into to the Mediterranean Sea to enter Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta.

    The Red Cross says it attended those who made it into Ceuta and that six were taken to hospital to treat cuts and bruises.

    Spanish police say they intercepted 119 migrants who had managed to walk around the border fence on Saturday.

    Television footage transmitted on state broadcaster TVE’s news bulletin showed police intercepting the migrants as they approached Ceuta’s beach.

    Thousands of migrants try to reach Spain each year either by attempting to enter the country’s African enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta or by making perilous sea crossings to the mainland.

  23. Germany: Sikh demonstrators rally against terrorism in Essen

    Hundreds of Sikhs took part in a traditional ‘Nagar Kirtan’ ceremony in Essen, Saturday, to denounce terrorism a week after two alleged Islamist militants threw an explosive device at a Sikh wedding ceremony in the German city, injuring three people.

    The Sikh worshippers marched through the streets to the local prayer hall, known as a ‘Gurudwara,’ where the attack took place. Demonstrators waved flags and held traditional swords as they marched.

  24. EU ‘sold out to Turkey’ over refugee deal: Hungarian PM

    The European Union has “sold out to Turkey” in its handling of the refugee crisis and the consequences are “impossible to predict,” Hungary’s prime minister warned in an interview published Saturday.

    Viktor Orban launched the salvo in an interview with the German weekly Wirtschaftswoche as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and top EU leaders head to Turkey to boost a migrant deportation deal that has been slow to get off the ground.

    With the deal clinched by Brussels and Ankara, largely driven by Merkel, “we have sold out to Turkey. Such a thing is never good,” said Orban, who has erected a barbed-wire fence to keep migrants and refugees from crossing into his country.

    “The security of the European Union cannot be in the hands of a power outside the EU.”

    Under the month-old accord, migrants who travel to the Greek islands and whose asylum claims are rejected are being returned to Turkey in return for billions in EU aid.

    The EU also promised to resettle one Syrian refugee for every Syrian taken back by Turkey, to grant visa-free travel to Turks within the border-free Schengen Zone and to reassess Ankara’s stalled EU membership bid.

    Turkey has also demanded an additional three billion euros by 2018 towards hosting migrants on its territory and warned that the deal could fall through if the EU does not allow visa-free travel for Turkish citizens by June.

    “We, the members of the EU, have already paid three billion to Turkey, soon we must pay three billion more. Impossible to predict where that will end,” said Orban, who had himself supported the deal.

    “I supported the Turkish strategy only on the condition that there is also a system of protection on our own borders” in the EU, he said.
    Viktor Orban: Brussels and Leftist Are Traitors To Europe

    • Viktor Orban addresses Muslim students

      Orban Viktor addressed International students of Muslim origin and told the students that Hungary’s policy of defending it’s way of life and borders is a fundamental civil right, but that it does not mean Hungary embraces anti-Islamic dogma.

      video on this page :

      Viktor Orbán Do not let the Left mess up Europe

  25. Armenian Genocide denial festivities in NYC

    DAILY MAIL – New Yorkers are left baffled as skywriters paint ‘How happy is the one who says I am a Turk’ in TURKISH in the sky above Manhattan – but Armenians are not amused

    A plane flew over Manhattan, writing slogans in Turkish
    ‘How happy is the one who says I am a Turk’ was coined by Kemal Ataturk
    The skywriters then wrote slogans denying the Armenian genocide
    Meanwhile a dance group performed in Turkish t-shirts
    The event was organised by a Turkish institution based in Washington
    The slogans led to an angry reaction on Twitter by Armenians and Kurds

    video on this page :

    • RT – Pro-Turkey group skywrites slogans denying Armenian genocide above NYC

      WSJ runs massive ad denying Armenian genocide

      The Wall Street Journal ran a full-page ad on Wednesday containing links to a Turkish project that denies the Armenian genocide – the 1915 massacre of 1.5 million people by Ottoman Turks. The newspaper says it accepts ads with “provocative viewpoints.”

      The ad features the words “Truth=Peace” printed in large letters and shows a hand colored like the Turkish flag holding up a peace sign, while two other hands colored like the Russian and Armenian flags have their fingers crossed.

      It also contains a link to the genocide-denial group, which propagates claims that Armenians were killed during the First World War because they were “collectively guilty” of treason against the Ottoman Empire.

      Moreover, it attempts to argue that fewer people were killed than is claimed, and that the Armenians started the conflict.

      The WSJ ad caused outrage on Twitter and other social media platforms.

      It appears that the latest campaign, which comes on the eve of the 101st anniversary of the Armenian genocide, has been well-coordinated and sponsored.

      The group was able to place similar ads in Boston and New York’s Times Square. While it took less than a day of Twitter outrage to have the Boston ad removed, it remains unclear for how long the huge banner in Times Square had been up.

      Beginning in April of 1915, most of the Ottoman Empire’s Armenians were killed, displaced, deported or placed in concentration camps, ostensibly for rebelling and siding with the Russians in World War I.

      Turkey admits that many Armenians were mistreated, but asserts that the exact numbers of those killed have been exaggerated, and there had been no systematic policy to eliminate the Armenian minority.

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