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15 Replies to “US president Obama appears to threaten the UK with trade sanctions if they leave the EU”

  1. This disgusting excuse for a president is nothing but a Chicago thug/ ghetto rat by way of Hawaii. He needs to be treated exactly like you’d treat any common bully or thug, namely, stand up to him, get in his ugly face and watch how quickly he backs down. Here’s the problem- because Hussein Obama has used his race as a weapon against “white privilege” or the latest iteration of race hustling, everyone is afraid to challenge him publicly for fear of being called a racist. I loved the question that he was asked and just wish whoever followed up had called him (BHO) out on his thinly veiled threat. What a POS he is. Disgraceful. Can’t wait till he and his harridan wife and her entourage are gone. I wish there was some way we could pay off Obama, get rid of him and install Trump as the president.

  2. That’s kind of a stretch, isn’t it? To suggest that Britain on it’s own would be so insignificant that the US wouldn’t even bother making separate trade deals with them is unlikely. Nobody thinks that a multi-billion-dollar trading partner is insignificant. The UK is one of the biggest, richest economies in the world – is he kidding? What he is doing is piling it on for the left, just like he always does, and the left dreams of an internationalist future, with one big group of politically correct pinkos running the entire show. The guy is a left-wing animatron, and this trip to Europe is just more typical stuff that you would expect a left-wing animatron to do. Listen carefully and you can hear the servo motors whining in the background as he moves…

    • He is also hoping to make the Brits so mad at the US that they won’t cooperate with the US on anything. This hope extended to our other allies is part of the reason he keeps stabbing them in the back.

  3. Has always despised the English.

    Colonialism in Africa is the reason.

    Which is why Islam’s overtaking the West gives him a thrill.

    • Pretty sure you are correct there. In fact he pretty much stated as much in his book if memory of what people quoted from it is correct.

      By the way I always thought the US and England are in the same hemisphere, are we not? Did something move since Obama was elected?

    • Obama has an internationalist, third-worldist view of the world and sees the British as pretty much the most racist, murdering, evil people who ever lived, with Winston Churchill at the head of the list. And you’re right. That is why it gives him a thrill to see the Muslims taking over the West while the Westerners panic helplessly. Obama despises the British, he hates Churchill, he hates Jews, he hates white people, he hates Americans, and he hates Christians. The Americans, it seems, have gone and placed a full-fledged enemy agent to their highest office and it doesn’t say anything about that in their constitution.

      • Watch this election and the Clinton investigations closely, the results will determine if 1) we still have a Constitution and 2) if we are a nation of laws or a nation with special laws for special people.

  4. In this case I take the liberty to call Obama a “Blackmailer” ! If anyone wants to accuse me of raaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism, I will point them to the fact that in that case “White House” is just as raaaaaaaaaacist.

  5. By any imaginable criteria, the criminal in the White House is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. If it wasn’t for the fact that we have a single party ruling class in the Senate and House that will protect BHO & the Clintons forever, the president would have been led out in handcuffs years ago and Hillary would never have been allowed to run for office. Their tarnished, anti-American, criminal histories are well documented. They are all about wealth, power and the New World Order and couldn’t care less about the people the pretend to represent

    Trump is an outsider, obviously not a politician. He makes a lot of mistakes when he speaks, sometimes says things that bother me as a libertarian/ conservative. But his actual achievements in the Real World are breathtaking as anyone who knows construction can tell you. He has hired and fired thousands of people. He has created wealth and prosperity in his own companies. He has built skyscrapers and cut through all the miles of bureaucratic red tape that make it almost impossible to get things done.

    Cruz and Kasich are life long politicians. If they weren’t they would not have been in public office this long. Cruz talks a good speech, he can be very inspiring if you don’t know the truth. He has fooled a great many people but now the real Cruz is coming out. I can’t believe I used to like him as much as I did; he had me fooled with all his talk about the Constitution, etc. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • Nanny this election and the end results of the Clinton investigations will determine if we remain a nations of laws or if we are degenerating into either a tyranny or an oligarchy headed toward a Monarchy. Either way the Occupy movement and other Soros funded groups are going to do their best to ensure that there is a civil war. Keep you musket clean and your powder dry.

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