Tommy Robinson attacked in Luton again, Norwegian school kids taught lesson on bleeding on the floor and more: Links 1 on April 21 – 2016

1. Anyone able to translate Bulgarian?

This is a video of a man who detained illegal Muslim invaders to Bulgaria from Afghanistan, and told them to leave. He is on trial for enforcing the law against those who are clearly breaking it. The topsy Turvey world of the CVE indeed.

2. Really good 2015 video on the effects of Islamic immigration on Sweden. This is well done and worth the time. Article on related materials at The Rebel here.

3. Tommy Robinson attacked again in Luton

(I don’t like Islam either. That is why)

4. In Norwegian schools they appear to teach indigenous Norwegians how to properly bleed

Description at Youtube:

A Norwegian student at a school in Trondheim gets lured into the school gym-area and then brutally beaten for no reason. All the attackers are foreigners from the school. The Norwegian student gets a broken nose and concussion from the beating. The school wants to stop the video coming out and Norwegian media are not willing to tell their readers about the fact that the perpetrators are non-white and the victim is a Norwegian student. Frieord is one of very few newssites that gives you the whole truth. Click “In English” on the article for translation.…

(I have an idea. Lets disarm the citizens and then bring in hundreds of thousands of large violent clannish people who hate us. Or we could do it the other way round. Here is a funny version of the same video from an official news source where faces are heavily pixelated to protect the guilty)

5.  Migrants versus the MAFIA: Cosa Nostra ‘declares war’ on refugees as mayor says Sicily capital feels more like Istanbul or Beirut than Europe 

(I guess these particular immigrant gangs are not the ones supplying drugs for resale to the MAFIA. Because I can’t see the mob fighting them anymore than I can imagine criminal motorcycle gangs in North America fighting Hezb’allah and the other Muslim terrorist groups who supply them their livelihood in the form of illegal goods)

Mafia bosses have ‘declared war’ against migrants on the holiday paradise of Sicily as one thousand new arrivals pour on to the island every day.

The feared Cosa Nostra are desperate to maintain supremacy after African crime gangs arrived with the migrants – and they are engaged in a deadly turf war.

An innocent Gambian man was shot through the head by an assassin in broad daylight sparking fears of a wider bloodbath.

Mayor Leoluca Orlando told MailOnline: ‘Palermo is no longer an Italian town. It is no longer European. You can walk in the city and feel like you’re in Istanbul or Beirut.’

Scroll down for video 

Shocking footage: CCTV footage showed gang leader  Emanuele Rubino apparently retrieve a handgun (circled) before shooting Gambian Yusapha Susso

6. EU IN TURMOIL: Hungary threatens REBELLION against Brussels over forced migration

(Orban should be a hero to the civilized world)

THE much-derided Schengen Area is on the brink of collapse after furious Hungary launched a rebellion against open borders.

Viktor OrbanGETTY

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban is touring Europe outlining a new migration plan

The country’s prime minister Viktor Orban is also angry at mandatory migrant quotas enforced by the European Union.

He is now touring Europe’s capital cities, where he is rallying support for a new plan with greater protection for individual states, dubbed “Schengen 2.0.”

Currently, EU countries are forced to comply with orders from Brussels to accept and settle a specified number of migrants.

Orban has described these quotas as “wrong-headed” and is now leading a group of other countries determined to re-take control of their borders.

7. Students’ threat to leave union over new leader’s link to extremists: Oxford leading revolt against NUS president who supported a Taliban fighter and campaigned to scupper campus counter-terror measures

Leading universities are threatening to cut ties with the national students’ body after a key figure in a campaign to sabotage counter-terrorism measures in higher education was appointed its president, it was reported last night.

Students at the University of Oxford had declared that they would seek to vote to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students (NUS) as they felt it no longer spoke for them following the appointment of Malia Bouattia, The Times reported.

Students from the University of Cambridge have allegedly said they will also request a referendum on their membership.

It was also claimed students are planning campaigns to cut ties with the NUS at the universities of Durham, Edinburgh, York, Westminster, Aberystwyth and London South Bank, as well as the London School of Economics and King’s College London.

Thank you Tasha Car, Gates of Vienna, M., Rebel Staff, Sunshine, Johnny U., Buck, Xanthippa and all who sent in materials. A lot more to come. 

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12 Replies to “Tommy Robinson attacked in Luton again, Norwegian school kids taught lesson on bleeding on the floor and more: Links 1 on April 21 – 2016”

  1. 5 – My guess is that these gangs are trying to sell their drugs directly to the customers of the Mafia.

    As for the rest this year is already more violent then last year, and this is still the first quarter. What is Europe going to be like by September or December? What will the Middle East be like by those times, and what will North America be like?

  2. 4/ Seems like the anti-white racism is all over the place )Colin Flaherty’s YouTube channel has been covering this stuff in North America). I can’t say that I’m surprised to find that it is coming into Europe. There is a nexus between black-on-white racial attacks and Islam I feel.

    • That and leftist, it started with the idea of White Guilt, all whites are suppose to feel guilty over what the slavers did and what the worst of the colonialists did. From there it has gotten worse so that all whites are guilty and deserve to be beaten and killed. The left wants a race war and the way the racial activists are acting one is coming.

  3. So Bulgarians don’t have a right as citizens to engage and repel a foreign invasion force? I always thought it was a natural human right to be able to form defensive militias.

    • It is. The natural rights to defend your people and culture seem limited now to only non-white, non Christian and non-Jewish nations.

      Israel also seems not to have this right based on the opinions of those who also seek to deny it to Europe and North America.

      • In #4 the, two of the three invaders whose faces appeared in focus appeared to be older than secondary school age. How many of them are serial failures who are just sticking around for an extra year of picking on physically immature white males and preying on white girls before they embark on along career of welfare benefits?

        Eeyore, when you bring up the disarming of the populace, I assume that you were talking in the literal sense (guns etc), but in a far more profound way, cultural marxists have disarmed western cultures (Israel, notwithstanding) in a psychological sense. The natural instinct for a human being when they see a large group of outsiders who look and act completely different than they do is to treat them with extreme caution and prepare for the worst regarding their future behaviour. With Muslims and Africans, their propensity for random unprovoked violence is well-documented. There is not a country in the world with a large African-descended population where blacks do not commit violent crimes at rates far in excess of the non-black population. If that Norwegian kid had grown up in a society that exposed him to facts and statistics and allowed him to hone his instincts for survival, he would have seen a situation where he was outnumbered by multiple blacks and made the logical choice: exit as quickly as possible. Instead he was fed multicultural pablum from birth and so does not understanding the proper method for dealing with a large group of unsupervised teenaged black males, whether in Trondheim or Toronto.

        What good are guns when no one has the sense of self-preservation to use them?

        • Good point, however if the general population is armed it is harder to make them believe they aren’t suppose to defend themselves, armed people tend to think for themselves more then disarmed people.

  4. #7. Too little too late, Oxford: your reputation is already shread to pieces…where arab/muslim/terrorist Jewhaters rule, and they obviously do looking that “pro-Palesteeeeeeeeenian” cow, education, decency, elegance, learning, beauty and more die. Vale UK Academia !

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