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  1. Sensational ~ LOL ~

    Pictures of Tommy are showing up on Israeli sites. I can’t make out all the written Hebrew, but comments are loving him. He’s a real hero, even for those who don’t quite get it.

    [Or I don’t get it. Does he have soomething in common with Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma? Will he end up with a Nobel Prize?]

  2. @ yucki : “Sensational ~ LOL ~ “

    Seconded. Just a little addition to that “hot water incident in prison”: they actually added sugar to the hot water (called in prison slang something like Nepalm…or cyanide…I forget) – which apparently does a lot of dammage like increasing the temperature and adhering to the skin in the most cruel way when taken off.
    Gates of Vienna reported extensively on that for those who may not have heard of the story:

    O/T Dear yucki,

    Happy Passover !

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