Hungarian security expert, Georg Spöttle writes on the trial of migrants who attacked border guards and uranium dust on their clothes

This post appeared on Facebook a few days ago and we posted a sloppy machine translation of it as its importance seemed to justify using it.

Thanks to the same fellow who was kind enough to translate Orban’s brilliant speech of the 15th of March into English, and subsequently into about 18 other languages from English, we now have a proper translation as well as an explanation of who the author is.

Thank you for the translation to English of this material

‘Stories from the Thousand and One Nights’

„Yesterday the trial of the “Röszke battle” culprits begun in Szeged City.

Since I am a police officer I am used to hearing lies, but this time I too, was flabbergasted.

The culprits claimed they had not known it was a crime to cross the border illegally. This is not very plausible, since it has serious consequences in all the countries of the world.

However, they were way too unabashed saying how they were misinterpreting their own efforts to knock down the border fence  – as if it had been opened for them by the authorities. What is more,  the Syrian man, accused of throwing stones, told the judge he had just wanted to ‘clean the road’, that is why he had been holding the stones. ’He had been ordered to do so by another man with a red megaphone.’ So they  did not even attack the policemen, they were only cleaning the border zone. He did not even understand why he was taken into custody. Of course, he accused the Hungarian police with assaulting him while being remanded in custody.

On one of the culprit’s clothing (pictures were also found showing him posing with weapons) gunpowder was found. It may have come from the police tear gas sprays as well. However, a granule containing uranium was found on his clothing, and there is no logical explanation for it. Normally, this ore may only come into contact with someone if they work in a nuclear power plant or nuclear laboratory, or perhaps, if one is a terrorist …” –  Georg Spöttle

About the uranium granule:

„During the investigation experts examined his belongings – a physicist and a geologist analysed the particles found on his clothes. They found that the remaining gunpowder might have come from the tear gas grenade used by the police; but a particle containing uranium astonished them; as they wrote it ’it was not typical in Hungary’, they have not even encountered one in recent years.”

[More pictures from the trial here and here]

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  1. The Uranium is interesting, scary but interesting, where did it come from? We know that ISIS and other groups are working to acquire radioactive material for radio-logical bombs, was this part of that effort or are they trying to and at least semi succeeding in acquiring weapons grade material to build full fledged nuclear weapons?

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