Combatting Islamophobia by understanding Islam in the here and now

One way to combat Islamophobia, is to understand the difference between classical Islam, and what takes place in Canadian mosques is to look at what Imams right here in Canada say in the 21st century.

Here is a brief look. I hope it helps assuage our fear of Islam.

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  1. To combat Islamophobia, ISIS, Taleban, Boko Haram, one needs to be kind to all of them, love them, give them halal cake, and offer up your virgin daughters. By doing so you will defeat genuine Islam..

    Tens of thousands of Muslim refugees make us safer. But using the words “Muslim terrorism” endangers us. The more Muslims we bring to America, the faster we’ll beat ISIS. As long as we don’t call it the Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL, but follow Secretary of State John Kerry’s lead in calling it Daesh. – See more at:

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